Jiggles and the Black Shaft – 13

Eileen had given Ally directions to a side door, so she didn’t have to sneak through the hallway and out of the main door. After changing into navy blue trousers and top, so that she could blend into the shadows, she followed those directions, tiptoeing around the house, careful not to wake anyone. She let herself out of the door, and found the night had a pale silver overlay of moonlight. Looking around, she soon spotted Eileen, waiting at a corner of the house, smile bright in the darkness. “I am so glad you made it. If we sneak off now, we should get there with enough time for you to hide.”

Ally hooked an arm around Eileen’s elbow, and let herself be guided along a secluded route up to the hangar. Eileen was practically buzzing with excitement, which was infectious. She had a shawl over her shoulders, against the light chill of the night. Her occasional shivers were caused by something else entirely.

“It’s…. rather pleasant, the way the air flows up the inside of my dress and around my naked privates.” Eileen said. “Maybe I’ll stop wearing knickers when I’m in uniform.” She giggled at the idea, and Ally just knew she had a light flush to her cheeks. “Sometimes.”

“I knew you were naughty, as soon as I saw you.”

“Thank you. I think. That was a compliment, wasn’t it?”

“The highest possible kind, trust me. How naughty do you plan to be with Toby?”

“Very naughty. The naughtiest. Well, maybe not the naughtiest. That might involve other people. And I mean more than just inviting someone along to watch.” Eileen’s voice had gone squeaky with excitement as she considered what she hoped would happen in the hangar.

“I’m sure that can be arranged. In the future, if tonight’s naughtiness leads to more.” Ally assured her, vowing to be first in line for an invitation, if at all possible.

They were approaching the hangar now, a big, dark square just ahead of them. Bendy, Jiggleswick Air’s Hawker Hooligan was parked so as to point at the big doors of the hangar. Looking along its dark profile, Ally was struck, not for the first time, by just how phallic its shape could seem.

Eileen slowed them down as they studied the hangar, checking that they had arrived ahead of Toby. “Come on, let’s sneak you in.” She said, certain they were alone. She tugged Ally along after her.

Bending down at the corner of the hangar, Eileen lifted a stone. Holding up a key, she sprinted ahead of Ally to the middle of the door. The full door was made up of several vertical sections, which folded like a concertina when it was opened, taking up the minimum of space. One of the sections had a smaller door hung in it. This was what Eileen opened.

Inside, the pale silvery light of the moon filtered through the small windows set into the wall, to give just enough illumination to see the dark shapes of the aeroplanes and equipment. Eileen stepped up to the SE5, and stroked the propeller. Then, from memory as much as sight, she made her way to the work bench.

With a minimum of clattering, she found an oil lamp and matches. Soon, the hangar was illuminated in a pleasant yellow. “The electric grid hasn’t been extended all the way out here yet. So we have to make do with this.”

Eileen carried the lamp over to Ally, then held it up, to cast light toward the rear of the hangar. “You should be able to hide back there, and still see what we get up to. I’ll hold the lamp here, so you can find your way.”

Before setting off for her hiding place, Ally turned to face Eileen. Taking the maid’s pretty chin gently in her hand, she bent to kiss her. “Good luck, you gorgeous, naughty girl.” she said, as she started to work her way around the wing of the SE5.

Eileen stared after her, open mouthed, for a moment, then grinned broadly. “Thank you.”

Ally walked carefully back to the Fokker. The lamp let her judge the distance she had to go, but the dancing flame cast confusing shadows from the SE5 across the floor. She was sure they hadn’t left any pieces of equipment strewn around that she might trip over, but was still nervous of the evenness of the surface.

Reaching the Fokker, she walked along the front edge of its wing, until she found a way around the end, and a large crate to hide behind.

Happy that Ally was safely hidden. Eileen put the lamp on the ground. She went back to the work bench, and found another lamp. When this one was lit, she left it on the edge of the table, and lit a third lamp. This one, she walked across to the opposite side of the hangar. There was a tall stool there, which she used as a stand.

Nervously, Eileen paced between the three lights a couple of times. She stopped herself, straightened, and went to the door to look out. The change in her body language, from worry to excitement, was obvious even from the back of the hangar where Ally was. Toby was near.

Eileen came back to stand near the first lamp. After trying out a couple of alluring stances, she swept the shawl from her shoulders, and folded it on the wing of the SE5. She was turning around again when Toby entered the hangar.

They stared at each other in silence for a long moment. Toby smiled, and took a step toward her. She stepped toward him. They were still over arms’ length apart. “Eileen. I was worried you might not come.”

“And I was worried you might not turn up.”

“Well, ah, we’re both here.”

“We are.”

Ally bit her lip. She so wanted to call out and tell them to kiss and get on with it. As if they had heard her silent command, Eileen and Toby took the last steps to each other. She went onto tiptoe, and he bent to her, and they kissed.

This kiss had been a long time coming, and they lingered over exploring each others lips and playing tongues against each other. When they parted, Eileen giggled, looking down. “You’re excited.”

“I am, yes. I…. sorry. I mean, erm….”

“There’s nothing wrong with being excited. I’m excited too. Can I show you?” Eileen stepped back, and reached down to the front of her dress. Ally could tell that she was releasing buttons. She couldn’t see what was revealed as the edges were pulled apart, but the expression on Toby’s face said more than enough.

Eileen let the dress drop, and reached for Toby’s right hand. “May I really show you?” she asked. Toby nodded, not quite sure what he was assenting to.

Standing on tiptoes, Eileen drew Toby’s hand toward her crotch. It sneaked between the wings of her dress, and then up. He had obviously worked out what was going on, Eileen’s little gasp saying that a couple of his fingers had slipped inside her.

“Oh my.” said Toby, voice low with excitement.

“Oh me. Oh my.” Eileen echoed. She moved up and down on the balls of her feet, moving herself on Toby’s fingers. They both stared down between their bodies, catching as much as they could of the action. “Oh, that is so nice. But I want more. Do you want more?”

Toby could only nod. Of course he wanted more. “Hold those in there. Play with me a little. Whilst I….” Eileen told him. She squirmed against his fingers as he did as he was told, but didn’t let herself get so distracted she forgot to undo the rest of the buttons of the dress. Toby watched intently, eager to see what was revealed with each button.

When the last button was undone, Eileen stood with her arms by her side, teasing Toby with the glimpse of her body he could get through the split front of her dress. Ally could just imagine the cheeky smile she was giving him. Eileen started swaying as Toby’s fingers moved faster inside her. His free hand came up, and gently pushed the dress from one shoulder, then the other.

It dropped to the floor, and Toby looked her pale, slim, gorgeous body up and down. Ally knew just what a treat he was getting. She wished she had a better view of the current action, but the wing of the SE5 was at just the right height to block the sight of Eileen’s lovely firm buttocks. She couldn’t dare to move, though, as any sound would spoil the moment for the young lovers.

Toby’s free hand traced the outline of Eileen’s body, from hip to shoulder, then moved across to cup and squeeze a pert breast. Ally could imagine just how far the nipple must be pointing out. He must have tweaked it, because Eileen gave a happy but surprised squeak. They moved together to kiss again.

“Your fingers are very talented.” Eileen whispered when they broke their kiss. “They’ve almost taken me all the way. But I need to see you too. And I want you to be inside me when I come.” She reached down to the front of Toby’s trousers, and unfastened them quickly.

The trousers, and his undergarments, were soon down to Toby’s knees. Again, the two of them looked down between their bodies, to see what was revealed. “Oh Toby, what a beauty. I could feel it was nice and big when I sat on it. But to actually see it…. I need it inside me.” Eileen’s voice was dreamy as she praised the shaft she had just released. Once again, the aeroplane wing blocked the details from Ally. It was all just as exciting as if she could see everything, though.

“I need it in you as well, darling. I want to make love with you. Where shall we lay down?” Toby looked around the dirty floor of the hangar, not seeing anywhere where the dust wouldn’t spoil the romance of the moment.

“On the wing!” Eileen announced, the idea a revelation to her as well as Toby.

“I’m sorry?”

Reluctantly pulling Toby’s fingers from her, Eileen stepped back, then turned around. She took the couple of strides to the wing of the SE5. “If I get myself up onto the wing of the aeroplane, like this….” The front edge of the wing was a couple of inches higher than Eileen’s waist, so she had to lift herself up onto tiptoe. Pulling herself up, she draped her upper body over the wing, so that her buttocks were up in the air, and the lips of her sex pouted open as they faced Toby. Her toes didn’t quite touch the floor now, and her legs waved about as she allowed a little giggle at the strangeness of her position.

“Oh, my word. That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I really must….” Toby held his trousers up as he moved to stand right behind Eileen. When he let them go again, they fell to his ankles.

Ally could imagine the closeness of Toby’s excited shaft to Eileen’s wet and willing pussy. They hadn’t met yet, but they would soon. Eileen had a blissful grin. She lifted her head and, for a moment, seemed to be staring straight at Ally. Her expression of pure joy, even before Toby had entered her, warmed Ally’s insides. she felt she must be almost as wet as Eileen was.

Toby grasped a buttock in each hand, squeezing and parting them. He revealed Eileen’s wrinkled little bum hole, his smile cheeky as he contemplated the naughty little thing. Perhaps he was thinking of plunging his glorious shaft in there one day, but, for now, his target was the warm, wet, and inviting slit of Eileen’s sex. He reached down, and guided himself toward it.

“Oh God, yes. Toby, yes!” Eileen grunted out as his shaft pressed against her pussy lips, and eased its way into her. Her arms spread wide, to brace her, the left one finding one of the struts between the upper and lower wings. “Fuck me, my lord, fuck me.”

Confident that he was fairly lodged in his lover, Toby’s hands came up to her waist, holding it as he thrust slowly forwards. Eileen bucked back against him, as best she could in her position, then started writhing around as he pressed deeper into her.

The excitement of the build up, the finger play and the strange position was all released as Eileen cried out the orgasm she had been saving for when Toby was inside her. He held her tight, and watched the way her shoulders bounced up and down as she cried out her pleasure, his expression pure love.

As Eileen’s orgasm levelled out to happy shivers and a low moan, Toby dared to start moving. He pulled out slowly, and she drew her breath in. then he thrust hard back into her, and she made a loud squeak of surprised pleasure. “Hard. Like that.” she demanded.

Toby was happy to oblige, setting up the hardest regular movements he could manage. She marked the end of each thrust with a little cry of joy. Her legs lifted up, and she managed to cross her ankles behind Toby. They bounced up and down with his movements. His grunts and exhortations joined with hers, to fill the hangar with the sounds of love.

The couple were far too wrapped up in each other now to notice a little movement in the back of the hangar. Staying in cover, Ally shifted her position, so that she was kneeling, rather than crouching. This meant that she could more easily release the buttons down the front of her trousers, and reach inside. Her fingers slid under the waistband of her knickers, and across the smooth, shaved skin of her mons.

Eileen squealed out another intense orgasm. Toby took the opportunity to slow his movements down. He moved further in and out with each sweep now, as she made ecstatic little sobs, and gulped in deep breaths. It looked like her whole body was flushed deep pink with the blood Toby had raised in her.

Ally flicked her fingers over the hood of her clitoris, and had to bite her lip again to keep any sounds from escaping. A sympathetic tingle ran through her body as Eileen hit another little peak. She moved her hand lower, so that her two longest fingers could curl along her labia. Warm, and lubricated, from the excitement she was witnessing, they split at the slightest pressure, and her digits slid inside.

Toby was picking up his pace again, nearing his own climax. Ally moved her fingers back and forth, sweeping them in and out of herself, as closely to his time as she could. As Toby started huffing and grunting with impending orgasm, she had to stop playing with herself, lest she cried out and gave herself away.

“Come in me. Come in me. Come in me.” Eileen was singing, to the tempo of Toby’s movements.

He couldn’t possibly ignore a command such as that, and very soon, he was making shorter, faster thrusts into her, as the semen mustered to burst out. One last push, as far inside as he could get, and he held her tight as he filled her up.

Ally pushed her trousers and knickers down her thighs. Perhaps the air of the hangar could cool her hot pussy and calm her down, she lied to herself. Being exposed like this was its own kind of excitement, and she gulped back a low groan.

Toby had, reluctantly, pulled his length out of Eileen. He stood close behind her, still, kneading at her buttocks and the tops of her thighs. As she stirred from her post-coital bliss, he helped her move back and down, until her toes touched the ground again. Then she pushed herself off the wing to stand, swaying slightly, with her body pressed back against his.

“I can still feel you in me.” Eileen said, quietly. “And I can feel you dripping out of me.” She shuffled her feet further apart, and looked down at the floor, obviously studying the drops of semen hitting it as it dribbled out of her. “My, there was a lot.”

“I suppose I have been saving it up, just for this.” Toby said. His tone managed to be both serious and joking at the same time.

Toby had his arms around Eileen now. His hands cupped and squeezed her breasts. She leant her head to the side, and he bent to nibble at her ear. After emitting a sigh that sounded close to a purr, Eileen said, seriously, “Toby, I cannot keep any secrets from you. There have been other boys, in the past. And some girls. But…. as soon as I met you, I knew you were the man I wanted.”

“Well, there have been other women, and a few men, for me. Who would I be to judge?” Toby assured her.

“And, erm, as I must be honest with you. I brought someone with me tonight. A chaperone, of a sort.”

Ally breathed in sharply, making a truncated squeak. Toby’s head shot up, and he looked all around the inside of the hangar. “You did? Wherever are they?”

“You’re not angry are…? No, you’re not angry, are you?” Eileen wiggled at the waist, rubbing butt or thighs against Toby. He must be growing stiffer, Ally thought.

“I have to confess, I am far more excited than angry. As you can tell. But where is this chaperone?”

“I’m here.” Ally announced, standing up. It was only when she saw the amused and appreciative expressions of Toby and Eileen that she realised she hadn’t pulled her trousers up. In the dark at the back of the hangar, in her deep blue clothes, almost the only parts of her that would be clearly visible would be the pale skin of her face and crotch. She didn’t cover herself up.

“Ally? Is that you?” Toby asked.

“It is, Toby.” Holding the hem of her trousers, much as Toby had earlier, she walked around the Fokker and headed along the SE5 toward the lovers.

“So, did you see everything? I hope it was as exciting to watch as it was to make love.” Toby smiled at her. Eileen squirmed some more. No doubt he was getting harder still, and she was going to get the best possible feel of it.

“It was incredibly exciting. Though, I must say, the old crate’s wing hid some of the really interesting details.” Ally patted the SE5’s wing as she came around it. Now she could see just how excite Toby had become. By luck, or, more likely, Eileen’s movements, his penis was wedged between his lover’s thighs, the deep red head poking out the front in an almost comical way.

“Maybe we should do it again, so that Ally can see us properly.” Eileen joked. The way her hips rotated, playing with the shaft between her thighs, suggested she would happily make the tease a reality.

“Perhaps Ally would like to lend a hand.” Toby suggested, upping the ante. Then, worrying that he may have gone too far, adding, “If that is alright with you, of course, darling. And her.”

Eileen only had the briefest moment where her expression was uncertain. Then her eyes flicked up and down Ally’s body, dancing around her still exposed crotch. That made up her mind. “Oh yes. Yes, that would be incredible. Ally has been such a help to me today, making this happen, that I have to reward her somehow. And I did tell her that I wanted to be naughty here in the hangar.”

“Ally, would you care to join us in our next round?” Toby asked. His smile said that he was sure of the answer.

“It would be an honour, and a pleasure.” Ally looked the two lovers up and down. She still couldn’t see Toby properly, but Eileen was even more gorgeous with the afterglow of sex. She reached out her arms, and stepped close for a hug. Toby wrapped his arms around her, and they squeezed Eileen’s naked body between them.

“This is nice. But you two still have most of your clothes on. You should take them off before we do any more.” Eileen told them.

“Yes. We really should. It isn’t fair at all that you’re the only one naked.” Toby said. He was reluctant to let go of Eileen and Ally, but stepped back from them, and started to keep his word by removing his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt.

Ally had a chance now to see the penis that had given Eileen so much pleasure. It wasn’t completely hard, but stuck straight out from Toby’s crotch, almost perfectly horizontal, but for its natural curve. As she and Eileen watched, it twitched with his heartbeats, and became harder, rising up toward the vertical. Definitely a fine specimen, she thought.

“You too.” said Eileen, gently nudging Ally to draw her attention away from the lordly staff.

“Of course.” Ally stepped away from Eileen in the other direction, and started releasing the fastenings on her outfit. Eileen didn’t know which way to look as the pair stripped for her.
They laid their clothes atop the SE5’s wing, to keep them tidy. Eileen picked her dress up from the floor, swatting dust off it, and did the same. Then, the three of them stood naked before the aeroplane, waiting to decide what should happen next.

Still in the middle, Eileen reached out a hand each to Ally and Toby. They moved closer to her, and their free hands took the nearest of her breasts and started fondling it. “What shall we do now?” she asked, breathlessly.

“I think it is only fair that you remain the centre of attention.” Ally told her. “How can we both worship your lovely body at once?”

“I think I have an idea.” Toby announced. But, before he outlined the plan, he took the opportunity to turn Eileen’s face to him and kiss her. As their tongues played together, his fingers twirled around the tight nipple of the pert breast he was teasing. When their lips parted, his and Eileen’s breathing had sped up. “We need somewhere to sit Eileen, so that we can both pay homage to her body. I suggest that stool, over there.”

Toby nodded his head at the stool that was currently home to one of the oil lamps. Eileen nodded understanding of his plan, and walked backwards toward the seat, pulling the other two along with her.

A quick dance with the oil lamp found it a new home on a box, where its light wasn’t casting strange shadows from their limbs. Eileen perched on the stool, with her feet planted on the rungs halfway down the long legs. The position opened her thighs wide, and displayed the red lips of her sex to view. They pouted open invitingly, giving glimpses of the inside of her vagina, still slick and wet from her and Toby’s juices.

Toby stood beside Eileen, supporting her and bending in for a kiss. As he played with her breasts, Ally knelt before her.

The stool was perfect for what she was going to do. On her knees, Ally found her mouth at just the right height to kiss and lick at Eileen’s pussy. Eileen shuffled forward a little way, so that her sex hung slightly over the edge of the stool’s seat, and gave Ally even better access.

Eileen tasted of lust. As Ally ran her tongue up the puffed up lips of her labia, she tasted Eileen’s own excitement, and the semen Toby had so eagerly pumped into her. It warmed her own crotch, and she was wet with arousal once more. At the top of the long, slow lick, she spotted movement to her side. Glancing over, she saw Eileen’s slim fingers wrapped around Toby’s fine shaft and moving up and down its length rhythmically. She reached her right hand down, and her fingers slid inside herself again. This time, she didn’t have to hold back.

Her tongue delved between the lips of Eileen’s sex, exploring and stimulating them as she more slowly licked her way up again. Then, at the top of the hot slit, her lips closed over the excited nub of the clitoris, which had come out into the open, demanding attention. All the while, her own fingers rubbed in tight, fast circles inside her.

Eileen’s sighs and cries of joy were muffled against Toby’s lips, but the way her body moved against the actions of her two lovers was indication enough of how she was enjoying this. Her feet came off the rungs, and her legs draped over Ally’s shoulders, for even better access.

The excitement grew and grew. Ally sneaked two fingers of her free hand into Eileen’s wet pussy, and started pumping them in and out in counter time to the actions of her tongue. Eileen, centre of attention for two lovers, was getting close to climax. But she broke her kiss with Toby, and asked him, “Would you like to change places with Ally?”

Ally looked up at Toby and Eileen, her big grin wet with the juices of excitement. Toby considered for a mere moment, before nodding that he would like a taste of what Ally was enjoying.

It was precarious for a second, as they swapped places. Eileen had moved right to the very edge of the stool, and could have slipped off if one of them hadn’t held her. After a bit of juggling, Ally was standing before her, and Toby was kneeling between her legs. She watched as he hooked her legs over his shoulders, and bent in for a kiss of her nether lips.

Toby’s lips moved tentatively over Eileen’s labia, planting little nibbling kisses up and down them, before closing over her clitoris to suck at it. She let out a squeak of joy, and pushed her crotch at him.

Ally had her left arm around Eileen’s shoulders, and her right hand played with her breasts. Eileen’s head turned toward her, and they kissed. With one hand on the stool seat, supporting herself, Eileen reached for Ally’s crotch with the other. She lightly traced the lines of Ally’s labia, then squeezed one, then another, finger into her.

They soon had the rhythm back that had been broken by their swap around. Toby was a keen gamahucher, Ally thought, falling back on one of the old words for pussy licker that she had learnt along the way. Eileen was a far from passive object of their attentions, her fingers moving in Ally, and her hips constantly moving to grind her crotch against Toby’s tongue.

It wasn’t long before she was climaxing. She broke her kiss with Ally, to let out cries of joy. Each one punctuated a shiver of pleasure running through her body, pressing her pussy against Toby’s mouth, and lifting her butt from the stool. Ally wrapped both arms around her to support her as she writhed.

The climax subsided. Eileen let Ally support her a while longer, reaching up to stroke her cheek, then down to run fingers through Toby’s hair. “Thank you. Thank you both for that, it was incredible. I’ve never had two lovers at once before. It was even naughtier than I had hoped. Can we do it again Toby? Lots of times?”

“We can do whatever gives you the most pleasure, my love.” Toby told her, kissing the insides of her thighs. With his shoulders under them, he lifted her and moved her back more firmly onto the stool, then slipped from between them and stood.

Eileen and Ally both looked at the stiff, almost angry looking, shaft that thrust straight up from his crotch. “Goodness. Is that not painful, for it to be so hard like that? Do we have the time to help it out?” Eileen asked, reaching out and wrapping slim, pretty fingers around the fine cock.

She pushed herself off the stool, and stood, a little uncertain, leaning on Toby with the hand that wasn’t moving up and down his staff. Using his body as support, she lowered herself to her knees. He watched her every move, fascinated and joyous at the attention.

“May I help?” Ally asked Eileen. Whilst she enjoyed both men and women, she had to admit to preferring the ladies. A fine, full cock like Toby’s however, deserved to be licked and kissed and sucked. She barely even waited for Eileen’s nod before dropping to her knees as well.

Toby looked down, and made low sounds of encouragement, as the two women played there lips and tongues up and down his shaft.

Eileen kissed along one side of his cock, from base to tip, whilst Ally worked her way down the other side. When she reached the fat, deep red head, Eileen ran her tongue over it a couple of times, being rewarded with hisses of pleasure from above. She wet her lips, then slid them over the glans, taking it, and a short length beyond it, into her mouth.

Ally kissed at Toby’s scrotum, enjoying the way that the wrinkled skin tightened up under her attention. She was conscious of a light tap on her shoulder from Eileen. They exchanged a glance, and she knew that she was being asked if she would like to swap places.

With more kissing up and down Toby’s shaft, Eileen went to play with the base and his balls, whilst Ally sucked some of its length between her lips. They set up a routine, swapping back and forth, as the unconscious movements of Toby’s hips told them he was getting ever closer to climax.

Ally sensed the rising ejaculation whilst he was in her mouth. She could feel the beat of the pulse in his shaft taken over by something deeper and slower. It wouldn’t be right for her to receive the offering, so she quickly moved back, and signalled for Eileen to take her place.

Understanding what she had been gifted, Eileen sucked eagerly on Toby’s cock. She took it as deep into her mouth as she could, then drew back slowly, until she was just holding the head between her teeth. Toby let out a sigh, and tried to hold his hips stiff as he pumped war, savoury semen across her tongue.

Eileen received the load with pleasure, shivering in what could have been a mini orgasm. But she didn’t want to be selfish, and let her lips slurp off the head, so that Ally’s could close over it for a taste of the lordly ejaculate. Between them, they cleaned up every last drop, licking the sensitive glans as Toby shivered with after shocks of pleasure.

Toby had to rest on the stool a moment. The women beamed at each other, victorious. They pulled themselves up to stand beside them, and indulged in a three way hug. Toby had an arm around each waist, and a hand on a buttock, squeezing and weighing them.

“Can Ally join us again when we make love?” Eileen asked. Toby nodded. “Will you make love with her whilst I watch? And can I make love with her whilst you watch?” These questions got nods as well. “And….” Eileen looked from Toby to Ally, and back again. This next question was for both of them. “Will we have other lovers?”

Toby kissed Eileen. “I can deny you nothing. You have made me so happy. And what makes you happy makes me happy as well.” Ally smiled at the pair of them. She would gladly help them in whatever carnal adventures they invited her along for.

It was the sweetest of scenes, and a pleasant end to the lovemaking. But it was rudely interrupted.

The hangar made the occasional noise, as it stressed against the light wind, or cooled and contracted from the day. They were light creaks and occasional clicks, which the three of them had become used to, and learnt to ignore. But the clatter that broke their reverie was louder than any of the other noises. Something, or someone, had pushed against the door, flexing the concertina folds and making them move in an odd way.

“I say, is somebody there?” Toby stood from the stool quickly. Eileen and Ally immediately matched his strides as he set off toward the door.

They stepped quickly through the door, and stood naked in the moonlight, each looking in a different direction to try to pinpoint the source of the sound. They soon had one, as the rustle of the leaves in the wind was broken by the sound of someone rushing through bushes and breaking smaller branches.

“Over there!” Eileen exclaimed, pointing at shrubbery in the direction of the house.

“Come back here!” Toby sprinted a short way, then brought himself to a halt. Eileen and Ally were beside him in a moment. His lips were thin, and his jaw set firm with annoyance, but he let out a light sigh of defeat as he indicated his naked body with a wave of his hand. “We can’t easily follow them through there in this state. There are rose bushes and all manner of plants with thorns.”

“Somebody saw us.” Eileen murmured, worried.

“Do not worry, darling. Carstairs Hall is full of lusty people. No doubt someone heard the noises whilst out for a walk, and decided to catch an eyeful for their own entertainment.” Toby took her in his arms and gave her a reassuring hug.

“But what if they tell?”

“I will proudly proclaim that I have met the love of my life, and was enjoying her company in the only way fit.”

“You will?” There were tears of happiness forming in Eileen’s eyes.

“I will. Besides, if Ginge has found what he expects in the house tonight, then he will be able to give evidence that no-one in the building has any right to criticise others for their carnal fun.”

Eileen hugged Toby tight. “Oh, you are such a wonderful man.”

Before they started kissing, which would undoubtedly lead on to arousal, and their sinking to the grass to make love once more, Ally quickly suggested, “Perhaps we should return to the house, and our rooms. It is getting so late that it’s almost early.”

“That would be wise.” Toby agreed, reluctant to let Eileen go. “Eileen, my dear, would you like to come to my room for the rest of the night?”

Eileen clearly would like that very much, but, with a sad, yet determined expression, she shook her head. “I should really spend what’s left of the night in my own room. In its single bed.” She sighed. “I still have responsibilities for my job, and, if we did what i wish we could, there is no way that I would be awake in time to serve breakfast.”

“I have to admire your dedication. As well as everything else about you, of course. Tomorrow, we should talk about the possibility of you, ah, role, changing somewhat.” Toby moved a step or so away from Eileen, still close enough to hold her waist, but far enough to symbolise their determination.

They both looked down between their bodies. Toby’s penis hadn’t got the message, and was long enough to nudge gently at Eileen’s quim as it rose toward fighting height again. “We really should get dressed.” he said, taking another step back.

“Yes, we should.” Eileen gave him a sympathetic smile, but turned toward the door. Holding out a hand, she led him back into the hangar.

A few minutes later, they all emerged again, fully clothed. Under the pale light of the moon, it was hard to see the flush of their cheeks, so they almost looked as if they hadn’t shared an erotic assignation in the building. Toby locked up, and put the key back under the stone. “Away to our beds, I suppose.” he said, smiling at his companions as he recalled some of the scenes from earlier.

Toby stood on Eileen’s right, Ally on her left. They each offered her a hand, and the three of them walked down the path toward the house.