Daily archives: December 31, 2016

Love By The Book is available from Amazon and Smashwords. The sequel, Love The Weekend, is out now and also available from Amazon and Smashwords. I make sure the door to my room is locked- I don’t want to be disturbed- then I get a small toiletry bag from the cupboard. I put the bag on the bed, unopened, and stretch out with my head propped up by the pillows. I think about it for a moment and stand to slip out of my sweat pants and knickers. Lying down again, I spread my legs a little. It always feels naughty to do this, to be naked, half-naked, when there are people walking around outside. The thought sends a little tingle through my body. I still need something to turn me on more, and I know just what I want. There’s no need to consult my notes, I remember the […]