Contact Adventures

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Contacts-cvr-200Contact Adventures

Collecting Auditions, Anniversary Part 1 and Anniversary Part 2, this is the story of one very dirty weekend.

Tom and Maria are planning something very special and very, very dirty for their wedding anniversary.

In Auditions, they have to find another man and another woman to join them for the special event. Tom has to try out the man he will share with his wife, and Maria the woman she wants to share with her husband.

They’re nervous, but excited, and when they meet Jon and Leah, things can only get hot and heavy.

Anniversary Part 1 covers Friday night, when the party begins. Now that Tom, Maria, Leah and Jon are together, the fun can really begin. After they’ve broken the ice, what kinky combinations can they come up with?

In Anniversary Part 2, it’s Saturday, and everyone’s going to try new challenges. Can the four of them make love together, and how would Leah like to try anal sex?

Naughty, sexy and loving at the same time, Contact Adventures is about the sort of celebration we’d all love to have.