Sample scene- Never Say Never

Never Say Never is one of the hot stories in Never Tales 1, available from Amazon.

“So, do you have anything you want to do with me?” Julie asked.

“Bukkake?” Mark offered weakly.

“What’s that?” Paul asked.

They both looked at him, somewhat surprised. “It’s Japanese, I think.” Julie explained, “The girl kneels on the floor whilst a load of guys come over her.”

“You want to do that?” Paul asked Mark.

“It was only a suggestion. The first thing that came into my head.” was the weak defence.

“There aren’t enough of you anyway.” Julie ruled. “But all this dirty talk has made me horny, and I’ve never given two guys blowjobs at once.”

“You’re sure?” Mark was feeling guilty about his suggestion.

“Absolutely.” Julie handed Mark her cup and, as he tried to work out what to do with it and his own, she reached down and quickly unzipped his jeans. She wriggled her hand inside and stroked a rapidly growing hard on through the material of his boxers. She had been planning to do the same to Paul with her left hand, but access with her right was proving troublesome. She admitted defeat and asked, “Can you two get yourselves out for me?”

In a matter of seconds two pairs of trousers were down around ankles and Julie had a pair of growing penises to play with. They twitched and grew with each pulse of their owners. Julie reached out her hands and very gently wrapped them round her prizes. Her touch was so light she barely stroked their skin with her fingertips. Each contact was electric and caused a shiver of excitement.

After a minute or so of teasing Julie clasped both hard ons tighter and began pumping them more seriously. When she was certain they were both fully primed she slid off the seat onto her knees facing them. With a bit of direction they shuffled closer together. Mark took hold of Paul’s hard on and Paul grasped his. Julie moved in closer, until she was sure she could get her lips around each hard on with just a dip to one side or the other.

Paul drew his hand up Mark’s hard on until he grasped it just below the head. Julie angled her head for the deep red mushroom and licked and kissed it. After a moment she took it all into her mouth. Paul let his hand fall back down Mark’s cock. Julie followed it, taking ever more of the flesh into her mouth, until Paul reached the bottom and she almost couldn’t take any more. Then she slowly sucked back up Mark’s cock, dragging her tongue over the surface as she did. She swirled her tongue around the head until he squirmed, then moved over to repeat the whole process on Paul, guided by Mark’s hand.

Mark and Paul watched in awe as Julie took first one, then the other of their erections in her mouth and played with it. They were just relaxing back, ready for the final straight toward orgasm, when she sat back and shuffled away from the sofa. “Stand up.” she commanded.

They both stood, though a little unsteadily. Julie reached out and, using their slippery saliva coated hard ons to guide them, got them to move together until she could make their penises touch. She rubbed the cock heads against one another as they reached out to support each other. With a giggle, Julie closed her lips around as much of both heads as she could. She managed less than half of each deep red glans, but teased them both with flicks of her tongue over them.

Julie licked all the way down Paul’s cock to where she held it at the base, then all the way back again. She did this to Mark, repeating the move several times until she noticed that both her boys were trembling. She smiled and looked up, “Are you close?”

“Very.” Paul whispered hoarsely. Mark just nodded.

Julie started pumping her hands up and down the slippery shafts, careful to keep the heads aimed roughly at her open, waiting mouth. Little grunts and sighs above her said she was doing things just right. She licked the cock heads when they were close enough and urged them on.

Paul came first. Sticky white semen hit Julie’s nose, upper lip and chin. Very little of it went in her mouth, but she wasn’t disappointed. Paul continued to come over her cheek as she turned her attention to Mark’s hard on. She decided to give him a little of what he had asked for, ducking under him so that, as he started to come, the semen hit her forehead and then the whole of her face. It was silly, but it made her smile, and sent a tingle of joy through her.