Taken Up The Pass

Passcvr-200Taken Up The Pass (also available at Smashwords)

The Gang is a new series from Mary Tales, featuring multiple partners and extreme fantasies.

Derek and Zoe had hiked a lot in their dating days, when she had been living with her parents after University and he was in a shared house. They had needed to get away from house mates and family if they wanted to get really dirty and loud. There were several valleys in the Lake District and Scotland where they had wandered off the beaten path, got naked and made love in the open air. The urge to do this again had turned into a fantasy where they really went overboard. Zoe wanted to be taken hard and without protection by a large group of men, and Derek wanted to watch and join in.

When they are introduced to a website called The Gang, they found the perfect way to get that group of men together. The Gang let’s couples and singles get together the people they need to fulfil they’re wildest fantasies. In a hut in the hills, whilst rain pours down outside, Derek and Zoe are about to find out just how good The Gang is.