Cassie Gets It On

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Join Cassie and Noel in the Cassie Gets It On series as their relationship blossoms and they explore their fantasies together.

Cassie On Video

Determined to give her new lover, Noel, something to keep him hot whilst she’s away, Cassie shoots a little video. Surprised at how much it turns her on, she jumps at the chance to do it again when Noel suggests making a film together.

Cassie Online

Settling in to her work placement in Tokyo, Cassie can’t help but miss Noel. But they have a plan for a very naughty video call, and with her co-worker Megumi’s help, Cassie is going to have just the right toys and costume to make it incredibly memorable.

Cassie On Top

Cassie is back in Britain after four weeks in Japan. She needs to make up for lost time with her boyfriend, and she knows the perfect way to start. To beat the jet lag, she’s going to stay awake all the way from when her plane lands in the morning to a normal bed time that night. And Noel’s going to help her, in the best ways possible.

Cassie On Show

Building on events in the earlier stories, Cassie and Noel take their relationship up a notch, making love without barriers, and Cassie’s exhibitionism goes to the next level. They invite her friend Megumi to watch as they make love. Megumi is on the other side of the planet, but they’ll find a way to make it work.