Contact Adventures 2: First Timers

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Vanessa and Greg have some time to spare, and an urge to explore their bi sides. When they meet Hannah and Mike, they know they’ve found just the right people to do that exploring with.

First Timers collects four sexy episodes from Vanessa and Greg’s journey of bisexual discovery, three of which have not been published before.

First Time Down

Greg and Vanessa have a great sex life, and they’re always looking for new thrills. When Vanessa suggests they act out Greg’s fantasies with another man, he’s eager to go along.

But they find something even better than another man to play with. Mike and Hannah are a hot couple, up for just the sort of play that Greg and Vanessa are looking for. Vanessa is soon fantasising about what she can do with Hannah.

The build up is hot, but can the reality live up to the fantasy when they meet?

First Time Together

Starting right where First Time Down ends, First Time Together follows the two couples into the bedroom, where they swap for the first time.

First Time Back

Vanessa and Greg both want to experience some back door fun, and Mike’s the ideal person for Greg’s first time.

First Time Double

After seeing her boyfriend with another man, the thing that Vanessa wants the most is to have two men at once. Mike and Greg are more than eager to oblige.