Independent Bodies

Lessons In Trust (also available from Smashwords) The Independent Bodies are the planets and systems that do not wish to be part of the Empire, Alliance or Order. A loose coalition, they work together when they have to, united against larger threats. Handrik Lunarson was one of the best agents the Independent Bodies had, an expert in seduction and a specialised form of sexual espionage. Betrayed and left for dead by his partner, he retired from the service. But now he’s back, to mentor and partner with Mercury, whose unique lineage makes her irresistible to human and alien alike and able to give and receive pleasure in a myriad ways. Scarred by his past, can Handrik learn to trust Mercury, and be as intimate with her as is needed for their partnership to work? On their first mission, which should be a simple seduction aboard a luxury dirigible, they are […]