Jiggles and the Black Shaft- 6

“What is your true intention here?” Jiggles asked Godfrey. She had managed to get him alone for a moment, walking up the landing strip to check its surface for ruts higher up.
They turned, and looked down the shallow slope to the ramp at the bottom of the strip. “I’m sorry, old girl? Whatever do you mean?”

“I know that you work for the Secret Intelligence Service. That is how we were reintroduced to each other, after all. And I was sure that we are here for some nefarious reason. But now, it seems, you have just brought us out to this country house so you can make eyes at your friend’s American cousin.”

Godfrey had the decency to colour at this suggestion. “I, ah, I admit that I would have rather done this without the distraction of Erin’s presence. I met her when we were all much younger, when she came over from the States to visit with the British arm of the family. And I must say, I have something of a crush on the dear girl. Rather like you on me.” Hearing Jiggles’ dismissive grunt, Godfrey rushed on. “But, yes, we do have a SIS reason to be here. Toby is a genius, as I told you. He can look at almost any manufacturing business, and, within a day, tell you a dozen ways to make it more efficient. There are dark clouds gathering. You have seen evidence of the enemy we may soon face, first hand- I’ve read the reports- so you understand better than most how important it could become to have a strong manufacturing base. The country needs people like Toby, as much as it will need all the young men who will be called upon to fight.”

“I still don’t know why we are here, though. Oh, you don’t think that Toby might have Nazi sympathies, do you?”

“Goodness, no. I am simply here to start the ball rolling on recruiting him into the war effort, should the need ever arise. I am showing my face, being the jovial old friend, introducing him to some lovely ladies who share his passion for flying, all of that. I am reminding him why he should serve his country.”

“You are manipulating your friend, you mean.” There was an edge of anger to Jiggles’ voice.

“Oh, dear girl, please don’t think that. He is one of my oldest friends, he and your brother and I were practically inseparable at school. I want to help him make the best possible decisions for himself. And the country.”

“And you would like to bag yourself a gorgeous American lady whilst you’re about it.”

Godfrey stared at Jiggles for a moment, realisation dawning. “Are you jealous, Veronica? I wouldn’t want you to be jealous. I mean, I know I was your first, and all that. But….”

“Godfrey, darling, you were hardly even my first in that particular bed.” Jiggles wanted the revelation to be all ice, but the expression on Godfrey’s face meant she had to bite back a laugh instead.

“Oh. I thought….” Godfrey was reassessing a key moment in his past.

“Goodness, no. I grew out of my childhood awkwardness long before you bedded me in the four poster.”

“And there I thought I seduced you.”

“I let you charm me- and you are very charming- but I had already decided that I was taking you to bed. I simply let you believe it was the other way around.”

“You do know that I felt like a heel around your brother for months after that. As if I had betrayed some sacred trust between friends.”

“Oh, I’m certain that he knew what we did. He hinted that he was happy I had got it out of my system.”

“The Jiggleswicks are quite a family.”

“Aren’t we? Now, should we return to our duty to King and country and get back to persuading your old friend to serve Blighty?” Jiggles hooked an arm through Godfrey’s, and kissed the side of his forehead. She wasn’t truly angry at him, and didn’t really want to antagonise him, even if her jealousy had reared its head for a little while there. There was enough power to her old crush that she could forgive him his attraction to another woman. Especially one who looked like Erin did.

“Yes, let’s.” They strolled back down the slope.

Back in the hangar, they were greeted by the delightful sight of Eileen’s culotte clad buttocks sticking up into the air as she stood on the wing of the SE5 and bent her upper body into the cockpit. Ginge was under the engine, which was fully exposed, now the cowling had been removed from around it, studying pipes and tubes that ran to and from it. Toby was stood by the wing, holding several spanners, screwdrivers and other esoteric tools. He was studying Eileen’s legs and buttocks.

Ginge tugged at one of the pipes, moving it back and forth where it passed through the flange into the space under the cockpit. “This is the one.” he said to Eileen.

“Ah, yes. I see it moving. Let me just track it back along the frame. There it is.” Eileen had bent even further into the cockpit, right leg lifting, almost daintily to act as a counterbalance. “Toby…. Erm, I mean Lord Toby. Could you pass up a quarter inch spanner, please?” Her right arm crooked over the side of the cockpit, and waved around, awaiting the tool.

Toby sorted through the spanners as if they were strangely shaped metal cards. Selecting the correct one, he held it up, coordinating his movements to hers, until her fingers closed over the spanner. “Please call me Toby when we are in the hangar, Eileen. There is no need for the Lord nonsense when you know so much more about what we’re doing than I do.”

It was hard to tell, but there may have been a shiver running through Eileen’s body. The spanner certainly danced as if conducting an opera for a moment before being withdrawn into the cockpit.

Godfrey and Jiggles joined Ally, who was leaning against the wall, enjoying the show. “Have they not found a job for you yet?” Jiggles asked.

“Ginge says he may need my help with some of the cable work later. He seems to think my experience with needle and thread will help thread the control lines around pulleys and such like. Until then, I am just going to watch.”

“There we go. I’ve got it.” Eileen announced. But her victory was short-lived, as her foot started slipping down the wing. “Tobeeee! Help!”

Toby dropped the tools, just in time to catch Eileen as she tumbled out of the plane. It was a clumsy catch. His right arm went between her legs. Reaching up to get a hold on something, he managed to pop all the buttons of her blouse open. His left arm wrapped around her shoulder, hand closing on a suddenly exposed breast. Off balance, he tumbled, landing on his backside.

Eileen somehow managed to twist as they fell. Her breast escaped from Toby’s grasp, only to land pressed up against his face. They dropped to the floor, and Toby wrapped his arms around her. Anyone would think he wanted to hold her in place.

“Are you two okay?” Ally asked, stepping forwards with everyone else.

Toby’s right a hand went up and waved around. “I’m okay.” he declared, voice muffled by Eileen’s chest.

Eileen bit her bottom lip as she looked up. “I’m alright as well.” she said. “I’m not sure about my blouse, though.” Her cheeks were a bright red. Possibly from embarrassment, but probably not.

She lifted herself up, and her blouse draped down either side of her chest, so that Toby was the only one getting a decent view of her breasts. “I think I’ve lost some buttons. And I’ll need to sit up and show myself to fasten the ones that are left. Erm….”

“Oh, we are all friends here. There’s no need to hide yourself away from us. We won’t be shocked or offended.” Jiggles told her.

Eileen considered this for a while. Toby didn’t complain that she dawdled. When she did sit up, she shuffled down his body, so that she didn’t crush his chest. Sitting herself on his lap, her eyes went wide, and she smiled brightly. Spotting Toby’s red cheeks, she looked serious again. “This isn’t uncomfortable for you, is it? I can move.”

“No. Not at all. No.” Toby squeaked.

All the buttons on Eileen’s blouse had popped out of their holes or been torn off, and the white vestment hung open, so that everyone could now see her chest. She wasn’t wearing a brassiere, her small, firm breasts holding up perfectly well without any need for support. They were lovely and pert, each would make a pleasant handful for a lover. Aware of all the attention, and caressed by the fresh air, the pearl pink nipples had tautened, and stuck out like little bullets.

Looking around, Eileen saw the appreciative expressions on the faces of everyone else in the hangar. She dragged the moment out a little longer by holding up her right hand and showing everyone the brass cylinder she had been working to remove before her fall. “I got the fuel filter out. We can see if it is clogged up.” she announced, as if innocent of what she had on display. Under the SE5, Ginge held his hands open together, like a cricket fielder, and she understood to toss the filter over to him.

Eileen was acting the innocent, but couldn’t completely hide the fact that she knew what everyone was looking at, and that she was enjoying the silent praise for her lovely assets. Accepting she couldn’t keep up the act much longer, she reached up to the collar of her blouse, and started working her fingers down the material, feeling for buttons and their corresponding holes. She fastened any where she found a match.

The top two buttons had torn of, but the three over her chest were still attached, so she could hide her breasts away again. The bottom three had gone, however, so her blouse remained open there, giving everyone occasional glances of her navel as she stood from Toby’s lap. As she stood over him, she couldn’t help but look down. The bulge in the front of his trousers made her smile, like she had won a significant victory.

“I should really find all my buttons. I will have to sew them back on.” Eileen stepped away from Toby, and walked around staring at the floor near his body. Her gaze flicked across to catch his every so often. He sat up quickly, then pushed himself up to his feet to join her search.

When Erin walked into the hangar a few minutes later, she found everyone inside shuffling around, staring at the floor. She must have thought she had walked in on some bizarre English ritual. Standing on the threshold, lips split as if on the verge of saying something, she crossed her arms and watched.

“Found one.” announced Jiggles. She bent over to nip a small white object between thumb and forefinger of her right hand, then passed it over to Eileen. The young maid’s scandalously under buttoned blouse confused Erin some more. What saucy fun had she missed.

“That is all of them.” Eileen announced. Then she spotted Erin, and did a little automatic curtsy, before pulling the loose sections of her blouse closed. “Miss Erin.”

“Hello, everyone. I thought I would come and see what you were all up to in here, but I had to put my horse away properly first. Did I miss anything whilst I was grooming Pasha?” Erin managed to say. Eileen’s belated attempt at modesty had pulled the material of her blouse tight over her breasts, and the hard nipples were straining to burst through it. They had caught Erin’s attention and distracted her for a moment.

Toby stepped up behind Eileen, almost protectively. His hands hovered for a moment, so wanting to hold her shoulders and pull her in close. They dropped back to his side again. “Eileen had a slight mishap whilst she was working on the SE5. We are taking the fuel system apart to see what could be making the engine misfire.” Feeling braver, her rested his right hand on her waist. Her eyes went wider, and her grip on the front of her blouse relaxed. “Well, I say we are doing the work. It’s really Ginge and Eileen. The rest of us just hold the tools, and hand them out as needed.”

Erin studied Eileen’s face, rather than her chest. The maid’s cheeks were pink with the combined effects of the shock, embarrassment and excitement that she had gone through in the last few minutes. But she met the gaze, not so much with defiance, but with a desire to be treated equally, in the hangar if nowhere else.

“You’re a mechanic, Eileen?” Erin asked.

“My father taught me how to take an engine apart. And I have learnt a lot about the aeroplanes from working on them.” Eileen relaxed enough to let go of her blouse. Erin couldn’t resist trailing eyes down her short, slim body, looking to see what skin was exposed.

“That is wonderful. We need more women taking jobs away from the boys. It gives us a chance to show them how much better than them we are. So, what have you found wrong with the old crate?”

“I have just pulled the fuel filter out. It’s in a most awkward spot, almost right under the pilot’s seat. That was when I….” Eileen waved her hand up and down in front of her chest, and didn’t need to explain any further. “Now, Ginge is going to show me how to check if it is clogged up, and how to fix that.”

“Wonderful. Do you mind if I watch?”

“Of course not. Please do.”