It may be Summer outside, but there should always be some room for a little Christmas inside. Here are six Christmas themed books that are cheap or free right now as part of the Xmas In July promo. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (FREE) – Lynda Belle (Kilted Man/Holiday Fling) Mistletoe Menage A Trois ($0.99) – Nikki Solo (Menage/MMF) Christmas in July (Free) – Alexis Ayres Christmas On The Run ($0.99) – Daize Draper (Erotic Romance) Sitting On Santa’s Lap ($0.99) – Cordova Skye (breeding/impregnation) (Also available at- Barnes and Noble, Kobo & iTunes) Love By The Book ($0.99) – Mary Tales

Ben Tan did the lovely, luscious art that I used on the cover of Love By The Book. He produces lots of even naughtier images- too naughty for book covers on Amazon and, sometimes, too dirty for Deviantart. If you support him through Patreon at a dollar an image, you’ll not only be helping to bring more of these beauties into the world, you’ll get sneak peeks and other treats.

If you enjoyed Jiggles and the Archaeologists, then you will probably appreciate The Amazing Adventures of Penny Rogers. A tale of 1920’s Egyptian adventuring with a naughty twist, it’s drawn in a gorgeous European clear line style and lettered in Italian, English and Spanish. Sadly, there’s only the prologue and first chapter up so far, and it’s been a while since the last page was added, but hopefully there are more pages coming in the future.

As well as news about upcoming projects, we’d like to keep you informed about the sort of things that turn us on here at Mary Tales. X-Art is an awesome site which features beautiful women (and quite attractive men) making love. The design is clean and the photo sets and videos wonderfully shot and lit. Importantly, it doesn’t feel as crass and nasty as some other sites. The descriptions of the models aren’t laden with insults, the sex is less obviously posed and nobody’s gurning stupid cum faces. Disclosure: We are affiliates of X-Art and will make money if you sign up with them. But we wouldn’t recommend the site if we weren’t impressed by its quality and content.