The Boys Are Here

Boys-cvr-200The second collection of The Gang is here! Available from Amazon, Smashwords and Excitica.

The Gang is a very special social network. Invitation only, its members are all dedicated to multiple partner fun and can always be relied upon to make a special occasion incredible. The Gang let’s couples and singles get together the people they need to fulfil they’re wildest fantasies. This collection brings together three tales of The Gang, delivering hot and hard action.


Beth can’t see what her husband is doing, which is just the way she likes it. He always surprises her when she has her blindfold on, using toys and teasing to drive her to ecstasy. But this time, he’s gone one step further, and invited some friends around.

Private Dance

Xena has always loved dancing, and now she has been asked to put on a very special performance.

She’s dancing for the mysterious rich couple who support The Gang- a website and club dedicated to maximum pleasure- in the ballroom of a grand old house. There are five men waiting in the room, all of them eager for her attention, and she should satisfy each one of them as part of her performance. She’s going to enjoy each of them, hard and without protection, as her show builds to its climax.

Sensual and sexy, Xena is putting on the show of her life.

Joining The Gang

The Gang is an exclusive club, a special social media site for couples and singles who want to arrange some multiple partner fun. You can only join if you’re invited. So, how do you get an invitation?

One couple is about to find out.

Chloe and Andrew are on holiday. They have a lovely villa which, just, has a view of the Mediterranean and a verandah that almost no-one else can see, apart from the next villa up the hill. When they accidentally put on a show for the people in the other villa, they’re invited over for a meal.

Zoe, Derek, Xena, Henry and Mark are all members of The Gang, and it’s not long before Chloe and Andrew get the hint that all sorts of carnal fun can be had, if they’re interested.

Will they join in? Is Chloe ready to take it hard, and without protection, from a bunch of men she’s only just met? And, most importantly, will they get to join The Gang?