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The rain had advanced up the valley like a grey wall. For a short while after they’d crested the ridge, they had been able to look down the trail and see the small stone building they were heading for. But it, and everything beyond it, had soon disappeared under the downpour rushing toward them. When the squall reached them, it was so heavy that it was a struggle moving forward through it.

Zoe had the best waterproof coat she had been able to find. It didn’t leak, but the water was hitting her so hard that it forced its way through any gaps and openings. Worse still, she hadn’t put waterproof trousers on, and her hiking trousers were drenched in moments. Her socks were soaked as well, and the water was leaching into her boots. The more the weather hit her, the further away the bothy hut seemed.

Her husband wasn’t faring any better. His outdoor gear was as good as hers, but suffered from the same problems. “It can’t be much further.” Derek said, barely audible over the sound of the storm. “They’ll be there already, and there’ll be a fire on.”

“I bloody well hope so.” Zoe said. They crested another small rise and, maybe, the darker shape up ahead was the sanctuary they sought. “This was a stupid idea of mine. I’m sorry, we should have picked somewhere more civilised.”

“This was a great idea of yours. The weather’s just shitty luck. Come on, that looks like it just up there.”

The guttering on the bothy had been overwhelmed by the downpour, and a small waterfall cascaded onto the path near the door. After what they had just walked through, this was a minor inconvenience, and they hardly even noticed. Derek pushed the door open and they stepped inside.

The five men already in the small building stopped pulling on their waterproofs and looked at the newcomers. “Excellent timing,” said the nearest of them, “we were just about to set off and find you. Come in, but not too far. You’re soaking.”

Zoe pushed back the hood of her coat, and received one last unpleasant surprise from the rain as water fell off it to run down the back of her neck. She shivered and pulled a face, but composed herself as she turned to face the hut’s occupants.

The five men were walking toward them, led by the one who had spoken when they had entered. “You must be Zoe and Derek. I’m Steve. This is Ken, Henry, Mark and Gary.” Zoe tried to remember which names matched which face, but worried that she’d need reminding several times before they stuck. They crowded around her and Derek, but mostly her. “You two are soaked, you need to get out of those wet clothes.” Steve said, glancing over at Derek and getting a light nod in reply.

“I think Zoe might need some help.” Derek said. “Why don’t you guys assist her.”

Zoe opened her mouth, then realised she didn’t know what to say. Wide eyed, she looked at the men who now surrounded her. She was short, and they all towered over her. Derek was above average height, a head taller than her, and all but one of the men around her were taller than he was. She stared up at all the friendly, helpful smiling faces.

This wasn’t what they had planned, but it was going in a direction that Zoe liked. She stood still as someone behind her took the weight of her backpack and arms reached in from either side to slide the straps off her shoulders. She had packed far more than was needed for an overnight stay, and when the heavy pack was taken away from her, she felt light on her feet, almost ready to float.

The floating sensation became stronger as Steve stepped forward to open her coat. He had to fold back the flap that covered the zip, then pull it down. Zoe found she was shivering as the only sound in the hut was the clicking as each tooth of the zip opened. The feeling was spoilt a bit as Steve had to work the last bit of the zipper loose two handed. He pushed the coat apart and off her shoulders, and the hands came in from behind and the sides to catch it and take it away.

Zoe’s top was wet up the arms from the ends of the sleeves and down the front from the collar, everywhere that water had been able to force its way in. Steve grabbed the hem and started lifting it. She raised her arms so he could pull it over her head and off easily. The top disappeared into the crowd and Steve was pulling her T-shirt from her trousers already.

The T-shirt had clung closely to Zoe’s slim frame before it had got wet. Now, it was plastered to her skin from her throat down to the top of her breasts, showing her bra straps and the top of the cups. Water had leached up the material of her trousers and soaked the bottom of the T-shirt as well, but not quite all way up to her chest. Steve bunched the wet hem up all the way to the bottom of Zoe’s bra, then paused.

He was teasing Zoe, and all the other men in the room, who watched silently as he started moving it up again. Zoe’s arms were still up, waiting for him to pull her T-shirt off. She shivered as the material peeled away from her skin and, briefly, wet her face. Then it was up along her arms and spirited away again.

The hands behind her released the clasp of Zoe’s bra. She brought her arms down and held them across her chest before the cups could fall away. Looking around the circle of men who were watching her, she read their lascivious stares and little smiles and liked what she saw. Beyond the men around her, Derek was undressing quickly, but pretending not to notice the attention his wife was getting. There had been a script, more of an outline, really, but the downpour had knocked them off that. They were improvising, and doing a good job of it.

Zoe’s maid of honour had been the one who gave her and Derek the good word to get onto The Gang. After she and her husband had spent a weekend with them, where cheeky banter and innuendo had escalated into an incredible foursome, she had told them all about a website that would help fulfil all manner of fantasies.

The Gang was a social network of sorts. ‘Crowd-source your gang-bang or orgy.’ it said on the front page. Everyone on the site was introduced and vouched for by at least one existing member, and they were all there for one reason- sex.

Derek and Zoe had many fantasies, and a significant number overlapped. Such as this one. They had hiked a lot in their dating days, when she had been living with her parents after University and he was in a shared house. They had needed to get away from house mates and family if they wanted to get really dirty and loud. There were several valleys in the Lake District and Scotland where they had wandered off the beaten path, got naked and made love in the open air. The urge to do this again had turned into a fantasy where they really went overboard. Zoe wanted to be tended to by a large group of men, and Derek wanted to watch and join in. The Gang had given them the perfect way to get that group of men together.

The bothy- an old shepherd’s hut converted into overnight accommodation for hikers- had been suggested by Steve, who had promised that he could make sure they had it to themselves. If the weather had been better, they might have found an open area nearby for the gang bang, but doing it inside the building had always been an option. The way that Zoe was losing her clothes was a neat twist on what they had planned, and it turned her on.

An arm still across her breasts, Zoe pushed one, then the other, strap from her shoulders. She smiled at the crowd waiting on her next move, then slowly dropped her arms to let the bra fall down them and reveal her breasts. They were small, B cups, but they were perfect. Her nipples were long and hard from the cold and the excitement, and they tingled at the attention they got from five pairs of eyes. She held the bra out to her right and somebody, Ken, maybe, took it.

Someone crouched down on Zoe’s left side. She thought it was Mark, as she looked down at him, but she couldn’t be sure. It was unlikely any of them were going to mind if she got their names wrong after such a quick introduction. He started working to release the sodden laces on her left boot. Ken was by her right foot, working on that boot. It wasn’t the sexiest part of her undressing, no matter how turned on she was. Something a bit more was needed, and it was soon provided.

Steve had a lightweight towel. Without moving any closer, he used it to dab water off Zoe’s face and then her shoulders. He ran his fingers through her short dark hair, finding the bits that were wet. As he rubbed them with the towel, he gently pulled her head forward and down. This let him get at the back of her neck, but also had her leaning with her hands on his waist for balance. She looked down, and the front of his dark trousers were pushed out, just what she wanted to see.

Henry and Gary also had towels, Zoe discovered, as soft material rubbed at the under side of her breasts, then teased up and around, to be drawn slowly over her nipples. She made a happy sound somewhere deep in her throat. The gentle rubbing continued even after her chest was obviously dry. Steve’s exploration with his towel had led him down her spine to the tops of her trousers, then back again.

The laces on Zoe’s boots had been released and, at a signal she missed, Steve placed a hand on each shoulder and pushed her upright again. She looked up at his smile, under a determined expression, and knew he was just as turned on as she. Somewhere in the room was her husband. She hoped he could see what was happening to her, it would turn him on incredibly.

Henry had moved around behind Zoe again, and she felt his hands settle on her waist. “Lean back.” he said, quietly. When she did as he suggested, she was surprised to find her skin resting against his. She hadn’t noticed anyone stripping off. Was he naked, she wondered. When she was balanced against him, his hands came up and cupped her breasts, a finger teasing each nipple.

Gary was naked, Zoe noticed as he crouched before her. Mark lifted her left foot and held it up whilst Gary pulled the boot off it. He put the boot aside and peeled the sodden sock off, dropping it on the floor with a squelch. Mark put Zoe’s foot down and stepped back. She couldn’t see what he was doing, but when she looked up, she was blessed with the sight of Steve unzipping his trousers, his chest already bare. Realising he had an audience, he hooked fingers in the waistband of his boxers and pushed them down, slowly, with his trousers. A magnificent cock popped out after a moment of teasing. Long and fat, with a big, bulbous head, it was already half hard, and grew as Steve looked at her.

Completely unnoticed by her, Gary had removed Zoe’s other boot and socks. Ken had withdrawn, no doubt to disrobe himself. Now naked, Steve stood and watched. Gary was still crouching before Zoe, his hands reaching for the front of her trousers. He released the belt and button, and pulled the zip down. He fought with the wet material for a moment, then pulled them down her legs.

When her trousers were bunched in a wet mess at her ankles, Henry moved his hands to wrap an arm around Zoe’s chest and lift her as Gary pulled the material past her feet. While she was off the ground, she felt something nudging between her thighs, and looked down to see the deep red head of Henry’s cock poking between them. He put her down and the head disappeared again, but she did feel the head as it brushed against the material of her knickers.

“Why don’t you come and stand over by the fire to finish drying off.” Steve suggested. Everyone had got naked- the only scrap of clothing left on a body was her knickers- and Zoe had hardly moved past the threshold.

The bothy was a one room building, but the room was broken up into different sectors. By the door there were shelves for storage, stacked with rucksacks and kit. There were steps up from the doorway to the ‘bedroom’, which had four single beds in it and further storage at the far end. Then there were steps back down again to the communal area. There was a closed solid fuel fire set back into the wall, with the lintel far enough above it that it was possible to put a kettle or frying pan on top of it. Wood inside the fire was glowing yellow as it burned and, up close, it was very warm. Zoe swore she could feel the wet skin of her legs drying as she drew closer to it. In front of the fire a blanket had been laid out and, on either side of it, up against the walls, were large, battered old chairs. Zoe found her husband again, sitting in one of the chairs, his excitement obvious in the erection sprouting from his lap.

Zoe stood on the blanket and grinned at Derek. “You’re beautiful.” he told her, and she blushed, flushing for the first time since her strip had started. She turned to face the five men they had arranged to meet, who stood in a semi-circle before her. From her left, there was Mark and Gary, Steve was right in front of her, then there was Henry and Ken.

They were all so tall, and quite a few of them were broad, they had the sort of figures built up by cycling, climbing and other regular outdoor exercise. None of them was small, either. Derek was incredibly well hung, and she was blessed to have his huge dick in her life, but none of these guys had anything to be ashamed of. The surprise was Ken. Short and wiry, he had the build of fell runner. His cock, not quite hard yet, was long and fat, getting thicker toward the base.

Surrounded by them, she felt tiny. Short and slim, with narrow hips and the slightest of waists, she had occasionally been called boyish. But there was no way she could be mistaken for anything but a small woman in present company. She should be intimidated, but knew she was in control. They were all rapt with her little body, waiting to see what she wanted them to do. The fire was warming her back, but there was a different heat altogether radiating out from her crotch.

They were back on the script, so Zoe could direct the action again. Not that she wanted to be issuing orders all the time, part of the fantasy was the loss of control. She’d lay out some ground rules and see where it went from there.

“Now, I know I’m just a tiny woman, but I’m tough. You’re all big boys, but if you take a look at my husband, you’ll see I’m used to that.” They all turned to look at Derek, studying his erection, which was big and fat and proud. He grinned back at them, just a little embarrassed by all the attention. “I want you all to take me, in as many ways and positions and times as you can. Front and back, maybe both at once.” The last phrase came out as a husky whisper as she anticipated how that would feel. “Don’t be too rough and I’ll be up for trying just about anything you can think of. Is that okay with everyone?”

There were nods around the semi-circle. Zoe smiled, trying to hold back the big, dumb grin which would show how she really felt. “Now, I can take you all, but I’m going to need some loosening up and preparation, so start slowly, okay. But first,” she dropped down to her knees and beckoned them all closer, “I need you all to come closer so that I can bless each, heh, head before we begin properly.”

The semi-circle had closed in, until all five guys were pressed hip to hip, with arms around each others waists, to form a scrum of sorts. Zoe remembered that most of the members of The Gang were bi, and wouldn’t have any problems with such same-sex intimacy. The rest were far too comfortable in their own skins to be bothered by it either. She put that thought aside and concentrated on the deep red heads and thick hard shafts that were being presented to her.

Twisting to her left, Zoe turned to Mark. She cupped his balls and gently ran her fingers up his shaft, tracing a vein most of the way to the head. Pulling it toward her, she licked her lips and then slid them over the hot, smooth surface of his glans. With all of the bulbous head in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around it and got a pleasing shiver in response.

Releasing Mark, she turned to Gary. His hard on stood straight out in front of him, a thick shaft with a smaller head. A little pre-cum glistened at the tip, Zoe lapped at it with the very tip of her tongue and the whole of his cock twitched in response. Taking the head into her mouth, she anointed it the same as she had Mark’s.

Steve’s cock had a very large head, which was a deep shade of purple and flared out impressively from the thick shaft. Zoe managed to slide her lips over it and lick around the slit, then, when she’d released it, she licked down the under side all the way to the balls.

In other company, Henry’s erection would have been impressive. It wasn’t small, but all the others in the room were larger. He didn’t seem the slightest self conscious about it, but Zoe decided to give him a bit more attention than the others. He had big balls, which hung low in their wrinkled sack. Zoe cupped them in a hand and gently kissed them before licking up his length to the head. Her lips engulfed the glans, and kept on going down the shaft, until she had over half of it in her mouth. She could take it deeper, she knew, but maybe that could wait until later.

Ken’s monster hard on was the big challenge. Everyone was watching, eager to see how she did with it. There was a little pre-cum at the slit, which she spread with her tongue until it was slicked over the big head. She licked around it again, wetting it further, then slid her lips up it. Not quite getting all of the head into her mouth, she pulled back, licked around some more and tried again. On the third go, she got the head into her mouth. Warming to the challenge, she pushed on, taking some more of Ken’s big dick into her mouth.

Zoe imagined she heard a pop as she released Ken’s glans from her mouth. For a moment, a glistening bridge of saliva joined her mouth to his cock, then she licked her lips and sat back. “I’m all yours boys. Tell me what you want.”

The boys were all quiet for a while, pondering what to do next with the sexy woman knelt before them. They could have asked her to go around again, there was no question that she gave good head, but that would have been unimaginative. Steve seemed to be the leader, when Zoe wasn’t telling them what to do, so they turned to him. Zoe stifled a laugh as he tapped his lips thoughtfully with his forefinger.

“Lie down and stretch out.” Steve said when he had worked out what to do. “We should repay the blessing, I think.”

Stretched out on the blanket, Zoe stared up at the giants towering over her. Steve was quietly giving out instructions, as much by pointing as talking. When everyone had nodded understanding, they started moving to assigned positions.

Mark crouched at Zoe’s feet, Ken on her left side and Gary on her right, with Henry above her head, his cock waving enticingly over her face. Steve stood back, to direct proceedings. Derek was watching all of this, Zoe wondered how turned on he was. She could look, but she was too fascinated by everything going on around her.

“Take your knickers off.” said Steve. Zoe complied, hooking her thumbs under the waistband to push them down, lifting her hips as she revealed the trimmed swatch of her pubic hair. She got her underwear as far as her knees, then Mark took hold of her knickers and lifted her feet so he could remove them. When he lowered Zoe’s feet again, he held an ankle in each hand and pushed them apart to spread her legs. For all the heat in the air, her lips tingled as a cool draught flowed over them.

Down on all fours, Mark dipped his mouth to Zoe’s crotch. Taking this as a signal, Ken and Gary each took a nipple into their mouths. Surprisingly, instead of offering up his erection, it was Henry’s own lips that brushed against Zoe’s. A kiss was such a surprise, so intimate, that it took her breath away for a moment, but she soon melted into it.

Mark’s tongue lapped up Zoe’s slit, teasingly avoiding her clitoris at the top of each slurping journey. It was an incredible sensation, and making her a lot wetter, but not really taking her any closer to orgasm. When she did come, everything being pent up now would come flowing out. Meanwhile, Ken was trying to suck as much as possible of her small left breast into his mouth, whilst Gary teased her right, tweaking the nipple between his teeth.

At a signal Zoe didn’t see or hear, the four men pulled back and moved around her clockwise. Ken’s mouth dipped down to her pussy. He was going to have to do a lot of licking to get her wet and ready for his massive cock. He didn’t disappoint, his tongue pushing deep into her, moving in and out and swirling around like a little prehensile penis itself. Gary’s kisses were nibbles and nips just like his play with her nipples, whilst Mark and Henry licked and swirled at her breasts.

Zoe was close to the edge, only a little nudge away from climax, when the licking and kissing stopped again. As the boys all swapped places, she sighed, disappointed, until Mark’s lips met hers. She always enjoyed tasting herself from another person’s mouth, and Mark’s kisses were coated in the tang of her excitement. She squirmed, ready to come, and spread her legs wider, inviting Henry in.

Sensing how close she was to orgasm, the boys had decided to step things up. It wasn’t Henry’s mouth that pressed against Zoe’s opening, but the smooth, round head of his cock. It slid in easily, slipping into her flesh on the juices of her excitement and Mark and Ken’s licking. The other three moved aside and let Henry stretch out on top of Zoe as he pushed into her to the hilt. He slid one arm around her waist and she arched her back so he could reach under her.

Lifting Zoe and pressing her hard to his body, Henry rolled over onto his back. When the surprise at the sudden move had passed, Zoe lifted herself, ready to start riding up and down his shaft. His hands on her shoulders pulled her back down to press against his chest, his grin suggesting she had no need to move.

Strong hands grasped Zoe’s buttocks, kneading them, pulling them apart, pressing them together. The movements pushed her back and forth on Henry’s cock. She liked that, neither of them had to do the work, someone else was sorting out the movements for them. But that wasn’t the best of it. The fondling stopped, her cheeks held wide apart, and a tongue traced a wet trail up the cleft to the tight hole of her arse. She clasped Henry’s shoulders and let out a long “Ooooh.” as her hips started rotating under the probing tongue.

Zoe couldn’t see who was rimming her, but they were doing an excellent job of it. The talented tongue ran around the ring of her hole, then jabbed at it, teasing her to relax and let it in. Then it would pull away and there would be kisses against the surprisingly sensitive skin of her cheeks, before the tongue was back at her entrance again.

Strong hands lifted Zoe by the shoulders. When she managed to look up, she saw Steve before her. In truth, she couldn’t focus beyond the distinctive fat head of his cock, but that was enough to recognise him by. Reaching down with unsteady arms, she propped herself up and gave a little nod of encouragement. The big purple glans moved closer, nudging at her lips, and she licked at it, wetting it to help it slide in.

The slurping and kissing at her behind stopped, and Zoe guessed what that meant. Her eyes went wide with a little fear, and a lot of anticipation. She looked up at Steve, but, even if her mouth hadn’t been filled with his erection, she wouldn’t have told anyone to stop. He reached down and braced her shoulders, pulling back so that he popped out of her mouth and just nudged at her lips. He read her expression just right and gave her a smile of encouragement.

The fat head of an erection pressed against Zoe’s rear. She tried to relax, to let it in, and was rewarded by the feeling of its tip lodging in her dilating ring. Relax some more, she told herself, breathing out. The cock pushed on, spreading her, moving slowly and easily into her. Still, the feeling when the head passed through the ring of muscle was a surprise. “Fuck, yes.” Zoe hissed, feeling victorious. The shaft carried on pushing into her. She still didn’t know whose it was. She didn’t care, it just felt incredible.

Once before, Zoe had taken two cocks like this. This time it felt even better, because she was surrounded by men, revelling in the heat and smell of their excitement, which amplified her own erotic ecstasy. Last time, there hadn’t been a third erection nudging at her lips, either. She opened wide and took Steve’s head into her mouth just as she climaxed.

She shook and shivered, writhing and moving against the three cocks in her. As her excitement subsided, the shaft in her rear was pulled almost all the way out. She wanted to make a disappointed sound, but it pushed back in again, moving her up Henry’s hard on and pushing her forward so Steve went further down her throat. The cock pulled out again, back down Henry and moving Steve away from the back of her mouth.

All four of them were moving to the rhythm of the man in Zoe’s behind, and he was speeding up. Henry grasped her waist, so that she didn’t move too far back or forth, but still she rocked up and down his cock and Steve pistoned in and out of her mouth. With a cry, the man behind her came, pumping semen deep inside her.

There was a lull as they all panted and relaxed a little. Zoe felt the cock in her arse slowly pull out, leaving her open and slicked with all sorts of juices. She expected to feel another head at the entrance, pushing in and taking her on toward her next climax. Instead, Steve pulled back until she could no longer keep her lips around his glans. Looking down at Henry, he asked, “Ready to flip her?”

Henry nodded. He grasped Zoe’s waist and Steve held her shoulders, and they lifted her. Henry flopped out of her, and she wanted to complain. Hands came in from either side, and she was turned over so that she looked up at the ceiling. Briefly she registered Mark and Ken at either side of her and Gary sat back with a happy expression, cock slowly subsiding. Now, as she was lowered, Henry’s erection nudged at her back passage. The relaxed and lubricated hole opened much more easily for him than the previous cock and, in a moment, he had popped back inside her. They laid her gently on top of Henry, checking with intimate little touches that she was comfortable.

Zoe’s legs were stretched out on top of Henry’s and they spread with his, leaving her wide open when Mark crouched before her. Henry reached down and split Zoe’s lips for Mark to look at the pink passage waiting for him.

Bending over Zoe and Henry, Mark guided his hard on into Zoe, sinking into her to the base. They savoured the sensations for a moment, then both he and Henry started moving.

For a while, they were in time. Henry pulled out as Mark thrust in, rocking Zoe between them. Their rhythm changed, as Henry’s thrusts became shorter and faster the closer he got to climax. Every so often, they were each in her to the hilt, and jolts of pleasure, like mini orgasms, pulsed through her. Henry cried as he came, and Zoe felt his juices flowing into her insides.

Mark kept on moving, building up his pace and pushing deep and hard into Zoe. Henry pulled out of her, and she felt the dribble of his and Gary’s juices that ran out of her. He held her in place against Mark’s movements, squeezing and pinching her nipples with the hand holding her chest. Mark ground his crotch against hers at the end of each thrust and that simple pressure was driving her toward her next big climax.
Ken and Steve were knelt on either side of Zoe, their cocks almost touching in front of her face. They could have been there for ages, and she had been too taken by the feel of the pair of erections in her to notice. To make up for it, she took one in each hand and pulled them toward her mouth. There was no way she could even pretend to get both between her lips at once, so she kissed the head of one then the other, punctuating each change with a gasp of “Yes!” as Mark pushed toward the edge.

Zoe came with a high pitched cry. This second orgasm was even more intense than the first, raising goosebumps all over her skin and setting off fireworks behind her eyes. A moment later, Mark barked out, “Yes!” as he bathed her insides with semen.

“Three down, two to go.” Zoe said quietly as Mark pulled out of her. She slid off Henry and managed to roll over and push up onto all fours, swaying a little and savouring the feeling of sticky liquid dripping from her and running down her legs. Ken was already stretching out on the blanket, he knew what she wanted to do next. She could have crawled over to where he lay, but Gary and Steve lifted her up and carried her.

Ken’s long, fat cock stood up to greet Zoe. Gary and Steve lowered her carefully onto it. Slick with semen, saliva and excitement, it was easy for even Ken’s monster to slide between the engorged lips of Zoe’s sex. She took all of him, slowly and steadily, as Gary and Steve let her down carefully. When she was settled on Ken’s lap she wasn’t sure she could move, but was sure she wouldn’t have to.

Steve’s hands grasped Zoe’s buttocks, parting them. Her arse gaped open for him, wanting him to press that big cock head into her. He was more than happy to oblige. He pushed at her, opened her up slowly, but, despite the liquids lubricating her and the practise of two penetrations already, the big head was as hard to take as the first had been.

Steve pressed against Zoe’s rose. She relaxed, and he entered her some more. She breathed out, trying not to think about what she was doing. But that wasn’t easy with a huge dick in her pussy and another pressing against her arse. He went deeper, and deeper, and then he was inside her. The fat glans popped past the ring of muscle, and she all but sucked the rest of his length into her. There were stars behind her eyes again. Not quite another orgasm, but spasms of joy and victory.

Zoe needed someone to come in her mouth. She already had semen in her other holes, someone needed to shoot into that one. She looked across at Derek, who was watching everything with a glazed look of lust, cock about ready to burst, and nodded at him to come over to her. Steve and Ken held off on moving until he was ready.

When he was kneeling before her, Zoe looked up at her husband’s face. His expression, under the lust, was of adoration, he loved the pure sex that his wife exuded. “I love you so much.” she said. “Thank you for arranging this.”

Derek bowed down until he could cup Zoe’s chin and lift it up to kiss her. “You’re worth it. You are so gorgeous when you’re getting fucked.”

“Let me suck you.”

Derek straightened, and his big cock stood out in front of him, the head describing little circles before Zoe’s mouth. He moved forward, and her lips wrapped around it, then she swallowed more of its length.

Steve started moving inside Zoe, short, slow thrusts that nonetheless pushed her along Ken and Derek’s erections. She lost herself to the sensations as he controlled the speed and depth of all the penetrations. Henry, Mark and Gary were back, fingers teasing and stroking at her skin, cupping her breasts, squeezing her nipples. Derek held her shoulders so that she could just close her eyes and float on the sensations in and around her.

Steve’s slow but steady rhythm was breaking down. Every so often, he would make a couple of thrusts faster than the ones either side of them, then struggle to return to his previous tempo. He was getting closer to climax himself. Zoe tensed her muscles, tightening around him and raising a gasp and a series of rapid thrusts.

Nonetheless, it was Ken who came first. He produced a massive amount of come, it felt like, flooding Zoe’s insides and splashing out of her. Steve must have felt the action through the thin walls between them as he came almost immediately after.

Zoe felt another big orgasm flooding through her. She tried to channel the excitement of it to the cock in her mouth, and got just the reaction she had hoped for. The head of Derek’s cock seemed to grow in her mouth, and Zoe knew he was about to come. It twitched and spurted salty liquid over her tongue. She swallowed some, but more escaped her lips as he pulled out of her.

After a while, Steve pulled out of Zoe, and helped her off Ken’s cock- still large even as it shrank. She lay on her back on the blanket, legs spread because she couldn’t seem to close them yet, wet with come and sweat. The six men she had just had sat around her, looking down with blissful smiles that matched her own.

“Is it still raining?” Zoe said, dreamily, after a while. Nobody needed to answer, they could hear it drumming on the roof now that they weren’t so preoccupied. “I guess it is. Maybe we’ll have to stay here a while longer.”

“I’ve told everyone that I’m working on the bothy this week and it’s closed to the public.” said Steve. “We can stay a little longer.”

“Good. When are you boys going to be ready to go again?”

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