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Available from Amazon and Smashwords. Five hot and exciting tales of multiple partner adventures, one of which has never been available to buy before. The Boys Entertain collects the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th stories from The Gang series, along with a special short which takes place between numbers 8 and 9. The Housewarming Wanda has left her husband and moved into a new, rented house. It could be such a stressful time, but she has the best kind of help. Her sexy cousin, Zoe, has arranged for four hunky members of The Gang to help Wanda move house. And, once the boxes are unpacked and the bed built, they’re going to stay the night and do anything and everything that Wanda wants. After years of dull marriage, Wanda wants a lot. Access All Areas Diane always fantasised about being a groupie, getting taken hard and without protection by the […]

I’ve just posted another story from the First Times series, for $1+ patrons. This story completes Vanessa and Greg’s first weekend with Hannah and Mike. It will be collected with First Time Down, First Time Together and First Time Back to make a book at some point, but, for now, it’s exclusive to Patreon. A teaser- They couldn’t quite pull the sheet in from either side to cover all four of them, so they eventually had to move so they could all slide under it. They lay together and, coming down from the high, nodded off for a while. Mike was the first to rouse from their post-coital nap. He sneaked away without waking anyone, and returned with a pot of tea and cups, to find the others just awake enough to be wondering where he was. They greeted him as a hero when they found out what he was […]

I’ve made some changes to the Mary Tales Patreon page. There’s a new pledge level of just $1 a month, and there’ll be new content created especially for it. ($2.50 supporters also get access to the Mary Tales back catalogue.) I want to create some longer stories, but still keep producing stuff for Patreon supporters, so I’m going to be serialising some tales over the next year. The first story to be serialised will be Death At The Swingers’ Party, a sexy murder mystery. I’m going to get a few instalments ahead of the publishing schedule before I start putting anything up, so it’ll come along in late December or early New Year. In the mean time, I have a couple of shorts to test out posting long chunks of text. First Time Back follows First Time Down – which is currently only available from Amazon (free if you have […]

A study of sexual arousal responses in lesbian and straight women found that straight women could still be attracted to other women. Lesbians were more likely to be turned on exclusively by women, making them more like straight men, the scientists concluded. Dr Rieger said the wider conclusions of the study was that, while the majority of women identified as straight: “Our research shows that, when it comes to what turns them on they are usually bisexual or gay, but never totally straight”. However, he added the research did not necessarily mean women were repressing their true sexual preferences, but that their sexualities were simply more complex than men’s. “When it comes to straight women and sexual arousal there is such a disconnect between what a woman tells me and what her body does. “It suggests that it’s a different world for women when it comes to their sexualities.”

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. Eniola was angry and jealous when she found out about the adventure Victoria and David had without her in a London hotel (in With The Band). But she’s forgiven them now that she’s going to have one of her own in a large house in the suburbs. It’s a big house, and hidden around it are four men with no clothes on. Before she can be taken hard and without protection by all four of them, she has to find them. Discarding an item of clothing each time she finds a man, Eniola tracks them all down. Romping in the main bedroom, she then goes on to find out new ways to enjoy two lovers at once.

The second collection of The Gang is here! Available from Amazon, Smashwords and Excitica. The Gang is a very special social network. Invitation only, its members are all dedicated to multiple partner fun and can always be relied upon to make a special occasion incredible. The Gang let’s couples and singles get together the people they need to fulfil they’re wildest fantasies. This collection brings together three tales of The Gang, delivering hot and hard action. Blindfold Beth can’t see what her husband is doing, which is just the way she likes it. He always surprises her when she has her blindfold on, using toys and teasing to drive her to ecstasy. But this time, he’s gone one step further, and invited some friends around. Private Dance Xena has always loved dancing, and now she has been asked to put on a very special performance. She’s dancing for the mysterious […]

Out now at Amazon, Smashwords and other shops. Victoria and David came to London for a sexual adventure. The one they get is even more exciting than the one they had planned. On the way down to the capital, the young couple watched a debauched scene on the tour bus following their coach (as described in Access All Areas). After putting on a show of their own for rock band Ten Inch Dragon, they’ve been invited to spend the night with them after their next gig. In a luxury suite of a five star hotel, David and Victoria are going to have an incredible night. Victoria is going to be taken hard and without protection by all four members of the band, and David is going to get to join in for a special three way that neither of them has experienced before.