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Annabel’s Party is a self-contained epilogue to Death at the Swingers’ Party. You don’t have to have read the book to enjoy the sex, but it gives you some background on Annabel, and how she comes to be in her new home.
render2First Time Together. A deliciously dirty short that starts right after the end of First Time Down. What do Greg, Vanessa, Hannah and Mike do next?

What do you think.

MT1CoveraMary Tales 1 is the first collection of hot Mary Tales stories, many of which have not been published anywhere else. Cassiepose2-200The other side of one of the scenes in Access All Areas. Victoria and David are on the back seat of the coach for a late night journey to London. When they turn around and look back, they witness- and become part of- some very dirty goings on on the coach behind them.

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