Daily archives: December 29, 2016

Contact Adventures 2 is available from Amazon and Smashwords. Hannah took Greg’s hand. He took Vanessa’s. She took Mike’s. Hannah led the crocodile down the corridor to the bedroom. It was a large room, with a very large bed in it. They formed a huddle at the foot of it, bare skin rubbing against bare skin. Hands sneaked everywhere, stroking and gently squeezing. They kissed each other’s shoulders and backs, necks and ears. Nip by nip, they moved, turning until Hannah stood before Greg, and Vanessa before Mike. The girls looked across at each other, then leant closer to kiss, deep and hard, tongues playing together. Still kissing, they dropped to the bed. Even as the men stepped closer to them, they continued, hands reaching out to play with each other’s breasts and tweak at nipples. “Ahem. I think we came through here for something else.” Mike said, moving his […]