Sample scene- Jiggles and the Archaeologists

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Here’s a scene from Jiggles and the Archaeologists, a little naughtiness that hints at the fun to come. You can get Jiggles and the Archaeologists from Amazon or Smashwords.

All the way back from the dining tent Fiona walked alongside Ally, but over an arms length to the side. Occasionally she appeared about to say something, only to stop herself and draw slightly further away for a while. Only when they were in their tent could Fiona bring herself to pose her question, “Will Miss Jig…. Er, Jiggles, be returning this evening?”

“Not if she’s lucky.”

“Oh. Oh…. Do you think she and the Doctor may, er….” Fiona grasped the front of her baggy dress to keep from waving her hands around in any gestures which might reveal how little she understood of the conjugal act. Then she reached her right hand up to her left breast, unconsciously nipping her fingers together to tweak the nipple through several layers of fabric. “But earlier she joined in when you…. I thought she was interested in women, like you are.”

“She is, but she’s also interested in men. The three of us- Jiggles, Ginge and I- are all interested in both men and women. On balance Jiggles and Ginge are more interested in the chaps whilst I prefer the ladies.”

“So it’s not…. Unnatural. To feel that way?”

“Not at all.” Ally took a step forward and reached out a hand. Fiona didn’t step back, but she did release her breast and put her hand out. She grasped Ally’s offered hand, but also stopped her coming any closer. Fiona slid her thumb over the palm of Ally’s hand, sending tingles up the arm, then gave one of her little smiles before looking down at the ground. “It is time for bed.” she announced, “We have a busy day ahead tomorrow.”

Ally hid her disappointment the best she could as Fiona went into her bedroom and fastened the hanging door. It had become dark as they talked- night fell quickly in the desert- and Fiona lit the lamp in her room. When she moved it so that she was between the light source and the wall her room shared with Ally’s it quickly became obvious that she had learnt from the shadow show earlier. Ally grinned and headed into her own room.

Ally was wearing soft leather desert boots, pale lightweight trousers and a blouse which was fitted close enough to be scandalous. Underneath she had on more utilitarian versions of her usual skimpies- high cut French knickers and a brassiere which squashed her firm round breasts together. She was out of all these clothes in a trice. She moved her bed across until it touched Fiona’s through the canvas and stretched out on the cool cotton sheets.

Fiona had been standing, arms clamped over her breasts, whilst she could hear Ally’s preparations. Now that her audience was ready she began her show. She reached behind herself and started unfastening her dress. When it was all undone she shrugged her shoulders and let it slide to the floor.

Uncovered Fiona, even as just a silhouette, was far more alluring than the frumpily dressed version, and she was beginning to understand it. She released her under things and put them aside. Naked, she stretched, thrusting her conical breasts out and up, and did a pirouette. Presenting her stunning profile to Ally she reached her right hand up to her left breast again. This time, without fabric restricting her, she squeezed the nipple so hard she surprised herself and emitted a little squeak. On the other side of the canvas Ally mimicked Fiona’s move, though she sighed at the exquisite pain she had been expecting. Fiona began running the fingers of both hands over her breasts, paying particular attention to the nipples as they stiffened and extended the cones of gorgeous soft flesh into sharper points.

Unable to stay standing any more, Fiona dropped onto her camp bed, mere inches from Ally who traced the outline of her breast where the shadow was cast onto the canvas. With that piece of whimsy over with Ally got down to the serious business of mirroring Fiona’s moves. As they both moved stroking fingers from their breasts down and around their navels their breathing synchronised. From alternating pants and squeals it became stereo moans. Fiona’s fingers moved further south, over the slight roundness of her belly and down between her legs. For all her outward innocence it was obvious she had done this before as her index finger bent to explore the slick lips below her pubic hair.

As they both became more excited their thighs lifted and moved apart until their knees touched through the canvas wall. The warmth of the touch was enough to set them off into little exhortations of joy.


Ally felt the faintest hint of a breeze on her skin. When she opened her eyes she saw star spattered sky above her.


It was as if the tent was no longer there and Ally and Fiona were pleasuring themselves in the midst of an old Bedouin camp.


Shadowy figures watched them whilst others made love nearby. It was all so very real, but in the manner of a vivid dream.

“Yes!” “Yes!”

The ghostly watchers didn’t bother Ally over much- she had always been something of an exhibitionist. If Fiona even saw them she didn’t show any signs of caring.

“Yes! Yes!”





The last cry was delivered as a combined scream, at two slightly different pitches, as the girls came together whilst kept apart by a thin wall of fabric. They both sank back into heavy breathing happiness punctuated by joyous shivering after shocks.

Ally held her hand up to the canvas wall and Fiona placed hers against it. “That was incredible.” she admitted.

“It was, wasn’t it.”

“Yes. I’ve never…. Done that with someone else so near. It was almost as if you were the one doing it to me.”

“Would you like that?”


“Maybe tomorrow.”

“Maybe. Good night Ally.”

“Good night Fiona.”