Jiggles and the Black Shaft- 7

“So, how did you come to know so much about us? Really? I mean, we do have something of a local reputation, but I don’t for a minute believe it extends to the United States of America.”

Jiggles and Erin were walking around the ornamental lake, arm in arm. Erin had made excuses to drag Jiggles away from the hangar when Ginge and Eileen had started to drain the SE5’s coolant prior to dismantling the engine. Erin was fascinated by the process, but there was a limit to how long she could concentrate when she understood so little.

“Oh, you have caught me out. But your fame has spread to my part of the US. I have heard all about your adventure in Africa, because he is a trustee of the museum that funded Doctor Montana Smith’s excavations in the Valley of the Wizards. They arranged for Professor Quince to join the dig. You flew the Professor out there, I understand.” Erin explained.

“Ah, Montana Smith. Yes. Quite a man.” Jiggles felt a flush of excitement as she remembered the fun times she had enjoyed with the dashing American archaeologist. There had been adventures with Bedouin traders and a secretive, but benign, cult, and a battle against Nazis trying to steal ancient treasures.

“I sneaked a read of his reports to father. He thought you were quite a woman.”

Jiggles felt her cheeks warming. She was glad she had made an impression. But, for the sake of keeping up appearances, she said, “I should hope he did.”

“The good doctor was very precise about every significant find. And he described the incidents with the Nazis in some detail as well. But there were some aspects that I found to be surprisingly vague.” Erin failed to fight back a grin as she said this. “Certain, shall we say, nocturnal activities. He has promised to write a detailed report, for patrons’ eyes only, of the amorous activities of the secret group that protected the Valley of the Wizards. I was wondering if you might be able to fill me in on them. I don’t expect Father to leave that lying around, like he did with the other reports.”

Jiggles considered the gorgeous American beside her. They were almost the same height- there couldn’t be more than fractions of an inch between them- and both blonde. Erin’s hair was darker than Jiggles’, highlighted by streaks of russet that wanted her to be titian. Her figure was trim, with strong thighs and firm, tight buttocks from the riding she did. Her breasts were thrust forward into nearly triangular peaks by whatever complicated brassiere she wore, and looked to be slightly smaller than Jiggles’ own. Even through the material that lifted and cocooned them, it was possible to see the outlines of tight, excited nipples. Jiggles could fully understand why Godfrey was smitten by this woman.

“What sort of details would you like to know?” Jiggles had made a quick decision that she would tell Erin anything and everything about her sexual adventures in the Valley of the Wizards.
“Well….” Erin stopped walking, and looked around, as if expecting there to be eavesdroppers somewhere nearby. “Is it true that the ladies all had, how to put it, sapphic tendencies? And the guys were free with each other as well?”

“That is true. But that is something that Ally and Ginge can vouch for more certainly than I.” Jiggles saw the flush in Erin’s cheeks. Was it excitement or embarrassment?

“You’re not interested in women?”

“Oh, I am. Ever since Ally came back from Paris that time, and taught me everything she had learnt. But, well, I was enjoying the…. hospitality of Doctor Smith most of the time. As I said, he is quite a man.” Jiggles could feel a stirring of warmth in her crotch, just from thinking about her escapades with the archaeologist. There was an obvious question to ask in return. “Are you interested in ladies?”

“Almost as much as I’m interested in guys. I have had some wonderful fun with girlfriends.” Erin’s smile was wicked as she recalled some of those wonderful times.

“If I may say, you certainly have a body that’s perfect for wonderful fun.” Jiggles announced, boldly.

“You think so?” Erin stepped away from Jiggles, and turned to face her. Holding her arms out to her sides, she presented her body to be inspected. Even clothed, it had glorious lines. The lighter, looser trousers that she wore hid some of the shapeliness of her legs, though they were cut tight enough to show off her butt. Her top was cream, and fitted to draw attention to the work the brassiere was doing to display her lovely breasts. The nipples of which were even harder now than they had been before. They must be threatening to poke holes in the lingerie.

“Absolutely. You are a gorgeous woman. Your girlfriends are very lucky.”

“You are too kind. Some of the boys have said my thighs are too big, from all the riding I do.” Erin self consciously stroked down the sides of the limbs in question as she mentioned them.

“Well, those boys are stupid. Your legs are lovely. Seeing you in tight jodhpurs earlier gave me quite the tingle. You should ignore stupid boys, and get yourself more girlfriends.”

“And wherever would I find a girlfriend in England?” Erin feigned coyness, and Jiggles just smiled at her.

“We should continue our stroll. I can see an interesting little path into the trees a short way ahead.” Jiggles offered Erin her hand, and the sexy American took it and allowed herself to be led on.

The path that Jiggles had pointed out wasn’t one of the more meticulously tended ones that radiated out from the lake. It was hard packed earth, rather than raked gravel, and the edge wasn’t crisply marked by a neatly trimmed edge to the lawn. It led up a short, gentle slope, to a stand of trees that burned with the reds and golds of the season. It narrowed as they reached the first trees, and became a dark, sinuous line around trunks and roots, leading them into dappled darkness.

“How have I never spotted this path before?” Erin wondered aloud. “But, then, we have come a long way around the lake, we must be at about the farthest point from the house.” Jiggles glanced back and gave her a smile. Erin’s cheeks were still red, and she knew she was babbling on to cover up her nervousness and excitement. “You will be my first English lady.” she said, quietly, to explain her agitation.

“Oh, there are many who would tell you that I’m hardly a lady.” Jiggles joked.

“Even better.” Erin grinned.

They came to a fork in the path. To the right, it headed up a steepening slope. To the left, it carried on following the contour of the land. “Which way?” Jiggles asked.

Erin stared up the hill for a while. She pointed. “There’s a building up there. Do you see it?”

It wasn’t obvious at first, but Jiggles moved around behind Erin, so she could grasp her waist and stare along the outstretched arm. In amongst all the curves and bulges of nature, she could just make out dark grey flatness, and straight lines, where two corners of the building met the roof. There were mechanical sounds to be made out now, as well, the whir of spinning gears, and the splash of paddles into water. “I see it. What is it? Should we investigate?”

“No. Not yet, anyhow. I’ve just worked out where we are. That is the mill and generator that Toby’s Pa set up so the house could have electricity. It runs off the spring that feeds the lake and supplies the house’s water. It’s interesting, but it’s also right beside the gardeners’ sheds. We’ve looped around in here, and we’re almost coming at the house from behind. Let’s not go up there, in case the gardeners are about.” Now it was Erin’s turn to lead, and she tugged Jiggles down the path to the left.

They walked on for a few minutes, until the bulk of the little hill was between them and the generator house. Reaching the edge of the trees, they were about to turn back and find somewhere to lay for their tryst. It was Jiggles’ turn to spot something. “What’s that?” She pointed at the triangular peak of a conical roof, just over the crest of the next ridge line. The footpath widened again, and headed straight for it.

“I have no clue. I really should have studied the maps of the grounds more closely. Let’s go and find out. But I hope there’s no-one there. I want to get off my feet, and onto my back.” The nervousness that had manifested when they entered the wood had completely dissipated, and Erin had a horny glint in her eyes.

“So do I. If we sneak up, we can run away before anyone spots us. Hopefully.”

So they walked slowly up to the brow, crouching more the closer they got. Every so often, one of them would stand up straight, to get a fuller view. If anyone were watching from the structure they were approaching, they would see a blonde head bob up, look around, then disappear again.

No-one was watching them from the building, which they discovered was an old pergola. Sitting in a natural bowl, with trees wrapping around the uphill sides, it offered a fine view down the valley to the nearest village. The buildings were dark scratches on the green, red and yellow, too far away to discern details such as windows or doors. The tallest scratch would be the church, Jiggles surmised. She oriented herself, based upon the sun, and what she remembered of the local map, and worked out that the bowl was South facing, the pergola perfectly placed to catch the most sun over the course of a year.

The closer they drew to the sun house, the older it looked. Some of the windows were glazed, but almost as many had lost their glass over the years. The paint was peeling, and there were scratches and stains of reddish brown, where the iron structure had been revealed to the elements.

“What a shame. It looks like a lovely building. Why would Toby’s family let it waste away like this?” Erin wondered as she and Jiggles worked their way around it, searching for an entrance.
“Shall we ask him when we get back to the house?” Jiggles said. She was going counter clockwise around the sun house, whilst Erin went clockwise. “I’ve found the door.”

The entrance faced up the hill. Likely, it had been put there so that larger panes could face down the valley and catch the most sun. Erin rushed around to join Jiggles. “Is it locked?” She gestured at the door handle.

“I haven’t checked. I think it is still on land that belongs to your family. So I thought that you should try to open it.”

Erin grasped the door handle, and quickly turned it. She pushed the door, and it moved. It wasn’t locked, but the hinges were stiff or sagging from years of abandonment. Jiggles helped her, and they were soon inside.

There was a bench seat running all the way around the octagonal space, from one side of the door to the other. More interestingly, there was a long, low structure in the middle of the space. It wasn’t high enough to be a table, and was too wide to be another bench. One end faced the door, and the other the windows in the direction of the village. It had a padded leather top, whilst the benches around the perimeter didn’t. An odd, final detail was the addition of short, angled sections sticking out of both sides at each end. Too small, and the wrong shape, to be handles, they were nevertheless still polished from lots of use or attention some time in the past.

Erin and Jiggles both bent down to poke at the leather atop the mysterious bench. It had cracked and hardened, but still had some give in it. The padding under the hide still appeared able to provide some cushioning. Despite the missing windows, the bench showed no signs of having been repeatedly soaked by rain. “I think it’s some sort of bed.” Erin concluded.

“Lay down on it. See if it’s comfortable.” Jiggles said, somewhere between a suggestion and an order.

Erin complied eagerly, bouncing her shapely buttocks on the leather, then swinging her long legs around so that her feet were at the valley end of the bed. Laying back, she settled into position, shimmying her body a little to make some last adjustments. “You know, this is actually quite…. Oh my.”

Jiggles couldn’t conceal her cheeky smile. She had seen what the ceiling of the little room was panelled with, and guessed that Erin hadn’t. The panels didn’t follow the steep sides of the roof, but hung below it in a shallow concave. There were twelve panels, in various shapes and sizes, and they were all mirrors. Erin was staring up at multiple visions of herself, each with the same surprised and excited expression.

The silvering on a couple of the mirrors had fogged, so the Erin in them was ghostly. One of them had cracked, showing her many extra versions of herself. “Why would anyone put mirrors on the ceiling?” she asked, then reddened as she realised the answer, and was embarrassed to have sounded so naive.

Jiggles pretended that Erin hadn’t worked out what the mirrors were for. “Would you like me to show you?” she asked.

“Oh, yes please.” Erin joined in the game. She had a very good idea what came next, and could barely contain her excitement enough to keep her hips still. The leather squeaked as her buttocks rubbed against it. Her fingers curled around the edge of the bench and clasped hard as she struggled to hold herself in place.

Jiggles came around to the head of the bed, and bent forwards until her lips hovered, wrong way around, over Erin’s. Her hair dropped down around their faces like a blonde curtain, and they kissed. The bench squeaked as Erin struggled to keep herself from squirming. Straightening, Jiggles pulled a ribbon from the breast pocket of her light jacket, and used it to tie her hair up. She was as excited as Erin, could tease no longer. She had to get the American woman’s clothes off.

Moving now to the foot of the bench, Jiggles lifted Erin’s right boot up. It released down the inside edge, then slid off easily. She dropped it onto the floor behind her, and quickly moved on to the left boot.

Erin’s trousers were fastened by two buttons on each side of her waist. Jiggles came round to the side to pop the two on the right, then reached across to release those on the left. She folded the front of the trousers down, and was greeted by the top of Erin’s pubic hair. It was darker than that on her head, showing more of the deep red. Jiggles ran a finger through the thick curls. Looking up, her eyes flicked around until she found a tree with leaves almost the same colour.

Digging her heels into the leather, Erin lifted her buttocks off the bench. Jiggles tugged at the material of her trousers, and they peeled enticingly from her firm butt cheeks. Once they were off the lovely globes, the material moved easily down her legs.

Erin lowered herself to the leather again, then lifted her legs so that Jiggles could pull her trousers completely off. These were treated with more respect then the boots, being laid out on the nearest section of the peripheral bench. She turned around slowly, to see what she had revealed.

She hadn’t looked closely as she was pulling down the trousers, but Jiggles had been sure that she would find that Erin wore nothing under them. She had been correct, and was greeted by the blaze of Erin’s pubic hair at the juncture of her shapely thighs. She smiled down at the charming nudity.

Erin had a thought. She grinned impishly as she spread her legs. Her feet moved over the sides of the bench, and found the odd, angled protrusions they had wondered over earlier. “I think I know what these are for now.” she announced. She tilted her hips, angling them so that Jiggles could have a lovely view of her vulva.

The puffy lips of Erin’s labia were filling out and darkening with blood, giving a visualisation of the excitement she felt. They split as Jiggles looked at them, revealing the pink insides of her vagina, glistening and wet with the lubrication supplied by anticipation. The little bud of her clitoris peaked out from under its hood, still a little shy, but just waiting to join in. Jiggles wanted to dive in and lick and kiss at Erin’s sex, to worship it on this strange altar. But she wanted to get the other woman naked as well, and to tease her some more.

Reaching up, Erin found the pair of rests at the head end of the bench, and grasped them as well. The move thrust her chest out, the cones of her brassiere enclosed breasts jutting up against the material of her top. Jiggles just had to see what was hidden under there.

The neck of Erin’s top was a V shape. The material on the left side swept down from her shoulder to a row of buttons on the right. Jiggles danced her fingers over these little circles of mother of pearl, deftly and quickly releasing them all. Folding the panel back, she found where the right hand side buttoned on the inside of the left, and soon had that released as well.

With the front of the top open, Jiggles studied Erin’s brassiere. It was a complex looking construction, the lattice of stiffening spars lifting her breasts and thrusting them forwards. Jiggles had some similar ones, and the bomb shells formed by them worked wonders to get the attention of the chaps.

The lingerie buttoned down the front. Erin’s full, firm breasts pulled the material so tight that Jiggles had to grasp either side of it to release the tension on the fastenings and pop them open. The pair of cups practically sprang apart as she released them.

Erin’s breasts were glorious. Released from the lingerie, they separated and settled a little, but were still firm enough that her tight, hard nipples pointed at the ceiling. She took a look where they were indicating, eyes dancing from panel to panel, so she could take in as many views as possible. A low sigh escaped her mouth. It was as if she were looking at another woman, and the disconnection allowed her to study the long body, with its flowing lines, swatch of fiery pubic hair and full breasts. She liked what she saw.

The light red nipples atop Erin’s breasts hardened some more, poking out like little exclamation marks. Jiggles ran fingers up the side of the other woman’s body, until she could circle the tight nubs with her fingers. Erin grasped the handles above her head more tightly, and shifted under the attention. Jiggles bent forwards, teasingly slowly. Her breath warmed the valley between Erin’s breasts, then moved up the slope of the left one.

Jiggles paused, lips a mere inch from the straining nipple. Erin twisted her body, pushing her left breast up toward the open lips. There had been enough teasing. Jiggles’ mouth closed over the sensitive tip, and Erin let out a happy moan.

First sucking hard on the button as if it were a boiled sweet, then flicking her tongue rapidly back and forth across it, Jiggles teased squeaks and warbles of joy from Erin. She opened her mouth wide, and sucked in as much of the luscious flesh as possible. Slurping off it, until only the nipple was between her lips again, she left it wet and tingling with the chill of the air. With a slight pop, she relinquished the nipple as well. Erin didn’t have enough time to moan, as Jiggles’ hot, sensual mouth moved over to her right breast.

As her lips played with Erin’s breasts, Jiggles’ hands weren’t idle. Her left hand had sneaked under Erin’s shoulders, to lift her slightly and try to hold her in place as she writhed. Her right hand had started a slow, exploring trip down the gorgeous girl’s body.

Erin’s skin was smooth and warm. Jiggles enjoyed the feel of it under her fingertips. Mostly, they travelled blind, as she concentrated on the chest her face was buried in. Apart from the occasional glance down the length of Erin’s body, Jiggles navigated by following the contours.

There was a light swell to Erin’s belly as Jiggles’ fingers moved up from her waist. She climbed it until it flattened out again and guided her down to the slim indentation of her navel. Jiggles ran her fingers around this a couple of times, teasing what she would do when her fingers were lower. Then she moved on, down the belly and on to the tight curls of pubic hair and the light swell of the mons.

Jiggles stroked the springy hair left and right, then caught a few strands between finger and thumb and rolled them around. Erin seemed to notice what she was doing for the first time. She shifted under Jiggles, wanting to look down her body and see the action. Then she remembered the mirrors on the ceiling, and settled back to stare up at her reflection once more.

“Put your fingers in me. Please.” Erin pleaded. He pressed her feet against the rests, and lifted her butt off the padding, pushing up as if trying to catch Jiggles’ fingers unawares and draw them in.

Jiggles considered teasing some more, but couldn’t be mean to the gorgeous girl. She let go of the pubic hair, and her hand moved lower. She lifted her head from Erin’s breast so that she could better see what she was doing. Her fingers skirted the hooded clitoris, then traced the warm wrinkles of Erin’s labia. Her lower lips had split open, and were wet and inviting under Jiggles’ touch. The fingers slipped easily inside, and Erin let out a victorious moan.

Jiggles had two fingers inside her new lover, and moved them slowly in and out. Erin’s hips rolled and lifted under the attention, trying to get more of the digits inside all the time. Jiggles pecked kisses onto Erin’s taut nipples, then moved on to the other woman’s mouth.

They kissed passionately, tongues playing and exploring in each other’s mouths. Jiggles slipped a third finger inside Erin, whose body jerked up to greet it.

Their lips parted. “I am so close. But I need you deeper inside me. Or more fingers. And your lips and tongue on me. Oh please, please, make me come.” Erin babbled out. Her cheeks were flushed and warm, and she was fighting to keep her eyes open so that she could look up at the scene above her.

Jiggles could hardly deny such a passionate request. With a last kiss of Erin’s lips, she started to move. She managed to keep her fingers inside Erin’s pussy, but couldn’t thrust them so much. She pressed her knees against the foot of the bench as she bent over her lover, and discovered another feature. The padding at this end- and no doubt the other- extended down a ways, so people could be comfortable when they were in just such a position as this.

It was clear that the bench had been built for love making, suggesting that the whole structure was intended for amorous encounters. The benches around the sides of the space were an interesting feature. There could only be one use for those, Jiggles thought. Sometimes, the lovers who had used this bench over the years had done so before an audience.

The idea of being watched turned Jiggles on even more. She had enjoyed being an exhibitionist a few times, and would happily do it again, should the opportunity arise.

But that was irrelevant to the pleasant task at hand. Which was bringing Toby’ lovely American cousin to orgasm. Finding somewhere to rest on her left hand, Jiggles bent forwards. She pushed her fingers slowly and gently into Erin. They went deeper than they possibly could have before, now she was feeding them straight in.

When her digits were as deep inside Erin as they could get, Jiggles looked up the long, lovely torso. She stared into green eyes that glistened with lust. Until this moment, she had been ignoring the warmth in her own groin, but now she felt it. The passion and heat gave extra purpose to her actions.

Jiggles started moving her fingers around. The tips explored the ridges of the inside of Erin’s vagina, teasing and stretching. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” Erin exclaimed in surprise and joy. “Do that some more!”

Twisting her hand, Jiggles explored the front wall of Erin’s vagina. She found the nub that she knew would be even more sensitive, a little area, ever so slightly harder than the walls around it. Her fingers pressed and stroked at it.

Erin had gone quiet, but for short, panting breaths, and the beginning of a squeal in the back of her throat. She would come soon. Jiggles began thrusting her three fingers in and out, careful to run them across the button on the front wall of the vagina every time. Seeing the pink bud of Erin’s clitoris peeking out from under its hood, she lowered her head to it. Her lips closed over the tender organ, and she sucked at it like a tiny cock.

That was all it took to send Erin over the edge. The sound that had been building in her throat became a loud scream of absolute pleasure. Her hips jerked up at the mouth and hand that had given her so much pleasure, then her body writhed around on the bench. She found her voice, and cried out expletives and blasphemies that could exorcise demons for miles around.

Jiggles rode Erin’s pleasure, feeling sympathetic pulses of a smaller orgasm herself. Pulling her fingers from inside Erin, she laid her head on the other woman’s belly and wrapped her arms around her waist.

Presently, their breathing slowed, and their hearts stopped hammering. “Oh my.” Erin said, her voice a hoarse whisper from all her shouting. “You English ladies sure do know some tricks we Yanks haven’t learned yet.”

Jiggles helped Erin up into a sitting position, and she swung shaky legs off the bench. Reaching out, she caught hold of Jiggles, and swept her up into her arms, her face at just the right height to bury in Jiggles’ crotch. “You enjoyed that too, didn’t you? Let’s get your clothes off, and I’ll see about thanking you properly.”

Jiggles wanted to do as suggested, but she had just become aware of the light. “It’s getting dark. We should really get back to the house whilst we can still see the way through the trees.” Erin looked as if she had been rejected, so Jiggles quickly added. “Perhaps I can join you in your room tonight. I want to carry this on.”

“Oh, absolutely. I have some tricks that perhaps will surprise an English girl. I don’t want you to think we all are backwards in the Americas.” Erin’s grin had returned, bright and naughty.
“You have proven most forward already.” Jiggles teased.

“Help me dress. I’m still all tingly from that wonderful orgasm you gave me.”

It was a shame to cover up Erin’s lovely body, But Jiggles took the opportunity to sneak strokes and touches as she went along. “It has gotten dark, hasn’t it?” Erin commented, looking around as they left the gazebo.

Almost all the colour had drained from all the trees, but their shapes could still be made out where they stood before the darkening blue sky. A bright moon was rising, which would give them some light when it was higher. But, for now, the wood was dark and almost threatening.

Jiggles had faced several dangers and a few terrors in the last year, since setting up Jiggleswick Air. She had fought Nazis, and uncovered ancient secrets in Africa mere months before. So she wasn’t going to admit that a quaint forest in the English countryside was suddenly giving her the willies. She offered Erin her hand, as if she was the one offering support.

“I think it will be a shorter walk through the woods if we head to the generator house, and take the path from there to the back of the house.” Erin offered.
“Okay. If we can see the path, of course.”

They picked their way between the trees gingerly at first. But, as their eyes adapted to the gloom, and the moon rose enough to provide pale assistance, their confidence grew. The blackness that they had walked into became myriad shades of grey, the path a darker ribbon they could now trace.

Glancing left all the time, they spotted the spur that ran up the hill to the water wheel easily. There were rough steps built into the slope at irregular intervals to help them with the climb, and they soon reached a crest from which they could look down on the building.

It was a simple square construction, built in local stone, with red brick framing the door and single window. The wheel, on the far side, jutted out in front, dripping water onto the foot bridge over the mill race that funnelled the flow down from the spring’s catchment pond. Beyond the bridge, they could see the trees thin out again, and one of the estate’s wide, gravel paths leading toward the stables and garages at the rear of the big house.

The slope down to the generator house was steeper, but there were steps in it as well. More closely spaced, they weren’t as rough as the ones they had used to climb up to this point. The light glowing in the little building’s single window illuminated them more clearly as well. It was only a single, low power bulb, but after the darkness of the wood, it felt like a spotlight.

They were about to start down the steps, when Erin clasped Jiggles’ hand tighter, and held her back. “Listen.” she whispered.

Jiggles tilted her head, and leant forward, as if the extra few inches would make a difference to what she heard. She was immediately aware of something over the mechanical sounds of the generator, but couldn’t quite define it. As they listened, and she began to recognise the words and grunts coming up from somewhere below them, hidden from their view by the bank, she was almost embarrassed. She should recognise the sounds of sex more readily.

“Who do you think it is?” Erin asked.

“It sounds like two men, to me. But their voices are hardly recognisable.” Jiggles looked around, and saw another rough path heading up the ridge line. She suspected that it would take them to the little bowl where the spring bubbles up from the ground. It would also move them up and around, to a position where they might be able to look down on the carnal action they could only listen to from where they were. She pointed at the path, and Erin nodded.

They sneaked from tree to tree, as quietly as they were able. It was unlikely they would be heard over the generator and lovemaking, but were being careful, nonetheless. Jiggles’ trousers and jacket were a shade of greeny brown that was close to khaki, and would disappear in the woods. Erin’s trousers were dark, but her top was white. It might show up as it moved through the trees, so they were careful to hide as much as possible.

A few trees up from the top of the steps, they had come around far enough to be able to look down on the source of the carnal noises. A shelter had been built in the shade of the bank- just a simple roof and three walls, held up by stout oak struts. There were sturdy work tables and tools under the cover provided, hammers and axes and tree felling equipment that wasn’t often used, and would suffer much from some rust. One man was leant over one of the tables, as another, behind him, pumped eagerly in and out.

They still wore their shirts, but had possessed the presence of mind to take off their trousers and undergarments and lay them, neatly folded, on the end of the table. Their jackets were hung over hooks in a low beam. One of them was crisp and black, whilst the other was a light brown, and had trouble holding its shape. One of the house staff was being buggered by one of the grounds staff.

“That’s Lynes.” Erin whispered, recognising the hair and larger nose of the man bent over the table.

“And his friend?”

“I don’t know. All of the gardeners have the same haircut. I may recognise him if he turns and I can see more of his face.” Erin was leaning against the tree trunk, straining around for a better look. Worried she might fall, and alert the lovers below, Jiggles took a hold of her waist.

Lynes had hold of the side of the table, bracing himself. The gardener, in turn, held the butler’s waist as he pumped in and out of him. They both made happy grunts at the inward end of each movement.

“It’s always rather exciting to see two guys go at it.” Erin whispered.

“Isn’t it just. Almost as much as going at it one’s self.” Jiggles was having a hard time resisting the urge to unbutton Erin’s trousers and reach inside. The scene below, and the woman she held, were exciting her again.

The gardener’s thrusts sped up. “Give me a help with your hand, boy.” Lynes ordered. Despite the redness in his cheeks, he could still use the voice of authority.

The gardener’s right hand moved around and under Lynes, to grasp at his shaft. Neither Erin nor Jiggles could see it, and had to draw all their information about its size from the movements of the gardener’s wrist as he frigged it. Not too short, but not huge, either, they concluded.

The gardener was trying to thrust at about half the speed he was working on the butler’s cock. He kept it up for a while, then the control went again, and he sped up. The rhythm of his hips and hand became ragged, and he and Lynes started calling out in time. They shouted out their joy in unison.

Jiggles realised she was trembling with vicarious pleasure from what they had just witnessed. Erin had little shivers running through her body as well. They would certainly be enjoying each other later that evening, that much was for sure.

When their panting had subsided, the gardener and butler moved to part. The gardener held out his right hand, and studied the sticky white liquid on his fingers. Waving it, he shook most of Lynes’ semen off onto the floor. Laying his left hand in the small of Lynes’ back, he eased himself from the butler’s fundament, and turned.

Erin and Jiggles both concentrated on the prodigious shaft that he had just withdrawn from Lynes. Fat and long, it was slowly subsiding. Even in the soft light from the generator building, it seemed to glisten with the juices and lubricant that coated it.

“Oh my.” said Erin. Then she thought to look up, and study the gardener’s face. “Oh, that is Clive. He’s the youngest of the gardeners. Rather shy, normally. Who would have thought.”
Jiggles recognised the gardener now. He had been the one who had helped move their cases, then scarpered as soon as Maude started to put on her airs. She hadn’t known his name, though.

Lynes turned around now, and leant against the table. His manhood was softening as well. It wasn’t as impressive as Clive’s, but was still of a size he shouldn’t be ashamed of. Standing, he reached inside his jacket, and drew out a soft packet of cigarettes. With a practised tap of the base, he had two of the little white sticks showing, and offered one to Clive. A trench lighter had come out with the cigarettes, and Lynes had its little flame flaring in a moment, to light both cigarettes.

After a few puffs on the tobacco sticks, both men began dressing. They didn’t ignore each other’s presence, but did give the impression of being in their own little worlds. When they had their trousers and jackets on, Lynes turned to the young gardener. He straightened Clive’s jacket, and adjusted the hang of his trousers. Fingers ran through Clive’s hair, but couldn’t tame the bit at the front that sprang right back up again.

When the grooming was done, Lynes moved closer to Clive, and they both moved together to kiss. To Jiggles and Erin, this was almost as exciting to watch as their lovemaking had been. The wind rustled the tops of the trees, and brought down a fall of leaves. The two men looked up at the sound, and their audience quickly hid behind the tree.

Stifling giggles, they listened, waiting for a sign that the men below were moving. “It is later than I thought. I must get back to the house and make sure everything is correct for supper.” Lynes said.

“And I am done for the day. I’m going to go and wash ‘im off. Will you be wanting me later?” Clive said, in turn.

“Why don’t you enjoy the Shaft. It has been a while for you, hasn’t it? Is there anyone you would like?”

“Lucy has lovely tits. Luscious were the word Eric used for ’em.”

“Lucy it shall be. Let’s get a move on, though.”

Erin and Jiggles dared to peek out to either side of the tree trunk. They spotted Lynes walking across the foot bridge. Then the light in the generator house went out. They heard the door close, and made out footsteps across dirt and then the boards of the bridge. Their night vision returned just in time to see Clive reach the other side of the bridge.

“What’s the Shaft, do you suppose?” Erin asked.

“Oh, the lovely Eileen showed us earlier. It’s a staircase with hidden doors that makes it easier for the staff to move around without being spotted.” Jiggles grinned at Erin’s surprise.

“Really? My. All the times I have visited this house, and I never knew about any secret staircases. But you were shown it almost as soon as you arrived. I am going to have words with my cousin about withholding information from me like that.” Erin’s tone was joking, and not all to cover up her surprise about the Shaft. “What do you suppose they want the Shaft for?” she asked. Even in the moonlight, the gleam in her eyes could be seen. She had some ideas about what the secret staircase might be used for.

“Perhaps we can find out tonight.”

“Tomorrow night. Tonight, I have other things I want you to discover.” Erin grinned at her innuendo.

The light from the shed had provided a surprising amount of illumination. The way back down to the path was much less distinct than when they had climbed up it. Erin and Jiggles flitted from tree to tree, grabbing the trunks and holding tight to keep themselves from tumbling down the slope and doing themselves harm. When they reached the path, they walked down the steps hand in hand.

“Like Lynes said, we should hurry, it is later than we thought.” Erin said, speeding her pace once they were on flat ground. They both glanced at the shadowed spot, and rough outline of the table, where the action had been, before continuing on their way.

The path led toward the rear of the house, but there was a spur that went to the gravel drive and the front. They headed down that one, and were soon letting themselves in through the main door. There was no-one else to be seen, but there were busy noises coming from all corners of the building. They sprinted up the stairs, and on the first landing, Erin dragged Jiggles to her room.

“Supper is going to be such a drag. I’m going to be thinking about what we’re going to do together after.” Erin said, as the door closed behind them. She had a family room, so it was larger than the one Jiggles had been put up in. The four poster bed was particularly impressive.

Erin drew Jiggles toward the bed, but became impatient halfway, and stopped to kiss her. Their hands explored each other, finding the lines of their bodies through the clothes. “We both need to change. I should stop this, right now. But I was hoping I could get a preview of what I’m going to be enjoying later.” Erin said quickly as she broke the kiss.

Jiggles could hardly deny such a request. Stepping back, she started unbuttoning her jacket. It was light, but she wore nothing but a brassiere under it. Opening it, she flashed Erin with some fine French lingerie, which lifted and separated her already lovely breasts for full effect.

Her trousers unbuttoned down the front, and she teasingly released them, one by one. When the flap hung open, revealing more French lace, she hooked her thumb inside, and drew trousers and knickers to her her knees.

Erin stared, enraptured. Her expression said that she recognised there was something missing, but that she couldn’t quite recognise what. After a moment, she grinned widely, and pointed. “You have no hair down there? Do you shave it?”

Jiggles ran finger tips over her smooth mons. She still enjoyed the sensation. “It’s a little thing Ally and I did in Africa. I rather like it, so I keep it this way. All it needs is a little careful work with a razor when I wash.”

Erin so wanted to step forwards and stroke and play with Jiggles’ bare pussy. But she clenched her fists, and held herself back. “Please put it away before it tempts me too much. I’m going to be thinking about that all the way through our meal now. This is going to be so much fun.”

When she was fastened up again, and all her temptations were hidden away. Jiggles gave Erin another kiss. She controlled herself, and kept it short this time. “I shall see you at supper.” she said, when they dragged themselves apart, and she opened the door to leave.

Ally and Ginge were already dressed for the evening meal, and standing outside his room, conversing. They both recognised Jiggles’ demeanour, and gave her happy, dirty grins. “And where have you been?” Ally asked, as if she didn’t have a very good idea already.

“Exploring, and having a little…. fun. Erin and I saw the most incredible scene, and found something very interesting in the grounds.” Jiggles opened her room, and the other two drifted along the corridor toward it.

“You must tell us. And we have some gossip to share as well.” Ally said, as she walked in to Jiggles’ room. Ginge followed the pair of them. They would chat as Jiggles stripped and then dressed. There were few secrets between the personnel of Jiggleswick Air. Ally found an overstuffed armchair that faced the bed from a corner of the room, and started recounting what she and Ginge had found out.