Jiggles and the Black Shaft – 23

When Eileen had sat at the table for supper, she had looked surprised to be there. Toby had taken her hand as they all walked back from the test run of the aeroplanes’ engines. They had talked, about his plans to take the SE5 up to buzz the local village, and to put in an appearance at all the local fairs and fetes the following year, as well as her need to start flying lessons. All the while, they had sauntered from hangar to house, then up the stairs to a bathroom to wash the muck and oil from their hands, then into the dining room.

Toby held a seat out from the table, and Eileen settled into it. It was only when she noticed the crockery and cutlery set before her that she realised where she was. She looked around at Toby, then the rest of the room. Ally was the only one who had reached the room ahead of them, but then the service door opened, and Lucy entered with a trolley.

“I don’t know if I should be at the table with you. I still have my duties.” Eileen said, the happy demeanour at successful engineering and the plans hatched bing replaced by worry.

Toby was searching for something to say in reply, an argument that would keep her in her seat, when Lucy piped up, “Don’t be silly, Eileen. You take your chance to be sat here. Cook and Mister Lynes have already worked out a new scheme of things to make up for your new duties in the hangar. Oh, I am sorry if I spoke out of turn Lord Car stairs. It’s just that we are all so happy to see….” She blushed and, at a loss for what to do next, gave a curtsy.

“Not at all, Lucy. Thank you for your input. I think we will have to rearrange how the house is run some more, after this weekend. I feel that the staff should have more input into decisions, and greater responsibilities and rewards.” Toby told her.

“Goodness, that sounds almost like socialism.” commented Erin, who, with Jiggles, had entered in time to hear Toby’s comments.

“Fairness, dear cousin. This place would fall apart without the staff. It is about time they were more properly rewarded for the work they do. And I imagine they will have some good ideas for ways to make things more efficient.” Toby took his seat at the head of the table, with Eileen at his right hand. Lucy stood by the trolley, beaming at having made such an important contribution. Until Ginge came into the room, whereupon, she went a fine shade of red.

In the new spirit of fairness, Ally helped Lucy to serve out the soup of the first course. Melissa and Donald arrived just in time to be served. Lucy gave another curtsy, then turned a saucy look toward Ginge, getting a knowing smile in return. As she was about to leave, Toby noticed an absence. “Godfrey’s not here. I suppose he is buried in paper in the office. Lucy, would you serve out another bowl, and I’ll take it along to him.”

“I can make sure he gets a serving of everything, your lordship. Don’t worry about that.” Lucy assured him. She wheeled the trolley away, placing a bowl by the lid of the tureen it held, ready to be filled with soup for the missing member of the group.

Melissa took a spoonful of her soup to taste, then decided to add a little pepper. Looking down the table as she shook the pot over her bowl, she spotted what was wrong with the scene. As she glared at Eileen, her hand kept on with the jerking motions that powdered her soup with more and more ground pepper.

Eileen avoided meeting Melissa’s gaze, and tucked into her soup with determination and concentration. Toby stared down the table at his stepmother, ready for her to say something. She realised he was watching her, and this broke her out of her repetitious flicks of the pepper pot. Putting it aside, she looked down at her soup, and her angry mask became an amusing display of dismay, as she realised how much she had changed the flavour of the soup.

They ate in silence, Melissa eating the soup she had spoiled, pretending it was just the way she wanted it, and everyone else too hungry for conversation. Lucy arrived with the main course just as they were all, apart from Melissa, finishing their soup. It wasn’t until that part of the meal was finished that anybody thought to say anything.

The big subject was avoided, of course, and they discussed the flying characteristics of the two aeroplanes that were now ready to take to the air once more. Ginge had advice about maintaining them, and Jiggles and Ally recommended an air school for Eileen’s lessons.

There was no pudding course, but nobody minded too much. Melissa and Donald left together, almost as soon as their plates were cleared. There was silence in the room for a while after they departed, then the conversation started again. Ginge was the next to leave, making his excuses and heading to the games room. Then Erin and Jiggles went to take a last walk around the exterior before the sun fully set, leaving Ally, Eileen and Toby at the table.

“You simply must give us the details of that flying school you were telling us about.” Toby said to Ally. “I learnt from one of the instructors that Papa worked with in the last war. But I fear he’s getting on a bit much now. Last time I saw him, at the funeral, he had to use a cane to walk and was somewhat…. stouter than I remembered.”

“I will write down their name for you. It’s a way from here, though. Perhaps Eileen could stay with Jiggleswick Air whilst she studies. Unless they can recommend someone nearer to you.” Ally replied.

“Could you or Jiggles give me some starter lessons?” Eileen asked.

“Oh, absolutely. You can come up in Bendy with us some time, and we’ll talk you through the whole process. But you don’t want to learn too much from us. We have picked up some terrible habits, that would be guaranteed to keep you from earning your licence.”

“Excellent. Well, would you like to come with us to my room, so that you can write down the details of that school?” Toby asked, perfectly transparent. Eileen looked sideways at him, barely suppressing a grin at how obvious he had been.

“Of course. That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

Toby was going to lead the way to his room, but Ally and Eileen came up on either side of him, and took an arm each. They couldn’t go through doors three abreast, but the corridors were wide enough.

The master bedroom was as studiously masculine as Ally had expected. There was a shelf of books directly opposite the foot of the king sized bed, and a writing desk under the windows. The walls were panelled with the familiar Carstairs Hall dark oak, lightened by a couple of landscape watercolours. Tweed clothes were hung over the backs of chairs and other objects, as if Toby had spent far too long deciding what he must wear. Most likely last night, before heading for the rendezvous in the hangar.

“Oh dear. I suppose with everything that’s happened today, none of us has got up here to tidy up.” Eileen said, looking at the room with the eye of one of the staff. She picked up the nearest jacket, and headed for the wardrobe.

“Oh, let’s just leave it as it is, shall we.” Toby said, quickly. “There will be some major rethinking of the way this house is run, soon, and I think it should involve me taking more responsibility for the state of my own quarters, at the very least.”

“That way lies anarchy.” Ally joked.

“Well, we shall just have to see how we cope with anarchy, shan’t we.” Toby shifted a pair of trousers from the chair by the desk, and sat down. “Ah, here we are. Ally, could you put the flying school’s details in here.” He opened a ledger to a clean page, and gave up his seat.

Ally scribbled the name and address on the page, lamenting the terrible handwriting that an expensive education had failed to clean up. When she had finished, she turned in her seat, to see Toby and Eileen sitting side by side on the bed, having a whispered conversation. Spotting that she was watching them, they turned to face her.

Both were pink of cheek and had a gleam in their eye. Ally gave them an indulgent smile. “We, ah, we were wondering if you would stay the night. With us. In this room.” Eileen said, feeling the need to explain some more at the end of each sentence. “It’s not like last night. So much has changed. And I want to share a bed with Toby. And with you, if you would like.”

“Oh, I would like that very much.” Ally said. “What do you plan for us to do?”

Eileen flushed, excitement taking over from nervousness to make her cheeks red. “I would like to do as much as possible. I hope to be very naughty tonight.”

“That is the type of behaviour of which I approve.” Ally said. She stood from her seat, and moved over to the bed. She sat on the other side of Eileen, and placed a hand on her knee. “Where shall we begin.”

Eileen looked from Toby to Ally, plotting what she wanted to do with them. She kissed Ally on the cheek, then turned to plant her lips on Toby’s. As they kissed, Ally traced her body through her blouse and shorts. She reached around, and started releasing the buttons at the front of the blouse.

Breaking her kiss with Toby, Eileen stood up. Facing away from her lovers, she undid the remaining buttons of her blouse, and let it fall to the floor. Looking back over her shoulder, she gave them a saucy grin. She unbuttoned her shorts, but didn’t push them down her legs. They caught on her hips, just enough that they didn’t fall.

Eileen turned around again, with her arms crossed over her breasts, and her shorts hanging open to reveal the top of her pubic hair. She teased them, standing just beyond their reach and gently gyrating. The movements caused her shorts to drop a little. Fraction by fraction, they revealed more of her hair.

But she was impatient, and took the step forward that allowed Toby to close fingers over the hanging hem of her shorts. He tugged, and they came down some more. She took another step, and Ally had the other side. With even tugs, the shorts were soon around her ankles, and her sex exposed to their gazes. Uncrossing her arms as she stepped out of the dropped shorts, she let her lovely little breasts out into the open.

Stepping in front of Toby, she urged him to sit as far back onto the bed as he could go, then straddled his lap. With her back arched, and her hands behind his neck, she urged his mouth down to her tight, sensitive nipples. As he sucked at one, then the other, Ally knelt on the floor and removed Eileen’s shoes and socks.

Ally stood with her legs pressed up against the edge of the bed, and ran her hands over Eileen’s naked body. She ran a finger down her spine, then reached out and cupped and squeezed lovely round buttocks. Her fingers sneaked even further, and teased at the bottom of Eileen’s slit.

Eileen was revelling in the attentions of both her lovers. She lifted herself a little further, giving Ally better access to her sex. Kneeling again, Ally slid two fingers into her. Eileen rode up and down them as Toby continued sucking and kissing at her breasts. Right on the edge of orgasm, she paused her movements. “You two should be naked too.” she squeaked out.

Ally couldn’t argue with that. With a kiss at the base of Eileen’s spine, she pulled her fingers out, and stood up. Her top came off quickly, but she had to sit on the bed to get her boots, and then her trousers, off. Eileen urged Toby to stop playing with her breasts, so that they could both watch Ally strip.

“I do love your hairless fanny.” Eileen said, when Ally stood naked beside her. She reached out, and stroked the smooth skin of Ally’s mons. “Doesn’t it feel lovely Toby?”

Toby’s fingers joined Eileen’s, teasingly playing with Ally’s skin just above her sex. “It is quite the sight, and feel, I agree.”

“Should I do that with mine?” Eileen asked him.

“Would you like some help?” Toby answered with his own question. Eileen made a happy giggle. “Now, you ladies are naked. You should occupy yourselves whilst I get my clothes off.”

Toby urged Eileen to step back off the bed, and turned her to face Ally. As he stepped away, the women studied each other. They had been naked before one another before, but it was always a pleasure to get reacquainted with each other’s bodies. Eileen stood on tiptoe, and Ally bent her head down so they could kiss.

Ally ran fingers over Eileen’s breasts, still wet from Toby’s attentions. Finding a firm, exclamation mark of a nipple, she gave it a squeeze, and Eileen danced before her. Her left hand cupping and soothing a breast, her right travelled down Eileen’s body.

Eileen’s right hand had gone straight back to Ally’s shaved mons, whilst her left rested on the curve of her hip. Now, her fingers moved lower, but she timed their travel so that she and Ally started teasing at each other’s labia at the same time. Their fingers moved in tight little circles, then slowly slid between the wet, warm lips.

“I want to taste you.” Eileen said, suddenly breaking the kiss.

“That should be nice.” Ally answered. “Should I lay down?”

“Head that way.” Eileen indicated the direction she wanted Ally to face, with her head toward the foot of the bed. There was a plan afoot, and Ally was eager to find out what it was. As she lay down, Eileen turned to Toby. “Darling, you still have all your clothes on.”

“I have. I was so engrossed in watching the pair of you, that I quite forgot.”

Eileen stepped up to Toby, and released the top three buttons of his shirt. Kissing him quickly, she told him, “Hurry up. I have fun things for you to do when you’re naked.” Toby got on with undoing everything else immediately.

After giving Toby’s erection a little squeeze through the material of his trousers, Eileen walked around to the foot of the bed. Ally watched her movements, enjoying the confidence in her stride. Her intelligence had been evident from early on, her naughtiness soon after. Now the hints of nervousness about asserting herself had melted away- in the bedroom, at least.

Eileen climbed onto the bed, and crawled up it on all fours. Her upside down face was soon over Ally’s, and she kissed her forehead. Peck by peck, she moved her way down Ally’s body, kissing her nose, cheeks, and lips, then on to her neck and breasts. Ally returned the favour, taking a small breast, with its long, firm nipple, between her lips when Eileen paused long enough to let her.

Teasingly, they were moving toward a soixante-neuf, as Ally’s room-mate when she studied in Paris had called it. She had always loved the position, and her pussy tingled with anticipation, eager for Eileen’s lips on it. She lifted her hips up, pressing her feet into the mattress and tensing her thighs, unconsciously making her sex more prominent.

Lifting her lips from the perfect globes of Ally’s breasts, Eileen started moving down her body again. They kissed each other’s ribs, flickered tongues over navels teasingly, then concentrated their gazes on the labia lips that drew ever closer.

Eileen planted her lips on the naked skin of Ally’s shaved mons, whilst Ally ruffled the tight curls of her pubic hair with a light breath. Eileen moved one knee forward, then the other, and her body dipped closer to Ally. Slowly, she moved forwards, until her sex hovered over Ally’s face.

Straining her head up, Ally planted her lips over the little nub of Eileen’s clitoris, raising a happy, warbling sigh of pleasure. Wriggling a little further forwards, Eileen returned the favour, as her sex settled close enough for Ally to kiss and lick with ease. Ally licked the length of her slit, savouring the tang of her excitement.

A shiver ran through Eileen’s body, as if she had just remembered how excited she was. Little twitches of almost orgasm shook her legs and arms. I…. I want Toby in me when I come. Where are you, darling?”

“I’m here.” Toby announced. Ally looked up, to find his rock hard erection hovering just above her brow, aiming for Eileen’s wet and ready pussy.

“Put it in me. Oh please put it in me.” Eileen’s command was part demand, part plea.

Toby guided himself toward Eileen’s pussy, which lifted up to meet him. The dark red glans came in a little low, and Ally took the opportunity to put her lips around it. Flicking her tongue over the sensitive tip, she pushed it up, helping it toward its true target. Toby liked that, making a very happy sound as he slid into Eileen’s slit.

Eileen wrapped her arms around Ally’s thighs, holding herself in place, and pushing her lip as far between her labia as she could. Ally squirmed, but didn’t want to disrupt the union just above her. She grasped Eileen’s waist, helping hold her in place before Toby began thrusting.

The view was incredible. The long, thick shaft of Toby’s penis split and spread Eileen’s deep red labia. Ally could see her her clitoris beginning to push out from under its sheath as he pushed in. Then, as he pulled out, she could see how deep he had gone by the glistening mark of Eileen’s juices.

Toby’s hands joined Ally’s, holding Eileen tight, as he pumped up his pace, pushing further and deeper inside her. Ally was mesmerised by the movement, occasionally distracted by Eileen’s tongue inside her sex. She lifted her head, and let her tongue flick over Eileen’s clitoris, then trace a line along the under side of Toby’s cock.

Eileen’s head shot up, and she cried out her climax. Ally and Toby felt the orgasm ripple through her body. Ally could see her muscles tense and squeeze Toby’s hard on. She lifted her head again, so she could lick along the labia where they were pressed against the flesh of Toby’s shaft.

The wild mix of sensations had Toby moving again. His movements were slow and careful, until he was sure that Eileen was firmly held in place by himself and Ally. Then his thrusts became more assured, stronger, and faster.

Eileen was climaxing over and over now, riding the waves of joy that Toby’s motions raised in her. Under the two lovers, Ally was caught up in the action, watching the piston motion of Toby’s erection in and out of Eileen’s quim. The other woman’s lips and tongue barely touched down on her pussy, but the skin contact to the two lovers, and the sight, sound, and smell of them, was more than enough to pump up her own orgasm.

Toby’s rhythm barely faltered until, just before he came, he made a couple of off beat thrusts. Then he pressed hard against Eileen as he pumped semen deep inside her. Ally could see the pump and twitch of the base of his shaft, and almost laughed at the way his balls had pulled up into his body. Surprised, she let out a little cry of joy as her own climax rippled through her. The tone and volume of her shout rose as the pleasure amplified.

They stayed locked in this position, quivering, for a long time as they came down. As their breathing settled, Toby said, “Ally, you may wish to move aside. I will have to pull out soon, and I expect there will be dribbles.”

Ally couldn’t help but giggle at the thought. “I’ll try to catch it.” she said, and opened her mouth as wide as she could.

Toby couldn’t properly see what Ally was doing, but he started pulling out of Eileen anyway. His cock, still hard and fat, glistening with Eileen’s juices and his own, was slowly revealed as he moved back. Ally studied the veins that ran along its length, realising, almost too late, that she was becoming distracted. Just in time, she moved her mouth around, trying to place it directly under Toby’s glans as it came back into view.

The fat, red head of Toby’s shaft appeared from between Eileen’s labia. They closed behind it, but not before a fat, warm drop of Toby’s semen escaped. Ally didn’t quite catch it all. Some of it hit her lower lip, but most of it made it into her mouth. She swallowed, then licked her lips and laughed at the silliness of it. A second, smaller, drop hit her upper lip, and her tongue wiped this away as well.

Eileen slumped to the side as Toby sat back, then scuttled around until she could hug Ally face to face. Toby moved around the bed so that he, too, was facing the wrong way, and they all cuddled together.