Sample scene- Contact Adventures 2: First Timers

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Hannah took Greg’s hand. He took Vanessa’s. She took Mike’s. Hannah led the crocodile down the corridor to the bedroom.

It was a large room, with a very large bed in it. They formed a huddle at the foot of it, bare skin rubbing against bare skin. Hands sneaked everywhere, stroking and gently squeezing. They kissed each other’s shoulders and backs, necks and ears. Nip by nip, they moved, turning until Hannah stood before Greg, and Vanessa before Mike.

The girls looked across at each other, then leant closer to kiss, deep and hard, tongues playing together. Still kissing, they dropped to the bed. Even as the men stepped closer to them, they continued, hands reaching out to play with each other’s breasts and tweak at nipples.

“Ahem. I think we came through here for something else.” Mike said, moving his hips so that his hard cock waggled in front of Vanessa. As she wasn’t looking in his direction, this didn’t make much difference. Greg decided to try something a little more direct, and tapped the head of his cock against Hannah’s cheek.

Hannah broke the kiss and glanced around. Realising what she was being poked with, she collapsed onto the bed in a fit of giggles. Briefly confused, Vanessa was equally amused when she realised what the hilarity was about.

As the women cackled on the bed, Greg turned to Mike, and they shared a shrug. Hands on hips, they stood over the bed, slowly subsiding erections still sticking out before them.

The laughter subsided, until Vanessa and Hannah were lying back, getting their breath. Still pink from her outburst, and smirking as if ready to set off again, Hannah sat up. She shuffled into position before Greg, and laid her hands on his waist.

Vanessa struggled up to sit beside Hannah, moving into position before Mike. Greg looked down to see Mike’s cock bobbing before Vanessa’s mouth, just as it had before his own, not so long ago. It turned him on, and he could feel his ball sack tightening as he got harder. His excitement was pushed even further as warm lips closed over the head of his knob, just as he saw Vanessa’s engulfing Mike’s glans.

Hannah’s lips slid down Greg’s cock, and he had the double stimulation of watching Vanessa do the same to Mike’s. In near perfect time, the girls brought their lips back up, until their tongues swirled around deep read knobs. Both men made appreciative sounds.

Both Mike and Greg were hard now, as stiff as they could get. Hannah and Vanessa looked at each other and nodded. They shuffled up the bed and lay back, legs open so their feet touched, and arms held up invitingly. The men climbed onto the bed and crawled up it.

Hannah’s pussy lips glistened, wet from Vanessa’s recent attentions. Greg dipped his head and flicked his tongue along their length anyway, tasting her excitement and loving it. To his left, Mike was doing exactly the same to Vanessa. She moaned, a sound Greg had heard so many times, one that turned him on every time. Her left hand found Hannah’s right, and they intertwined fingers together.

Mike started kissing his way up Vanessa’s body, so Greg followed his lead on Hannah’s. There was a gentle, subtle roundness to Hannah’s belly, that complemented the curve from her hips in to her waist and the fullness of her breasts. Greg showed his appreciation of it with teasing nibbles of his lips. The girls made happy sounds as tongues and lips teased across their bellies and made the way up to their breasts.

Greg grasped one of Hannah’s breasts, squeezing it and testing the weight as he moved up to kiss it. Vanessa’s tits were small and firm, with tight, responsive nipples- as Mike was finding out beside them- whereas Hannah’s were full and luscious. Both women loved having their nipples squeezed between the lips of the man working his way up their body. Each man appreciated a different feel, shape and size- taste, almost- to the one they were used to.

Vanessa and Hannah twisted their heads to look at each other. They stared into each other’s eyes as the lovely feelings from their chests sent shivers through them, then, after a few more sucks, Hannah nodded. Vanessa nodded back, and said, “We need you in us now. Fuck us, boys. Fuck us hard.”

Mike and Greg started moving up the bed. Hannah and Vanessa each reached out with their free hands and grasped an erection. They guided the cock heads toward their wet, waiting pussy lips, rubbing them up and down the slick, warm flesh.

Greg’s glans lodged between Hannah’s lips, and she let him go as he pressed his hips down, sliding into her. The warm, wet walls of her vagina closed around him, welcoming him in and holding him tight. It had been a long time since he had been in any woman other than Vanessa. Once he got past the intense, illicit thrill of that, he could sense subtle differences between the woman he had just entered and his lover beside her.

Hannah’s vagina was angled differently to Vanessa’s. The entrance was that little bit further forward, which made more of a difference than he had expected. That, the soft fullness of the breasts his chest rested on, and the gentle roundness of Hannah’s body, made the experience deliciously different from making love with Vanessa. Not better or worse, but definitely different.

Across from them, Mike would be having a similar experience, though it might be less of a revelation, if he and Hannah had done this before. Greg glanced at Vanessa. She looked back at him, expression full of pleasure and love, and mouthed, “Kiss her.” She turned her head, and lifted it to contact with Mike’s lips as he ducked toward her.

Greg kissed Hannah, who enthusiastically kissed back. Their tongues played with each other as he started thrusting in and out of her. Their muffled sounds of pleasure mingled with Mike’s and Vanessa’s.

For a while, Mike and Greg were thrusting in perfect harmony, but slowly, they took up their own rhythms. Greg paused, briefly, to hook his arms under Hannah’s knees and drew them up, until her thighs were pressing against her chest, and he was thrusting into her in yet another new angle.

Hannah grunted heartily, then let out a sigh, every time Greg thrust into her. Mike and Vanessa looked across at the sounds. They paused for a moment, sharing a look. Mike pulled out of Vanessa, and she quickly rolled over and angled herself so she could kiss Hannah and Greg as they moved together. Drawing her knees up and apart, she raised her butt in the air.

Mike squeezed and kneaded Vanessa’s tight butt cheeks as she reached back to find his cock. She guided it to her pussy lips and helped him enter her again. Mike thrust hard, and Vanessa made a happy “Oh!” sound as he pressed hard against her thighs.

Hannah kissed Vanessa, struggling to find her moving lips every time, and planting kisses on her cheeks and nose instead. Greg kissed her neck and ears. As she moved back and forth under Mike’s thrusts. Her sounds of pleasure came closer together, merging into one long cry and sigh as she climaxed. She buried her head in her arms as Mike thrust harder and faster, his own orgasm approaching.

Mike came, almost at the same time as Hannah cried out her own pleasure. The sound she made became a warble as Greg carried on thrusting into her. He let her legs go, and they slid down the side of his body to rest on the bed as he increased the pace of his movements in her.

Lazily, Vanessa moved toward Greg, catching his head and kissing him hard as he came in Hannah. Hannah reached up to embrace the two of them, kissing their cheeks and hugging them. Mike pulled out of Vanessa, slowly, and dropped back to lie on the bed, making a happy sigh as he did.

Greg pulled Vanessa with him as he pulled out of Hannah and rolled away from her. Their sticky, sweaty bodies rubbed against each other as their limbs entwined. Still hard, Greg’s cock found Vanessa’s pussy on instinct, and he slid into her. The squelch of another man’s semen in his girlfriend’s pussy turned him on, and he knew he wasn’t going to get soft any time soon.

Vanessa stretched out along Greg’s body, pressing her legs together and resting them atop his. There was a sigh from beside them. Looking across, they saw Hannah lying on her side, right leg lifted where Mike’s knee was hooked under it. He held her close, and his cock was in her from behind as they spooned and watched Greg and Vanessa.

The four of them rested, breath settling, before they started again. One last go, with their usual partners, and they were going to fall into a happy, heavy sleep.