Daily archives: January 6, 2017

Tanya’s Visitors is available from Amazon and Smashwords. Tanya used her long legs to lever herself up and out of the chair, and took a few strides to get to the door. She grabbed the handle, but didn’t open the door just yet. A young man stepped out and looked around. He was black, in his early twenties, wearing a black leather jacket and jeans, with a head of short, tight dreadlocks. Spotting her, he walked over. Tanya opened the door to the porch and, quickly, the one out to the yard. The man walked over, smiling broadly. Tanya spotted the way his eyes moved up and down, taking in her body and clothes. Once he was close enough, though, he was gentleman enough to look her in the eyes as they talked. “Tanya? Hello, I’m TC.” He was slightly taller than her, with an attractive square face and sharp, […]