Sample scene- Tanya’s Visitors

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Tanya used her long legs to lever herself up and out of the chair, and took a few strides to get to the door. She grabbed the handle, but didn’t open the door just yet. A young man stepped out and looked around. He was black, in his early twenties, wearing a black leather jacket and jeans, with a head of short, tight dreadlocks. Spotting her, he walked over. Tanya opened the door to the porch and, quickly, the one out to the yard.

The man walked over, smiling broadly. Tanya spotted the way his eyes moved up and down, taking in her body and clothes. Once he was close enough, though, he was gentleman enough to look her in the eyes as they talked. “Tanya? Hello, I’m TC.” He was slightly taller than her, with an attractive square face and sharp, brown eyes. She recognised him from a picture she had seen on The Gang’s website, but just couldn’t remember any of the details that had been under it.

“Pleased to meet you.” They shook hands, and stood on the doorstep for a moment. “Come in, come in.” she managed, eventually, leading him through the doors. She ushered him to the couch which faced the artwork. When he sat on it, she perched on the arm of the couch.

“I would have been here earlier, but the GPS was a bit confused.” TC said, gaze travelling up Tanya’s calves and, as she spread them, her thighs. His grin had hardly diminished, but it widened some more as he looked up to her face.

“Well, we are out in the middle of nowhere. And you’re still the first one here.” Tanya’s fingers played with the bottom of the two fastened button on her shirt. With a twist, she squeezed it through the eye. It occurred to her that, even arriving late, TC was here much earlier than the others were expected. He was here to give her a chance to play while Zach was away.

They had discussed their fantasies, and his desire to watch her with other men coincided perfectly with her gang bang fantasies. When they were talking about today’s adventure, he had told her she should have fun with some of the guys when he wasn’t there, so long as she told him all about it afterwards. She had thought it had just been an idle aside, but it turned out he had arranged just that.

TC turned so he faced Tanya more squarely. “Do you have a theme planned? The first time I did this, we got a message about what was planned.”

“What was that?”

“We were with Diane, and she wanted to play groupie with the band.”

“Oh, yes, you’re with Ten Inch Dragon, aren’t you? We’ve got some of your tracks on the sound system. What if there’s no plan?”

“Well, the second time, we met Victoria and David in a hotel room- our manager arranged it and invited them- and we just went with what Victoria wanted. The rule is that we always do what the lady in the mix wants to do.”

“Whatever the lady wants?” Tanya smiled at the thought. She had been playing with the one remaining fastened button, and released it. “So, if I told you to take all your clothes off right now, you’d do it? Even though none of the others are here yet?”

“If that’s what you want to do. It’s all about your pleasure.”

Tanya pushed the left hand side of her shirt open, revealing a small breast with hard and pointy nipple. “TC, will you take all your clothes off right now, please. And then…. Then, I’d like to give you a blow job.”

“With pleasure.” TC stood and shrugged out of his jacket, revealing the long sleeved top he wore underneath. The top was tight enough to show off TC’s build. He draped the jacket over the arm of the couch, and peeled the top off, revealing the pectorals and abs Tanya had been imagining moments earlier.

Tanya wanted to reach out and help, speed him up as he untied his shoes. She curled her toes up, as if making fists with her feet. Just to keep herself under control.

TC’s jeans came down, and joined the other clothes on the arm of the couch, and he stood in tight, navy blue briefs. Tanya could see the outline of his shaft, pressing against the stretchy material, and was pleased that he was obviously as excited as she was. He pulled the waist band down, and the big, stiff cock practically sprang out. Tanya almost applauded. As he stepped out of the briefs and added them to the clothing collection, she slipped off the couch so she was on her knees before him when he turned around.

The erection pointed out and up. Tanya moved forward and bent down, to look at it from underneath and study his balls. From this angle, it blocked out his face. She couldn’t tell what expression he wore, but was sure it was a smile. With a hand on each of his thighs, she brought her head up again until it was on a level with the shaft and she could kiss the side of it. Against his dark skin, the paleness of hers was emphasised.

Tanya’s hands moved up the smooth skin of TC’s thighs, until they could converge on the base of his shaft. All the while, she was giving the side of the shaft little nibbling kisses. It grew harder under her attention, the angle it pointed up increasing.

With one hand around TC’s erection and the other gently cradling his testicles, Tanya leant back to take in the lovely cock she was about to suck. It was long and fat, and curved up from where she grasped his balls to a fat bulb of a glans. Slowly, almost reverentially, she drew her encircling fingers up his shaft. She savoured the feel of the veins under the soft skin as her light grip traced them. When her hand was just below the head, she stopped, took a firmer hold, and pulled it toward her mouth.

She licked her lips, opening them wide, and moving them closer to the dark cock head. The skin across it was tight, and so smooth, it almost seemed to shine. She breathed out, and was sure it twitched at the warm breath. She stopped short, and reached out with her tongue. Making a point with the tip, she teased the sensitive skin where the glans bowed in on the under side.

TC made a happy noise, so Tanya traced the ridge of the glans with her tongue tip. Playing with him like this, teasing, was turning her on. She let go of his ball sack, and reached inside her shirt to play with a nipple. She flicked it with her thumb as she took the cock head into her mouth.

The skin of the fat glans was smooth, warm and firm. Tanya pursed her lips, pressing against the glorious head, careful to keep her teeth back, and rubbed it with her tongue. TC liked that, and moved his hips a little, clasping his hands as he tried to control his movements. Tanya took some more of TC’s length between her lips, until she was as far down as she had grasped it.

She moved her fingers a little further down the shaft, and followed it with her mouth. She slurped back until she was just kissing the slit at the end. Her tongue swirled around the head, then she swallowed it again. Her fingers moved further down again, and she took more of him in.

Her heart was beating hard and fast, her nipples were tight and hard, and she could feel the erotic heat radiating from between her legs. It wasn’t just the act of going down on this attractive younger man that was turning her on. There was the illicit feel of it all, as well.

When they had watched the art work being created, Zach and Tanya had made love. Then they had joined in. Tanya had taken four of the men who were helping Florence. But Zach had been there as well, they had participated as a couple. Now, though, she had TC all to herself. Her husband had set it up, he knew what she would be doing, but she could still think of it as cheating on him.

Her hand dropped from her breast to slip under the waistband of her knickers. She was wet with excitement, and slid two fingers inside herself easily. She squirmed, and bobbed her head up and down on TC’s cock.

She wanted him in her, but she didn’t want to stop sucking his cock. It was the strangest, dirtiest conundrum she could possibly have. With a slurp, she pulled away from him and sat back. Her fingers still moved in her pussy. TC couldn’t see exactly what her hand was doing inside her knickers, but its actions were obvious. He watched, his grin and hard cock showing how he was enjoying the view.