Jiggles and the Black Shaft- 8

Godfrey stared down the slope, watching as Jiggles and Erin went off together for a walk and a chat. Ally recognised his expression, but she couldn’t decide which of the women he was pining for. She loved her friend, and was intimately aware of all of her charms, as well as her history with Godfrey. But the American beauty held an allure that could not be denied. If the chemistry between her and Jiggles weren’t so obvious, Ally would have been making moves to get closer to her.

Perhaps Godfrey hoped to rekindle the brief, but enjoyable, fling he had experienced with Jiggles. But. more likely, he was smitten with his friend’s American cousin, and hoped to woo her. Ally wondered how that was going to go.

Eileen had dismantled the fuel filter, cleaned it out, and rebuilt it. Ginge had quickly recognised her competence, and left her to it. Toby had watched intently. He wasn’t just fascinated by how the little gadget worked, but entranced by the expression of deep concentration on the lovely girl’s face as she fixed it.

“There, all the shite’s been removed from it, and the fuel will flow clean again.” Eileen announced triumphantly, holding the filter aloft like a trophy. Then her cheeks went bright red, and her free hand slapped over her mouth. “Pardon my language.” she said, apology muffled by her censorious hand.

“I’m sure Ginge will tell us that shite is a perfectly acceptable technical term. Won’t you Ginge?” Ally said.

“Oh yes, absolutely. And plenty of other words that attractive young ladies might pretend they don’t know.”

Eileen was still red, not sure whether she was being teased or forgiven. Dropping her hand, she decided to carry on as if it were the latter. “So now we can put it back in place on the fuel line?”

“Well, yes and no.” Ginge responded. He gestured at the SE5’s engine, and the piping and cabling he had removed that lay under it on a dirty sheet. “We’ll have to get the fuel lines back in before we can do that. And it’s always a good call to top the filter up with fuel before reattaching it, to reduce the risk of air pockets inside it.” There was a clock above the work bench, he glanced at it. “We can get started on all of that, but I don’t think we have the time today to get it finished.”

Eileen laid her less oil stained left hand on Toby’s sleeve. “We’ll have it finished by the weekend is over, and you can go and fly in it. I’m just sorry that it’s a single seater, and you can’t take me in it.” She looked at where she had put her hand, and obviously realised it could be considered overly familiar. But she didn’t move it. The set of her face changed ever so slightly. The rules were different in the hangar, and she was going to make the most of that.

Toby placed his own hand atop Eileen’s. “Well, there is enough space in the cockpit for both of us. I think we proved that when you were in there with me, working the stick. Perhaps we can find a way for you to fly along with me.”

For a moment, the smitten couple smiled at each other, oblivious to the others in the hangar with them. The other three kept perfectly still, not wishing to distract them and spoil things. Then a fat, lazy fly bumped into Godfrey’s forehead, and decided to land there. He flicked at the irritation, and it buzzed off to find a better perch. The movement caught Eileen’s eye, and she looked quickly around, remembering that she and Toby weren’t alone.

“What can we do now, to make it easier to put the engine back together tomorrow?” she quickly asked Ginge.

“I should be able to get the throttle cable reattached, and tension up all the control lines. Then the fuel system will be all that’s left, and we can get that done in a couple of hours tomorrow morning, I reckon.”

“I would like to see the adjustments you make. May I watch?”

“Even more than that. I might ask you to help.” Ginge selected a screwdriver and a bunch of spanners from the bench, and placed them on top of the engine, within easy reach. It seemed precarious, but years of experience meant that he had them perfectly balanced.

Eileen patted Toby’s arm, and, for a moment, looked set to lean in for a kiss. With a shake of her head that was really little more than a twitch, she denied herself what she wanted, and walked around to stand beside the SE5’s propeller, ready to take instruction from Ginge, instead. She still had the lightest of smiles, though, thinking about what she had so nearly done.

Ally sat on the leading edge of the wing, so that she could watch the mechanics at work. Godfrey stood beside Toby. He let his friend stay lost in happy thoughts for a while. When Toby looked to be returning to the world, Godfrey gestured toward the rear of the hangar. “Do you think our mechanical wizards will be able to get that one flying as well this weekend? Who will play Red Baron in it?”

Toby looked past the SE5, to the three stacked wings of the Fokker behind it. “Oh, it barely needs any work. You remember I said it was a replica? Well, all the components are newer, and haven’t had the time to wear out or clog up. I tested it the other day, and it started up fine. If Eileen and Ginge have time, I hope they can have a quick look at it, but it’s already set up to fly. I don’t know who would fly it. Perhaps Jiggles or Ally might like to take it out and shake it down.”

“Of course, when she learns to fly, I hope that Eileen will take it up, and chase me around the local countryside in it.” Toby went on. His attention had drifted back to the maid, drawn particularly to the curve of her buttocks as she leant forwards and the material of her culottes tautened over them.

Hearing her name, and Toby’s desire, Eileen turned her smile to him. The couple had another private moment where everyone else in the hangar melted away from them. Then, with a little nod to each other, they came back to the room.

Ginge pretended not to notice the romantic tension between his assistant and his host. He had the throttle cable loose, and had pulled it taut. “Ally, would you be a dear and hop into the cockpit and move the throttle lever when I tell you?” he asked.

“I like the easy jobs.” Ally shifted across the wing until she was close enough to a strut to use it to pull herself up. When she was settled in the pilot’s seat, she tried to visualise what it would be like to have a passenger sitting on her lap. Toby was slightly taller than her, and Eileen a fair bit shorter. She could, in theory, nestle her sweet buttock on his lap, and his feet wouldn’t be impeded as they rested on the rudder control. He could reach around her to pull on the stick. Or she could do that, and he could find something else to do with his hands. The SE5 was renowned for its stability in flight. Once they were flat and steady, a couple in the cockpit could have all manner of fun without disturbing their ride.

Ally had drifted off into a fantasy. She was as bad as the two love birds. Wrapping her fingers around the grip of the throttle, as if it were the stiffest of cocks, she announced, “Okay, I have the throttle. What do you want me to do?”

“Ease it to full power first.” Ginge ordered.

Ally did as she was commanded, going up to the highest power setting. She even pressed the lever, so that it pushed at the brass at the end of the slot that guided it. “I’m giving it everything.” she said.

She couldn’t see what Ginge was doing by the engine, but he made a satisfied grunt, then told Eileen, “Just tighten that up, and we’ve got this end set.” A little while later, he said, “And now, take the throttle all the way the other way.”

They went through the routine again. Ginge grunted, Eileen tightened something Ally couldn’t see. “Very good. We have the full range of the throttle set in. Would you run it back and forth a few times, and tell us if it catches at any point.”

The lever moved smoothly, with just enough stiffness that it wasn’t going to slide back from whatever level the pilot left it at. “Excellent. Now, the control lines.” Ginge announced.

He talked Ally through the movements he wanted from the controls, and he and Eileen checked the tension of the wires that ran from the cockpit, over pulleys, to move the ailerons and rudder. When they were done, the pilot was guaranteed the fullest range of control, once the plane got off the ground.

All the while, Godfrey and Toby stood by the doors. Toby was taking in as much as possible of what was being done, particularly by Eileen, but was also carrying on a quiet conversation with Godfrey. Whatever they talked about, they seemed to be, mostly, in agreement. The occasions when Toby shook his head at what Godfrey was telling him, it appeared more in worried surprise. He was a knowledgeable chap, but there were some world events he wasn’t following. When Godfrey told him some of them, he was worried about the implications, as any intelligent person should be.

More than once, Ally heard the word ‘Nazis’. It was pronounced with the disgust it deserved, she was glad to note. When they had been in Africa, Nazis had tried to kill her, the rest of Jiggleswick Air, and the gorgeous Fiona, who had been with them. More recently, a collaborator had attempted to hijack the flying boat they had been crewing. Her girlfriend, Juliet, had broken his jaw with an impressive uppercut, But it had been a worrying situation for a while before that. Ally didn’t like Nazis and their sympathisers. From the sound of it, neither did Toby. She liked him more and more.

Spotting that the jobs were done, Godfrey and Toby broke up their conflab. “A good day’s work, all in all.” Godfrey announced. Noticing the way everyone stared at him, he grinned, accepting he had done none of the work, and added, “It has been a pleasure, and an honour, to watch it.” He had a future ahead of him in politics, obviously.

Toby walked up to Ginge and shook his hand. “Thank you so much for your help, old chap.” He turned to Eileen, and took her right hand in both of his. “And you’ve gone above and beyond your duties with everything you’ve done, Eileen.”

He wasn’t so blind that he missed the look of disappointment that flitted across the pretty face looking up at him. His own expression showed the worry that he had committed a serious faux pas by reminding her she was in service. He glanced around at the other three. They had noticed as well. For a moment, he stood with his lips parted, until the words he had been searching for found their way out. “I missed some of the details of what you were doing back around the rudder. Would you mind showing me.”

Eileen’s smile returned. “Of course. Come with me.”

Ally, Ginge and Godfrey waited by the door as Toby and Eileen talked at the back of the SE5. The body language told them what they had already suspected. This was not a technical talk about control surfaces and tensioning cables. They were having a serious heart to heart. If not pouring out all their pent up emotions, at least giving strong hints about them.

Toby bent ever forwards, and Eileen was up on the balls of her feet. Their lips were drawing closer and closer. They stopped, and both looked toward the door. Their audience feigned obliviousness, then turned to face away as the twin glares grew stronger.

Ally had a compact in one of her pockets. She rarely used it to spruce up her make up, and more often employed it on moments like this. Holding it up so that she and Ginge could see what was going on behind them, she angled it to show the young couple kiss. It was a quick, but passionate peck, appropriate for the moment, but hinting at what they both desired.

The compact snapped shut when Ally saw Toby and Eileen walking back along the side of the aeroplane. They were holding hands, but forced themselves to let go of each other as they neared the door.

“Well, we should return to the house and change for supper.” Toby said.

“I am off duty now, Lord Toby. So I will take my leave.” Eileen announced, doing her cute little curtsy.

Toby was confused by the sudden formality. Then he noticed that Eileen was glancing down, guiding his gaze. Her feet were just over the threshold of the hangar. She was joking with him about the freedom she had inside the building. But any negativity was outweighed by the lewd smile she had when she nodded towards the aeroplanes. “And I shall….” She let her sentence trail off. She and Toby knew what she was alluding to, and the others had a good clue.

“Did you recover all your buttons?” Ally asked Eileen, rescuing Toby, who appeared to be overheating.

“I think I did, yes.”

“Well, come back to my room. I have a sewing kit, and spares, in case you need them.” All of which was true. But the maid would have access to plentiful supplies as well. Ally was setting up to get some gossip.

“Thank you, Ally.” The rules of the hangar only applied when Eileen was teasing Toby. “It would be best if I had all my buttons back on before heading downstairs. Mister Lynes might not approve if I returned like this.” She pulled the bottom wings of her blouse apart, revealing her navel, and Toby had to look away for a moment.

Ally let Eileen lead her back to the house, whilst Toby, Godfrey and Ginge sauntered along behind them. No doubt, the government man was roping Ginge in to tell a few anecdotes of fighting Nazis in the desert and the air.

Eileen skipped up the steps to the big front door of the house. Opening it with some trepidation, she looked inside. There was nobody in the hallway, so she stepped inside. Ally followed her, and closed the door as quietly as she could. They sprinted up the stairs, Eileen seeming to become more worried about being found out the closer they got to Ally’s room.

When the bedroom door had closed behind them, Eileen practically bounced on the balls of her feet. “This has been a lovely afternoon.” she announced. The squeak in her voice suggested that ‘lovely’ was an understatement in her opinion.

“It certainly was very productive.” Ally said, pretending she hadn’t spotted the other woman’s excitement. “Now, get your blouse off, and I’ll get started on sewing the buttons back on.”

Eileen released the three buttons remaining on her blouse with a quick and easy movement. Then she whipped the garment off like it was a cape. She stood topless and shameless as she handed over the cotton, the nipples on her small, firm breasts long and stiff.

Ally’s sewing kit was in the overnight bag beside the bed. She sat down with it, and the job at hand, and patted the mattress beside her, inviting Eileen over.

The maid watched as Ally threaded a needle, and got to work reattaching the first button. For a moment, she seemed about to declare that surely she should be doing that, before accepting that it was nice to have someone else do the work for her, for a change.

Ally waited until she had finished the first button before asking, “So, what did you and Toby talk about back in the hangar.”

Eileen simply smiled. Looking down, Ally could swear she saw the young woman’s nipples grow longer. They certainly seemed darker than a moment before. But she wasn’t blushing, which was a good sign. “He wanted me to show him our work on the rudder.” she said, in a tone that implied they both knew that was a lie.

“Did you get so close together because you needed to give him a physical demonstration of how it moves?” Ally wasn’t even sure how that would work, but felt it made for a good innuendo.
Now Eileen blushed. “You weren’t supposed to look!” she complained, laughter in her voice.

“I am a terrible woman. And Godfrey is a spy. I don’t know what Ginge’s excuse is, I suppose he’s just nosey.” Ally patted Eileen’s bare knee reassuringly. “But we don’t gossip. Except maybe with Jiggles, because I’m sure she will have tales to tell when she and Erin return.”

“I don’t think I would mind Miss Jiggles knowing what was said. But you promise no-one else shall know?” Eileen’s legs had parted, as if inviting Ally’s hand to move further up. It must have been an unconscious movement, inspired by thoughts of Toby, because, when she looked down and noticed, she brought her knees back together.

“You have the Jiggleswick Air promise. We endeavour to always be discreet when it comes to matters of the heart. So, what did you say to each other?” Ally released Eileen’s knee, so she could start work on the next button.

“Well, I….” Eileen’s voice dropped to a whisper. “I asked him to join me, tonight, in the hangar. After everyone else has gone to bed.”

“Really? Are you going to tell him more about how the rudder works?” Ally teased. Eileen blushed again.

“I am awfully fond of Lo…. Toby.”

“And he of you.”

“That is what I hoped. I want to be with him, even if it is only occasionally and secretly. I know we are not of the same station in life, and it is sad. Although, before he lost all his money, father’s business was doing rather well for a few years. I might be able to court Toby properly, if father hadn’t been cheated so by….” Eileen’s lips pressed tight together, and anger clouded her pretty face.

“What do you plan to wear, when you seduce Toby?” Ally asked quickly, steering the subject away from something that had made Eileen scowl.

“I have a dress. It comes to just below my knees, and buttons all the way down the front. I was thinking of wearing nothing under it.” Eileen confided with a grin.

“Saucy. How tight does it fit? Would you like me to have a look at it, and perhaps nip and tuck it a little?”

“Would you do that for me? You did say you make most of your own clothes, and they do all fit so well.” Eileen almost bounced with enthusiasm.

“I think we have enough time before supper. If you can get it quickly.”

“I can us the Shaft, and be back in minutes. If no-one spots me.” Eileen was at the door before she stopped herself. Turning around, she covered her little breasts with her hands, eyes wide and mouth a near perfect O. Ally bit back a laugh, until Eileen herself began giggling.

“Put that waistcoat on. It should keep you covered enough, if you do bump into anyone.” Ally indicated the dark grey piece of clothing on top of a neat pile she had laid out on the chest at the foot of the bed. Eileen plucked it up, and quickly fastened its three buttons. Then she ran to the door again.

“Ah, young love.” Ally smiled indulgently after Eileen had left the room.

As good as her word, the maid was back within a bare few minutes. “The Shaft must make it awfully convenient to get around the house quickly.” Ally commented, as Eileen laid her light blue dress on the bed.

“It is a help. And the others have their fun, of course.” Eileen picked the dress up again, and held it in front of herself.

“I’ve finished you blouse. We missed one button, but I found one of my spares the right size to replace it.” Ally held up the blouse, and flicked the top button, which was shiny brass, rather then the white of the others.

Eileen put down the dress again, and unbuttoned the waistcoat. “Thank you so much. I can take this off again, I suppose.”

“And those pretty little shorts, as well, and anything under them. You have to be wearing the dress for me to work out the changes I need to make.” Ally pointed at Eileen’s culottes, finger wagging down her legs to indicate the direction they should be going.

Eileen didn’t waver for a moment, and she soon had the loose culottes around her ankles on the floor. The wide panelled, sensible knickers she wore took longer to peel down her legs. She stepped out of the material, and stood before Ally, wearing nothing more than her sensible shoes.

Ally greatly appreciated the human form, male or female, but she was most interested in other ladies. If she hadn’t known how enamoured this lovely young lady was of their host, she would certainly be flirting with her. As it was, she did get to study her in the wonderful nude.

Eileen was short and slim, with a narrow waist and those small, perky and firm breasts. Her hips flared out just enough to give her a subtle hourglass figure, and her belly was flat, with just a light roundness where it curved in toward the dense triangle of her dark brown, almost black, pubic hair. Like Jiggles, Ally had been shaving hers ever since they had returned from Africa. So any hair down there seemed excessive and wild. It was, Ally conceded, neatly trimmed, the hair short and springy. She resisted the temptation to reach out and run a finger through it. Just below the hair, she saw the top of the vulva, the pale hood over the clitoris, and the labia, which seemed to darken and grow as they were viewed.

Conscious that she was being scrutinised, Eileen did a little turn, presenting her back and a lovely round butt. It was a pleasure and an honour to see the cheeks free of her culottes, and study how they sat atop her shapely legs. Eileen looked back over her shoulder, and gave Ally a smile.

“Lovely as it would be to look at you all night, we need to get to work on your dress. Put it on for me, and….” Ally made a theatrical sigh, “cover yourself up.”

When Eileen was clothed, she struck a pose again. “Is this good?”

“Perfect. Let me just….” Ally went down on her knees before Eileen, studying the hang of the dress. She nipped the material between thumb and forefinger, to see where she could take it in.
“May I ask you, Miss Ally, are you interested in ladies? You know, romantically?” Eileen asked, trying to sound innocent.

“Well, I’m interested in men as well. But mostly, yes, ladies.”

“I’m interested in men, mostly. Well, one man, mostly. But I have enjoyed other girls before as well. I thought maybe I was odd, but I suppose I’m not.”

“We feel that it is the most natural way to be. Both men and women can be beautiful in their own ways, and it is possible to enjoy lovemaking with anyone who feels the same. Jiggles prefers men, but is interested in ladies, and Ginge prefers men, but like women too. Hold still now.” Ally had some pins from her sewing kit, and was about to slide them through the layers of material to show where she would take the dress in to properly emphasise the subtle curve of Eileen’s waist.

“I imagine that Jiggleswick Air has lots of adventures on the ground, and in beds, to go with the ones they have whilst flying.” Eileen said. Trying not to take a deep breath or shift too much, her voice came out low and sultry.

“We certainly do.”

“With you all liking everybody, has there ever been a time when two of you have fought over the same person?”

“We always seem to manage to have our own separate conquests planned. On those rare occasions when two of us are after a boy or a girl, we usually find a way to share them. There. Now, let’s get this off again.” Ally started unbuttoning the dress from the bottom up.

“Share them. Like, two of you with them at once?”

“That has been known to happen, yes. And sometimes, there have been more than three people involved.” Jiggleswick Air had been involved in more than its fair share of orgies. Ally had a little smile, thinking about them. She was up to the buttons at Eileen’s crotch, and was sure she could feel the heat of desire in the young woman’s loins. She parted the wings as she moved on to the next button, and saw how much fuller and darker the labia had become. Eileen’s clitoris was even beginning to poke a short way out of its normal home, as if intrigued and wanting to know more.

“I think I would like to try some of those things. But only if Toby could do them with me, of course.”

“That is how it should be. We know a few couples who have an arrangement, where they can play with others, so long as their partner is present, or knows and approves.” Ally had released all the buttons. She moved around behind Eileen to ease it from her shoulders. “We have been part of that arrangement with some of them.” She felt a light shiver run through Eileen’s body, no doubt as she pondered how such an arrangement might work for her and the man she was in love with. She was getting ahead of herself, they hadn’t even consummated their relationship yet. But there was nothing wrong with a little bit of fantasy.

“I will need to try that on again, won’t I?” Eileen asked.

“You will, yes.”

“Well, I shall stay naked until you are finished. If you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all. You naked is one of the great pleasures. But your lovely little body will also be distracting, so sit beside me or behind me when I’m sewing, so that I don’t put the needle through a finger.”

Eileen giggled to think that she could have such an effect on a sophisticate like Ally. She sat on the edge of the bed, then decided to stretch out in the middle of it. Her legs spread a little, just enough to afford Ally a view of her sex, and to see the arousal she felt. “Like this?” she asked.

“You are a tease, young lady. I like you more and more. Are you going to play with yourself whilst I work?”

Eileen bit her bottom lips as she thought about this. “I had best not. I want to save all my pleasure today for Toby. I do hope he wants to do it tonight. You don’t think he might expect something…. less? Kisses and cuddles, perhaps?”

“Once you start unbuttoning this dress, he’ll want the same things you do.” Ally promised. She sat on the edge of the bed, facing away from the gorgeous sight on it, and deftly started to unpick the thread holding one of the seams together.

“Will you come with me tonight?”

Ally stopped unpicking. She looked around at Eileen, who had rolled onto her side and was looking up at her. “I don’t think a chaperone is what you need tonight.”

“I was hoping you could watch, and if…. If it doesn’t go the way I want it to, perhaps you will be able to tell me what I did wrong. You can hide in the back of the hangar. There’s another workbench by the Fokker, you could hide behind that.”

Ally worked the point of the tool she used under one of the threads. Sliding it forwards and then tugging it up, she severed another little section, releasing more of the seam. “So long as we can get there without him spotting me, then, yes, of course I will come along.”

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll not hug you just yet, because I think you might stab yourself if I distract you. But I will give you a big hug later.” Eileen rolled onto her back again. Letting her hands drop to her side, she bunched them into tight little fists. “Do you have anything I can do with my hands? If I don’t keep them occupied, I may play with myself, and that might spoil things for later on.”

Ally could think of things she would like Eileen’s dainty hands to do. But they be distracting as she cut and sewed the dress up. They were likely inappropriate, as well. She pondered for a moment. “The toiletry bag, over there, has scissors and files and other beauty tools. You could make sure your nails are perfect, and trim yourself, if you think you need it. Use the black handled scissors if you do want to cut any hair off your bush.”

Eileen took a little while to digest Ally’s suggestion. “You’re too kind.” she said. “I couldn’t possibly….”

“Of course you could. Pamper yourself, young lady. If you’re determined to play with my host, it’s my duty as a good guest to ensure that you are properly turned out when you do.” Ally pointed at the bag again, jabbing her finger in its direction, as if her suggestion was now an order.

Eileen bit back a giggle, and bounced off the bed to run to the sideboard and pick up the small leather bag. As she bent over its contents, Ally looked at her, enjoying the view. She allowed herself a moment’s indulgence as her eyes traced the curves of those lovely rounded buttocks, then moved in to glimpse the dark pink of Eileen’s labia, just visible because of the slight spread of her thighs. Toby was going to be a lucky man.

Ally returned to unpicking thread, then cut the minimum necessary material from the dress for her purposes. She threaded a needle with pale blue cotton that was nearly the same shade as the dress, and set to sewing it up in its new profile.

Her parents, and most of her relatives, were in the clothing business in one way or another. She had learnt how to make and modify her own outfits at a young age, and regularly tweaked her own wardrobe. What she couldn’t get through her family contacts, she could usually create. Some of her creations had been taken up by the family business, and were available in stores. So, sewing a waist into a simple dress, so as to show off the charms of a natural beauty, was a simple job.

Eileen stood before the dressing mirror, studying herself, then trimming and primping where she felt necessary. After a while, she took a seat, and filed and buffed her fingernails. By the time she was happy with her appearance, Ally had finished working on her dress. She stood and held it up before the lovely young woman who was to wear it. “Here we go, try it on.”

After helping Eileen slip her arms into the short sleeves, Ally stood behind her and reached around to help fasten the buttons. Then she stepped away, and gestured at the mirror.

Eileen studied her reflection, smile growing ever larger. “Oh, it curves in at my waist wonderfully. It fits me so well. You’re a miracle worker.” She was practically bouncing up and down with excitement.

“Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that. Those stitches will hold for tonight. But you’ll want to go back over them and do a more thorough job if you want the dress to stay like that for good.” Ally moved her pointing index fingers up and down in curves that indicated Eileen’s waist and the new outline of the dress.

“Oh, I shall.”

“It’s getting darker now. I should get ready for supper. And you should go and have a quick bathe, just to finish off your preparations.”

Eileen quickly unbuttoned the dress, and laid it carefully on the bed.Ally got another good look at her sexy naked body before she put her culottes and blouse on.

With the dress draped carefully over her arm, Eileen stepped up to Ally, and planted a surprise kiss on her lips. “Toby said he would come out to the hangar at eleven. I shall meet you at the East corner of the house at half past ten. If it looks like he’s already there, then there is a way for you to sneak in around the back of the Fokker.”

Ally nodded understanding of the instructions, though she was uncommonly dazed by the kiss. Eileen went to the door, unlocked it, and opened it a crack. Seeing nothing through the gap, she opened it until she could lean her head out to scan up and down the hallway. With a last little sexy wiggle of her buttocks, she slipped from the room and quietly closed the door behind her.