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The Ghost On The Bridge

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Dave has met the perfect woman. But she died on the day that he was born.

Magic is real, but it’s not quite what you think. As energy seeps through from other worlds, adepts can harness it and direct it, for good or bad. If you’re in tune with the energy then there’s no better way to build up your reserves than sex.

Adam is beginning to understand how magic works, and adapting to the fact that his girlfriend, Rose, is a witch, and having a ghost, Grace, as an occasional second lover.

Lilly, having discovered that she is a witch as well, has become Rose’s apprentice, and is seeking the person who tried to trap her by sending her a magic amulet that conjured up demons.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Dave has just freed a ghost from her prison on a footbridge. As he tries to learn who she is, Adam, Lilly, Rose, and Grace are chasing them, trying to understand the sudden release of magical, sexual, energy.

How did the ghost get trapped on the bridge? What strange power was her presence bottling up? And, can they find her body, and give it the burial it deserves?

Contains explicit scenes. 18+ only.

Lucy’s Limo Ride

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Lucy’s taking to the streets to celebrate her birthday. But while waving out of the sunroof, the passers by can’t see what’s happening inside the limousine.

Nick has laid on something big and pink for Lucy’s birthday. The limousine is going to take her for a ride around town, to and from their hotel, so she can see the nightlife, and be seen by the crowds.

But what the other revellers will never know is that the real party is going on inside the car. Lucy’s party has four special guests, and behind the dark windows, they are going to deliver her pleasure, hot and hard.