Cassie On Top (Cassie Gets It On Book 3)

Cassie On Top (Cassie Gets It On Book 3)

Noel had parked in a corner of the car park, with the passenger side of the van facing the concrete wall. When they walked round to the sliding side door, they were almost completely hidden from view. Noel dragged the door open and lifted the suitcase into the van. Cassie stepped forward and put her backpack beside the case, then studied the interior.

The load space of the van was even more battered than the exterior, but, taking up a fair amount of the floor space, was a camping air bed, inflated and ready to use. Which was just what Cassie had requested. She felt Noel close behind her, and sensed the warmth of his body and his excitement, which matched hers. “The shag wagon is ready, isn’t it.” she said.

Noel’s left arm wrapped around Cassie’s chest, pulling her close to him so that he could whisper, “Are you ready?” His right hand had moved down to the front of her light trousers and started squeezing the big top button through its eye.

Cassie held her breath. They were in a public place, she remembered, someone could come along.

She didn’t care, she realised as the button popped open.

Cassie is back in Britain after four months in Japan. She needs to make up for lost time with her boyfriend, and she knows the perfect way to start. To beat the jet lag, she’s going to stay awake all the way from when her plane lands in the morning to a normal bed time that night. And Noel’s going to help her, in the best ways possible.

Part 3 of the ongoing sexual adventures of Cassie and Noel, and this one’s almost non-stop sex.