Cars And Girls is available from Amazon and Smashwords. Sally bounced up and down and clapped, leading the applause. Wanda grinned, went red, embarrassed, proud and excited in equal measures. Sally offered a hand and helped Wanda up. “Congratulations. Shall we begin?” She gestured toward the mat. Wanda tugged at the zip on the front of her one-piece, holding it out and offering it to Sally. “Let’s begin here.” she said. Sally took the zip, and drew it slowly down. Wanda stood with hands behind her back, the arch of her back thrusting her breasts forwards and drawing the sides of the suit apart. It was soon obvious that she wore nothing under the one-piece. The zip went down to just above Wanda’s crotch. When she had pushed it as far as it would go, Sally ran a finger up either side, pushing them further apart. Wanda’s breasts were full […]

In The Forest is available from Amazon and Smashwords. For a last photo, Helena called the boys in for a group shot. Renée had shivers of anticipation as they crowded around her, close enough to feel the warmth of their bodies. She sheathed her sword so that both hands were free to reach down and squeeze the buttocks of Henry and David. They pressed against her in response. Another squeeze, and their hands were on her thighs in response, working their way up and under the hem of her dress. Renée tried to keep her focus on the camera, and her smile open. But it was tricky, as fingers were slipping over the curves of her butt cheeks and sneaking under the elastic of her underwear. Briefly, as they found her pussy lips from either side, she bit her bottom lip, holding in the sigh of pleasure. Her smile came […]

Masked is available from Amazon and Smashwords. Serge was at Helena’s elbow. He whispered in her ear, “Are you ready to have fun?” “Oh yes, absolutely. Take my hand, and walk me down the stairs. I have men to meet.” Helena held out her right hand, and Serge took it daintily then led her down the stairs. At the foot of the staircase, Helena looked around. Down here, the restriction of her vision from the mask was much more obvious. People milled around her, appearing as if from nowhere and disappearing just as quickly. Her peripheral vision was completely blocked. She resisted the temptation to pull the mask up and look around. There were a lot of big hats and feathery headdresses in the room, Helena noticed as she strained to get her bearings. Renee made a good landmark, when the crowd cleared enough to spot her. She squeezed Serge’s […]

Tanya’s Visitors is available from Amazon and Smashwords. Tanya used her long legs to lever herself up and out of the chair, and took a few strides to get to the door. She grabbed the handle, but didn’t open the door just yet. A young man stepped out and looked around. He was black, in his early twenties, wearing a black leather jacket and jeans, with a head of short, tight dreadlocks. Spotting her, he walked over. Tanya opened the door to the porch and, quickly, the one out to the yard. The man walked over, smiling broadly. Tanya spotted the way his eyes moved up and down, taking in her body and clothes. Once he was close enough, though, he was gentleman enough to look her in the eyes as they talked. “Tanya? Hello, I’m TC.” He was slightly taller than her, with an attractive square face and sharp, […]

Never Say Never is one of the hot stories in Never Tales 1, available from Amazon. “So, do you have anything you want to do with me?” Julie asked. “Bukkake?” Mark offered weakly. “What’s that?” Paul asked. They both looked at him, somewhat surprised. “It’s Japanese, I think.” Julie explained, “The girl kneels on the floor whilst a load of guys come over her.” “You want to do that?” Paul asked Mark. “It was only a suggestion. The first thing that came into my head.” was the weak defence. “There aren’t enough of you anyway.” Julie ruled. “But all this dirty talk has made me horny, and I’ve never given two guys blowjobs at once.” “You’re sure?” Mark was feeling guilty about his suggestion. “Absolutely.” Julie handed Mark her cup and, as he tried to work out what to do with it and his own, she reached down and quickly […]

Death At The Swingers’ Party is available from Amazon. He had spotted a boxy construction with a padded leather top. The cushioned surface was just below the level of his crotch, which would place Li at an ideal height. She studied it, and perked up at the possibilities it presented. Holding her arms out, she let him boost her up onto it. There were slots in the side of the box, and thick wooden dowels that fitted into them. Each dowel had a soft leather hoop arching from one end to its midpoint When Li had lain down, with her lovely, tight, round buttocks right at the nearest edge, her feet dangled in the air, unable to reach the ground. Carl took her left foot, and moved it until it rested on the dowel on that side. Struggling up to get a better look, Li quickly comprehended what Carl was […]

Demons In Didsbury is available from Amazon and Smashwords. Adam laid the duvet across the bed. “I can’t believe you’re getting this place rent free.” “It’s not really rent free. I have to pay the bills, of course, and I’m supposed to go through and decorate and fix all the problems. Have you seen the upstairs bedrooms?” “They are in a bit of a state, aren’t they.” “And it’s haunted.” “Is it, now? You’re the witch, you’ll have to protect me from the ghost.” Adam stepped close to Rose and put his hands through the open sides of her dungarees, running his fingers over her skin. She stood on tiptoes and pulled him down into a kiss. One handed, Rose unhooked the straps on her dungarees. The loose denim dropped to her feet and she struggled to step out of it. After kicking the dungarees aside, Rose’s hands went to […]

Back Seat takes place during Access All Areas (Amazon, Smashwords), where you get to see one side of the events. Here you see the action from the other side. Victoria and David return in With The Band and Hide And Seek. All three stories, as well as Back Seat and The House Warming, can be found in The Boys Entertain, available from Amazon or Smashwords. David could never say while he turned around to look out of the coach’s rear window, but he was always glad he did. The coach was a humming cocoon as it drove down the midnight motorway. David and Victoria were sat on the back seat, the only passengers in the rear half of the vehicle. Both of them were close to nodding off- it was a long, convoluted journey down to London, but it had been cheap. It might have been the lights of the […]

As a special treat, here is the whole of Taken Up The Pass, first book from The Gang series. It’s free on Smashwords and from most Amazon shops, if you want to download a version for your ereader. The next story in The Gang series is The Layover. Get it from Amazon or Smashwords. You can find the whole series on Smashwords, Amazon UK, Amazon US, etc.. If you’d like some more free stories, then please sign up for the mailing list. The rain had advanced up the valley like a grey wall. For a short while after they’d crested the ridge, they had been able to look down the trail and see the small stone building they were heading for. But it, and everything beyond it, had soon disappeared under the downpour rushing toward them. When the squall reached them, it was so heavy that it was a struggle […]

Love By The Book is available from Amazon and Smashwords. The sequel, Love The Weekend, is out now and also available from Amazon and Smashwords. I make sure the door to my room is locked- I don’t want to be disturbed- then I get a small toiletry bag from the cupboard. I put the bag on the bed, unopened, and stretch out with my head propped up by the pillows. I think about it for a moment and stand to slip out of my sweat pants and knickers. Lying down again, I spread my legs a little. It always feels naughty to do this, to be naked, half-naked, when there are people walking around outside. The thought sends a little tingle through my body. I still need something to turn me on more, and I know just what I want. There’s no need to consult my notes, I remember the […]