The Gang

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. Which bed’s the best bet for Naomi? Naomi and Alan are looking for a new mattress, and they have decided to test a few, in the best way possible. Joined by four men from The Gang, Naomi is going to try out each option, hard and hot, before making the decision.

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. Lucy’s taking to the streets to celebrate her birthday. But while waving out of the sunroof, the passers by can’t see what’s happening inside the limousine. Nick has laid on something big and pink for Lucy’s birthday. The limousine is going to take her for a ride around town, to and from their hotel, so she can see the nightlife, and be seen by the crowds. But what the other revellers will never know is that the real party is going on inside the car. Lucy’s party has four special guests, and behind the dark windows, they are going to deliver her pleasure, hot and hard.

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. Olga and John christen their mobile home with a bang. Before they drive around Europe, they’ve got a very special stop by a wood. After enjoying a ride through the trees, they greet four special guests for some hard and hot fun.

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. Kelly’s European holiday starts off with a bang! Kelly and her boyfriend Bill are travelling around Europe. There’s culture and great cities to see, but they’re starting out in a hotel room, waiting for a call from The Gang. Told by The Gang by a family friend, Kelly wants to be accepted as a member so that she and Bill can enjoy lots of multiple partner fun. When the call comes, they’re going upstairs, and she hopes she’ll be taken hard by the men waiting for her. Carrying on from Recruitment Drive, this hot tale sees Kelly meeting the men from the previous story for no-holes-barred fun.

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. The Gang exists to fulfil the sexual fantasies of its members, particularly women who want to make it with multiple men. Sometimes, they need to find more male members, and today, Paula is the lucky lady who gets to test a few out. But, before testing the goods, she’d like to learn how they first found out about The Gang. Shaun gets more than he bargained for when he helps his hot new neighbours move in. Lucas discovers the sexy secrets of his lab partner and the couple she lives with. Arthur meets an old colleague, to learn more about her extra-curricular activities. This bumper sized edition contains three hot stories, in between all the fun Paula has with these three hot men.

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. Sun, sand, sea, and six people having a good time. Jessica’s enjoying a spot of nude sunbathing and swimming, waiting for her hot husband to bring four special visitors over. The band Ten Inch Dragon are recording their new album on the same island, but they’ve taken a break from the studio to fulfil Jessica’s long time fantasy of being taken hard and without protection by a bunch of eager guys. They’ll do whatever she wants to do. And she wants to do everything.

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. How do you join The Gang? Qesha has just found out about The Gang, the exclusive club dedicated to fulfilling its members’ multiple partner fantasies. She really wants to join, but first, she’s got to get past the interview. Introduced to five hot men, Qesha’s task is to satisfy them all, and enjoy herself more than she ever thought possible. Is she up to the job?

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. Irina and Edward are going to christen their new home with some dirty fun beside the mill pond! Irina and Edward are having a picnic beside the pond on their new property, waiting for their special guests. When the four men from The Gang turn up, Irina knows she’s going to have a great time, being taken hard, and in as many ways as she can think of. One at a time or three at a time, she’s ready to take them all.

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. These lucky ladies are getting their hot and hard fantasies fulfilled! Four tales of multiple partner fun, as the Gang satisfies more of its members. Snookered Ursula is a very good snooker player, and she’s going to need all her skill in this very special game. Playing against a team of five men, each taking turns, she loses a piece of clothing every time they score another ten points. They all shed a layer whenever she gets ten as well. So the race is on to see who can score fastest, and who gets naked first. Then, when the game is over and no-one’s wearing a stitch, the boys get to take turns again, but this time with Ursula, swapping and changing until they reach the messy finish she wants from them. They’re making the rules up as they go along, and it’s going to […]

Gina’s Canal Adventure is available on Amazon and Smashwords. Now that they had picked up the four men he’d enlisted from The Gang, and moored the boat on a quiet stretch of canal, she was beginning to wonder if the plan could possibly work. The cabin was taller than she had expected, though James, and two of the men, had to crouch to keep from bashing their heads on the ceiling. It was the width that would restrict them. Gina wanted to take two men at once- in fact, she wanted to take one in her pussy and another in her mouth, then have James in her arse whilst another of the guys was in her pussy- and she wasn’t sure how they’d do that in the cramped space. Gina looked at her husband. He was already working out the logistics of it, she could tell. If anyone could make […]