Daily archives: January 14, 2015

Mary Tales Shots #7: Sex in the Woods Something is stirring amongst the trees, and it’s very horny. In “If you go down to the woods” Sally takes Mark to the wood at the bottom of her parents’ garden, where she used to run around naked. Whilst a “Bicycle Race” stops being competitive and quickly becomes erotic. They walked down the garden from the bungalow. “The river runs around a couple of sides, and there’s a fence. With the motorway it’s completely enclosed and private.” As Sally climbed over the stile Mark couldn’t help but glance up the wide legs of her culottes, just catching a glance of her knickers. Sally stood on the other side of the stile, smiling back, “I used to come down here and take my clothes off and run around naked. I was only caught a couple of times.” “Really? How old were you when […]

Mary Tales Shots #5 It’s John and Karen’s third date. They’re supposed to be having a picnic, but it’s raining, so they’ll have to think of something else to do instead….. Also available from Smashwords.