Intimate Investigations

Behind The Wall is the first story in a series from May Slater called A Night At Club X. It will tell a selection of interlinking stories from the eponymous swingers’ club, focusing on the different experiences of attendees, and the various rooms available to them. The series starts with this tale of glory holes, first time swingers, and bisexual boys. It’s John and Liz’s first time at Club X, and they’re nervous. But they have a plan. They think they can play with other people, if they do it anonymously. The Glory Wall offers the chance to do just that. They won’t be able to see who is on the other side, so they can just get on with pleasuring them. How many men will they meet this way? And will they be interested in seeing any of them again, on the other side of the wall? Behind the […]

Death At The Swingers’ Party is available from Amazon. He had spotted a boxy construction with a padded leather top. The cushioned surface was just below the level of his crotch, which would place Li at an ideal height. She studied it, and perked up at the possibilities it presented. Holding her arms out, she let him boost her up onto it. There were slots in the side of the box, and thick wooden dowels that fitted into them. Each dowel had a soft leather hoop arching from one end to its midpoint When Li had lain down, with her lovely, tight, round buttocks right at the nearest edge, her feet dangled in the air, unable to reach the ground. Carl took her left foot, and moved it until it rested on the dowel on that side. Struggling up to get a better look, Li quickly comprehended what Carl was […]

Death At The Swingers’ Party, available now at Amazon. Paul, Tessa and Carl are at a very exclusive, very naughty party thrown by Stephen and Sonia. Attended by local celebrities and dignitaries, it’s sexy and exclusive. At the end of the night, Tessa has the special rendezvous she promised with Sonia, and Carl and Paul join in. But then, tragedy strikes, and Tessa, Paul and Carl have to help Sonia find out what happened to Stephen, and who bugged the party. They’ll have to work their way through memories of the night, reliving exciting and erotic meetings as they piece together events in search of clues. The first Intimate Investigations case is a true country house mystery, full of deliciously dirty goings-on.

Death at the Swingers’ Party- chapter 3 (part 1) I’m teasing you a little by feeding out scenes, rather than full chapters. The closer I get to completing the story, the longer the excerpts will get, I promise. It’s the morning after, and Paul and Tessa are getting their teeth into the mystery. Carl’s getting into something else first, though….. Carl woke spooned into Parminder’s back. He was hard, poking against her, his erection squashed between their bodies Behind him, Tessa’s buttocks were squashed against his. It was a good way to wake up. A hand, with long, thin fingers, sneaked down and teased at Carl’s hard on. Parminder shifted, so that there was space between them, and she could get a hold of him. In response, his hand travelled down her front, and under the hem of the T-shirt. She turned some more, until she was on her back. […]

Club X: Intimate Investigations Available now from Amazon Intimate Investigations follow the erotic cases of private investigators Paul and Tessa, and their lover, Carl. But, before the investigations, there was the tale of how they met. Club X When he visited Club X, Carl knew he was in for something special. He didn’t expect to meet two couples who would change his life together. Paul and Tessa will go on to be his lovers, and Stephen and Sonia are going to provide the first Intimate Investigation opportunity. This story tells the tale of Carl’s first times with both couples. PT Investigations Carl spends his first weekend with Paul and Tessa, and the rules of their relationship are decided. Death at the Swingers’ Party preview The first chapter of the first mystery in the Intimate Investigations series. Paul, Tessa and Carl are at a very exclusive, very naughty party thrown by […]