Daily archives: December 26, 2016

Here’s a scene from Jiggles and the Archaeologists, a little naughtiness that hints at the fun to come. You can get Jiggles and the Archaeologists from Amazon or Smashwords. All the way back from the dining tent Fiona walked alongside Ally, but over an arms length to the side. Occasionally she appeared about to say something, only to stop herself and draw slightly further away for a while. Only when they were in their tent could Fiona bring herself to pose her question, “Will Miss Jig…. Er, Jiggles, be returning this evening?” “Not if she’s lucky.” “Oh. Oh…. Do you think she and the Doctor may, er….” Fiona grasped the front of her baggy dress to keep from waving her hands around in any gestures which might reveal how little she understood of the conjugal act. Then she reached her right hand up to her left breast, unconsciously nipping her […]