Available from Amazon, Smashwords, and other online stores. After their adventure on holiday, Amy and Steve have been experimenting in their love life. They’re having a lot of fun, and now it’s time to find some other people to join in. It’s not as easy as you’d think, and there will be missed connections and dissatisfying dates along the way. But when they find the right couple, everything moves quickly from ‘Hello’ to the bedroom. What Happens on the Beach was published in January 2020. I already had a chunk of the follow up written, and put a preview in the book. Then, well, y’know….. And I didn’t get What Happens At Home finished until the end of the year. I stopped writing half way through a sex scene in February, and the characters didn’t get to climax until November. Which is some serious edging. We’re not out of the […]

I’ve not written much during Lock Down, but this morning, I had a little inspiration. The full story is available to supporters on Patreon. “I brought wine.” Kevin announced. He held up the bottle as a salute to the man who had opened the door. “Oooh, the good stuff.” Martin took the gift. “Come on in. I’ll go and open this so it can breathe. Nadiya’s in the front room. She can’t wait to see you.” He pointed at the nearest door as he headed through to the rear of the house. It seemed odd that Nadiya hadn’t come out to the hallway to meet him, but Kevin shrugged that off. He opened the door, to be greeted by quite the sight. The large flat-screen TV was in front of a blocked up fireplace. The whole of it was taken up by an oversized erection, being stroked by an eager […]

Available from Amazon. So many men. Which ones will Michelle choose? Michelle doesn’t expect much from the speed dating event, until she meets Adam and Nick. The two friends both charm her, and she’s soon going on dates with both of them. But, when those dates lead to the bedroom, will she have to choose between them? Contains explicit scenes. Over 18s only.

Available from Amazon. A trip down Memory Lane heralds a hot new future. Gabrielle and Naomi have known each other since University. For a while, they were even casual lovers. Now, Naomi is married to James, and Gabrielle lives with William. A weekend away in London is going to remind them of their time as lovers, and allow both couples to explore new and exciting fantasies. When their two bed apartment is replaced by a one bed studio at the last minute, they have to think about sleeping arrangements. The bed is big enough for all four of them, if they don’t mind getting a little intimate. A game of strip poker ups the ante, and they’re soon far closer than just sharing the same bed. How far dare they go? And how will they all feel about it on Monday?

Available from Amazon. Can Nicky paint the perfect partnership? Nicky left the corporate world to become an artist. It’s been a struggle, but she’s doing okay, and she has some wonderful friends. Her sideline selling antiques with her housemate is a nice little earner as well. When she meets her old boss- the woman she had a massive, unrequited crush on all the time they worked together- things promise to get very interesting. Eleanor and her hot husband Mark are looking for something special to put in their Christmas cards to the family. They’d like Nicky to create a special portrait of them. And when she’s finished the family friendly picture, would she like them to pose naked, just for her?

Continuing the story from I Have Never and Never Say Never, another hot story. First, Mark met Paul, and they had great, dirty fun. Then, they met Julie, and the fun got better and dirtier. Now, Julie may have met someone to complete their special group. Alice is a hot redhead, who may be interested in just what Julie wants. Will Alice and Julie get it on? Can Mark and Paul join in? Whatever happens, it’s going to be one hot weekend. Available from Amazon.

Now Or Never

Club X: Intimate Investigations Available now from Amazon Intimate Investigations follow the erotic cases of private investigators Paul and Tessa, and their lover, Carl. But, before the investigations, there was the tale of how they met. Club X When he visited Club X, Carl knew he was in for something special. He didn’t expect to meet two couples who would change his life together. Paul and Tessa will go on to be his lovers, and Stephen and Sonia are going to provide the first Intimate Investigation opportunity. This story tells the tale of Carl’s first times with both couples. PT Investigations Carl spends his first weekend with Paul and Tessa, and the rules of their relationship are decided. Death at the Swingers’ Party preview The first chapter of the first mystery in the Intimate Investigations series. Paul, Tessa and Carl are at a very exclusive, very naughty party thrown by […]