Daily archives: December 27, 2016

Today’s scene is from Cassie on Video, which is available from Amazon or Smashwords. Back in her flat, Cassie unpacked the new camera and read the quick start instructions. She started charging the battery and went for a shower. The light on the charger was green by the time she returned. The living room wasn’t the right place. Her flatmate was out, Thursday was one of the nights she regularly stayed over at her boyfriend’s, so she wasn’t going to interrupt, but her laundry was drying on racks by the window and in front of the radiators. The room was too messy. Cassie took the camera to her bedroom. There was only a single bed in Cassie’s room. It gave her more space for a desk and storage, and she hadn’t been expecting to need a double. It would be very cosy sharing the bed, but she hadn’t had Noel […]