Daily archives: February 27, 2018

Jiggles and the Test Pilot is available free from Smashwords and most Amazon stores, and presented here in its entirety. You can get more free ebooks by subscribing to the mailing list. The next adventure for Jiggles and her chums is Jiggles and the Archaeologists, available from Smashwords and Amazon, or get The Adventures of Jiggles, collection 1 (Smashwords, Amazon), which has Jiggles and the Test Pilot, Jiggles and the Archaeologists, and Jiggles and the Flying Boats, all in one. Jiggles was bored. “Is there absolutely nothing on?” she asked Ginge, who was lazing in the other deckchair outside the large building that was their hangar, offices and mess combined. The chief, and only, mechanic of Jiggleswick Air shook his head slowly. “There’s another dance in the village this weekend.” he offered, shielding his eyes with an oily hand and staring down the grass runway. Beyond, and to the left […]