Jiggles and the Flying Boats

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JnFBcvr-200Jiggles and the Flying Boats

More erotic adventures for your favourite fliers.

The Jiggleswick Air crew have returned from their adventures in Africa (in Jiggles and the Archaeologists) to a job offer from an old friend. Will they pilot one of his flying boats to and from the Channel Islands?

The special charters are ideally suited to Jiggleswick Air’s particular brand of naughtiness and discretion. Jiggles, Ally, Ginge and new crew member Juliet make love in the air, help shoot a stag film and become entangled with a mysterious thief.

Veronica Anne Jiggleswick- Ronny to her family, Jiggles to her friends- took over Jiggleswick Air after her brother disappeared whilst flying over the Med. Now she runs it with her best friend Ally- who returned from a year in Paris with some strange and exciting ideas about loving women- and mechanic Ginge- who has an eye for the chaps as well as the ladies. Business is slow, and they’ll take any opportunity that comes along for a reason to fly or to love.

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