Sample scene- Death At The Swingers Party

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He had spotted a boxy construction with a padded leather top. The cushioned surface was just below the level of his crotch, which would place Li at an ideal height. She studied it, and perked up at the possibilities it presented. Holding her arms out, she let him boost her up onto it.

There were slots in the side of the box, and thick wooden dowels that fitted into them. Each dowel had a soft leather hoop arching from one end to its midpoint When Li had lain down, with her lovely, tight, round buttocks right at the nearest edge, her feet dangled in the air, unable to reach the ground. Carl took her left foot, and moved it until it rested on the dowel on that side.

Struggling up to get a better look, Li quickly comprehended what Carl was doing. “Take it up another notch. No, another two.” With Carl’s help, she hooked her foot into the leather stirrup. He moved to set up the other dowel.

Li pressed down on the wood with her feet, and was soon arched up so that only the back of her head touched the leather. Carl ran his fingers along the taut muscle of her inner thighs, then up and down the warm folds of her labia. He pressed one finger between them, into her warmth, and she slid back down to stretch out on the box.

As he played his finger inside her, and her hips moved in imperfect circles, Carl studied Li.

She was short. Small but perfectly formed, he thought, with warm, very light brown skin. She had a pretty, round face, framed by short, very black hair. Her eyes were a deep brown, and alternated between being tightly closed and staring up at him to guess his next move. Her tiny breasts were capped by brown areolae and nipples- which had started to tighten up and push out. She had a narrow waist and gently rounded belly, with a thin, long navel that was a miniature echo of the lips further down. A little rectangle of closely cropped black hair followed the curve of her mons down to the hood of her clitoris and the darker, warmer skin of her labia. Her legs, bent as they were, showed fine muscle definition, that quivered as Carl pleasured her.

“Now I’ve got you here, what should I do with you?” It didn’t have to be a rhetorical question, if she had a particular preference.

“I’d like you to lick me and get me really wet.” she said. “And then fuck me.”

“Absolutely. Good plan.”

There was a stool just off to the side of the box bench. Carl used a foot to hook it over, placed it right in front of Li, then sat. This put her puffed up, darkening labia at his eye level. He studied them closely as he moved closer. The slit was an elongated, rough edged tear drop, widest just below the little pink bud of her clitoris. Carl’s tongue teased at the hood over the clitoris, then moved down to play between her wet lips.

He ran his tongue lightly along the warm lips, from bottom to top, swirling it around the bud again at the top. Her body moved down the box, trying to press against him. So, he gave her what she wanted, pressing the flat of his tongue more firmly to her slit. She squirmed and pushed back at him.

The tip of Carl’s tongue worked its way into Li’s pussy, and slurped up the length of it again. She rotated against him, making the most of the contact. He delved deeper, tasting more of her and getting her wetter.

Li had found a hooped strap at the head of the box, and grasped it tight as she writhed around. She squirmed as he licked and lapped at her. With her feet pressing down on the stirrups, she lifted herself so that her body practically hovered over the leather. She was very wet now, and not just from Carl’s saliva. He could sense, almost taste, her building climax.

“Fuck me.” she demanded. “I want to come with a cock in me.”

That was the sort of command that couldn’t be ignored. Small, hanging basket like bowls were strung from loops on the uprights- one conveniently within reaching distance. Carl soon had a sheath unwrapped and on. As he stood before her, an idea struck him.

“I want to try something.” he said, as his hands moved down her calves.

“A sex something?” She had lifted her head to get a look at him.

“Oh, yes. A sex thing.”

Carl unhooked Li’s feet from the stirrups, then moved them around behind his back. As he slid, easily, into her, she crossed her ankles and pulled him in with her legs. When his hands grasped her waist, and he began to lift her, she understood what he intended.

She was small, and light. Carl didn’t know how long he could carry her, but he wanted to try this position for a while. He stepped backwards, until Li hung straight out from his crotch, only her head and shoulders touching the box. She gave a little laugh. Reaching her arms up above her head, she found the stirrups, taking some of her weight on them.

Carl wanted to start moving in Li, though he wasn’t sure quite how. His hands clasped her buttocks tight. They had a lovely firm roundness to them. As he squeezed them, she relaxed the grip of her legs, and he took her weight. Now there was a some room for him to move, and he started rocking his hips to make short, gentle thrusts.

“Don’t know if I’m going to come this way.” Li said, between little grunts. Then she gave a little shudder. “Maybe. Hell. Don’t stop.”

She shivered again, then started moving as the climax hit her properly. Carl was almost worried she would shake herself off the box and he’d have to keep her from dropping to the floor. Instead, she lifted herself, bent almost double, and grabbed his left arm at the elbow. Pulling herself forward, she moved, quicker than he would have expected, so that her upper body pressed against his.

They stood like this for a while, Carl shifting his stance to support her as well as possible. He turned these movements into short, but effective thrusts into her as she hung off him. Looking around, he realised they had attracted an audience. Three men were watching them. He recognised Arthur from earlier, and another looked familiar, though he was sure that was from seeing him on television, rather than tonight. He had another idea, a plan for what to do next.

There was no way, he was sure, that he was going to come whilst in this interesting, if precarious, position. If he did, there was a risk he and Li would tumble over, and they might not land well, even on the soft carpet. Time to change the position.

He took a few steps forward, and hitched Li’s butt up to rest on the edge of the box. She leant back to look at him questioningly. “I didn’t want to drop you. And….” He nodded toward the three spectators, “I wondered if you’d like someone else to join in.”