Daily archives: August 16, 2014

Samantha is in her final year as an undergraduate. She wants to do well, get on a Masters degree and then do a PhD, so she doesn’t have the time to start a new relationship. She’s got a boyfriend in another city, though he’s a bit useless, and a vibrator by the bed. She’ll be fine. But then she meets Greg. He’s nearly twice her age, but she can’t deny she’s attracted to him. Then she starts reading his books, and they fuel her fantasies and have her wondering if she should make the time for a change of lover. After years of struggling, Greg has struck it lucky with his writing. He’s earning more than he could have hoped, so it’s a terrible time for writer’s block to strike. His muse has started the Christmas break early, it would seem. But at least there is beer, mulled wine, and […]

Love By The Book