Jiggles and the Archaeologists

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JnACompcvr-200Jiggles and the Archaeologists

The Jiggleswick Air crew are in North Africa for sun, sand, sex, mysteries and adventures.

Jiggles, Ally and Ginge have been hired to fly eminent Egyptologist Professor Horatio Quince, and his assistants Eustace and Fiona, to a dig in the mysterious Valley of the Wizards in North Africa. Here they meet dashing and adventurous Montana Smith, an archaeologist with quite a reputation and many a tall tale to tell, and his handsome assistant Amid.

Jiggles and her crew do what they do best. Ginge has his eye on Amid, Ally wants to unbutton the uptight Fiona and Jiggles would love to know what the ladies of the Harem of Death taught Montana. But soon it is obvious that dark forces are at play and the gang have to deal with grave robbers, spies, plane crashes, a secret cult and more. Will they make it out the other side? And how many chances will they have to take their clothes off?

Veronica Anne Jiggleswick- Ronny to her family, Jiggles to her friends- took over Jiggleswick Air after her brother disappeared whilst flying over the Med. Now she runs it with her best friend Ally- who returned from a year in Paris with some strange and exciting ideas about loving women- and mechanic Ginge- a man who has an eye for the chaps as well as the ladies. Business is slow, and they’ll take any opportunity they can to fly or to love.

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