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Sample scene- Love The Weekend   Recently updated !

Love The Weekend is available from Amazon and Smashwords.

I love the taste of Samantha, and the way it changes with her excitement. It’s sharp, tangy, maybe with a hint of citrus-y sweetness, which mellows the wetter and more excited she gets.

She tasted particularly mellow, and very hot, after a long session of teasing from my tongue. I’d started by kissing my way up the insides of her thighs, then licking the crease where they met her crotch. Close to her sex, but cheekily avoiding it. There was only so long either of us could keep that up, and I’d soon been helping her labia get wet as they puffed up with blood. I’d kept moving, lingering on spots that got the best sounds from her. She’d come once already, but she hadn’t told me to stop, and I didn’t want to.

In fact, I wanted to go a bit further, and try something we hadn’t done yet. We’d worked out rules for this, for mid sex changes of direction. It wasn’t complicated, I just had to ask. Mouth right over her sex, close enough to feel its warmth, I asked, “Want to try something new?”

I looked up- taking in the dark red patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair, the light curve of her belly, the shallow valley between her lovely little breasts- to see if she had heard me. Her shoulders were propped up on pillows, so she could see what I was doing. Her face was flushed, and sweat had tacked a couple of strands of errant red hair to her forehead. She had that expression that spoke of sexual ecstasy and sensual joy. The one I would do almost anything to inspire. And she had heard me.

There was almost disappointment in her lovely green eyes. She could happily have let me lick and kiss for hours. But the prospect of something new held a promise of more excitement. “What do you want to try?”


We’d talked about it often enough, and I’d slid fingers and butt plugs into her behind before- and she mine- but, somehow, neither of us had licked the other down there yet.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Sam said, grinning. “Should I roll over?”

She was already moving to flip onto her front. I hoisted her left leg over my head, helping her, then I clasped a butt cheek in each hand, landing the grabs as light slaps. She wriggled as I squeezed and pressed them.

Hugging the pillow like a lover, she pulled her knees up to raise her butt. I slipped my left hand down to her knee, then back up the inside of her thigh. Reaching her crotch, I found her hot and wet from my tongue’s attentions. Two fingers slid easily into her. She pushed back against them, lifting her backside higher, into just the right position for me.

She was giving me the most intimate view possible. I lingered a while to enjoy it. With her legs spread, parting her buttocks, her arsehole was on display for me. That tight little hole was going to get so much attention this weekend, starting now. I should think of something better to call it. Arse, bum, behind, back passage, anus, sphincter. All usable, but none seemed quite right. I am a writer, after all, I should be able to conjure up just the right word.

Whatever I was going to call it, it was waiting for me. Slightly darker than the skin around it, little creases in her skin radiated out of it, like the twinkles a child might draw around a star.

That wasn’t all that was under my gaze. Sam’s labia were puffed up and red from all the attention I’d given them already. I spread my fingers and split them, getting a look deep inside her, dark pink and glistening. She made a little sigh, but bucked her hips to remind me of what I was supposed to be doing.

I started by kissing my way up her thigh, as I had earlier. My fingers moved slowly in and out of her, keeping her hot, but not distracting from what my tongue was doing. I flicked the tip across the skin between the two entrances, the perineum. This was a sensitive area as well, judging by the way her breathing sped up.

My tongue traced a path up the slope of one buttock, jumped across, then came down the other. By this point, I was teasing myself almost as much as her. I’d had a hard on for so long that its stiffness was almost becoming painful. The more I played with her, the worse it was going to get.

Flicking my tongue around the rim of her arsehole might not provide relief for me, but it would distract. I went for the prize, and she made a strange hissing, giggling sound as she drew in a breath and gave voice to the odd new sensation.

It had a different flavour to her pussy. Darker, more bitter. I could be tempted to say smoky. There were no juices, but for my own saliva, to change the way she tasted as I excited her. Just skin, and warmth.

I pressed the flat of my tongue over the hole, and ground against it. “Fuck.” she said, quietly. Then, long and drawn out, “Fuck, yeah.”

My tongue started dancing around the entrance to her behind, tasting it and getting it wet. I pressed the tip against the ring of muscle, pushing it a little way in. All the while, my fingers in her pussy were moving in and out, and round and round, as her body gyrated and bucked in response.

“I want a finger in there as well. Fuck my arse with your fingers. Fuck me.” she groaned.

There was no way I was going to ignore an order like that. I love it when she gives dirty commands.

I wonder how many people would be shocked to hear such a string of obscenities come from her pretty pink lips. Samantha can appear so sweet and innocent when she wants to. But, not so deep down, she’s a passionate, wonderfully dirty woman. Who knows what she wants, and is happy to ask for it.

We had tubes of lube on the bedside table, ready for use over the weekend, and I could, just, reach one without taking my fingers out of her pussy. It was clumsy, biting down on the cap and twisting the tube to open it, but the other hand was busy moving fingers in and out of Sam.

“Hold still.” She tried, but couldn’t keep from moving around. I squeezed a little of the clear liquid out, and the ring of muscle twitched as it hit. I swirled the tip of my finger around in the lube, coating the hole and the skin around it. I squirted some more out, pooling it just above the hole so that I could get some on my finger as well this time.

Samantha knew what came next, and was pushing back, trying to help. I let my hand ride her movement at first, then pressed gently. I slid my finger easily in, getting as far as the first knuckle, and she held herself still. Slipping smoothly on the lube, my finger was soon as far inside her as it would go.

There’s a reason people call the sphincter a ring piece. The muscle around my finger was tight. It squeezed me as Sam clenched, as if she wanted to hold it in as I pulled it out again. I pumped it in and out a few times, speeding up, but not too much.

As I started moving my left hand in, as my right hand moved out in a counter rhythm, Sam lifted her head. “Two fingers?” It was part question, part suggestion. Could I? Would I?

I paused, just long enough to coat my middle finger with more lubricant. I pressed it up alongside my index finger, trying to slide it into the hole as well. Slowly, slowly, she opened wider for me, and I had two fingers in her behind. She made a little victorious hiss.

“Fuck me. Fuck my arse with your fingers.” Sam pushed back, urging me on.

I went back to the previous rhythm, pushing fingers into her arse as I pulled them from her pussy, then pulling out of her arse and pushing into her pussy. She twisted her body, turning herself to give me the best access she could.

With her head down, and her left leg hooked up and over my shoulder, Sam was contorted into a strange position. From the outside, we might have looked absurd, but we didn’t care. I kissed the inside of her knee, and kept my fingers moving.

Sam’s climax hit her hard. She made sounds like ecstatic hiccups, which kept time with the muscles squeezing my fingers and her hips jerking. Warm liquid splashed down my left forearm and onto her right thigh and the bed as she ejaculated.

Sample scene- Gina’s Canal Adventure   Recently updated !

Gina’s Canal Adventure is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Now that they had picked up the four men he’d enlisted from The Gang, and moored the boat on a quiet stretch of canal, she was beginning to wonder if the plan could possibly work. The cabin was taller than she had expected, though James, and two of the men, had to crouch to keep from bashing their heads on the ceiling. It was the width that would restrict them. Gina wanted to take two men at once- in fact, she wanted to take one in her pussy and another in her mouth, then have James in her arse whilst another of the guys was in her pussy- and she wasn’t sure how they’d do that in the cramped space.

Gina looked at her husband. He was already working out the logistics of it, she could tell. If anyone could make this work, it was him. “So, how are we going to do this?” she asked him.
“You decide which order you want the boys in, and I’ll sort out who goes where, and when. It should come together easily enough.” James grinned when he realised the terrible pun he had accidentally made.

Gina studied the four smiling men crowded into the lounge and kitchen space. They’d been introduced, and she was sure that she could remember all their names. Each of them appeared excited at the chance to be with her, but she wanted to see for sure. “I can’t possibly make a decision until I’ve seen them all naked.”

The boys hardly needed the nod from James, and started stripping. “You too.” Gina told her husband.

“Would you like some help getting undressed as well?” James asked, starting to unbutton his shirt.

“You can all help. Once you’re naked.”

Gina watched as shirts and T-shirts were discarded. Then the disrobing stalled as the men all tried to find an easy way to remove their shoes without falling over or squeezing others into tight corners. Gina sighed at the sight, but bit back on laughing. “Okay. I’ve got an idea that will help. Form a queue. James, get to the back of the queue.” As James squeezed his way to the end of the group of men, Gina sat on one of the benches. “Okay, one by one, come here and sit across from me to take your shoes off. Then, I’ll help you out of your trousers.”

She motioned the first of the men forward. This was Ravi, tall and fit, with dark brown skin and jet black hair. He sat on the opposite bench, and had his trainers and socks off quickly. When he stood again, he only had to take a half step forwards. With his head bent to fit under the roof, he seemed to be curving over the top of Gina.

Ravi’s jeans hung low, held up by hips, just, and revealing the waistband of his boxer shorts. Gina reached out quickly, and unbuttoned the jeans. Released, they dropped to his ankles without encouragement. The black material of his boxers was stretched out, showing the outline of a fine looking erection.

Gina squeezed the shaft through the dark material, then tugged at the elastic of the waistband. The erection shifted, and the head popped out for her as soon as there was a wide enough gap. She licked her lips. The head was fat, and the body obviously long. She was going to enjoy tasting it.

It was a surprise, but not a disappointment, to find that Ravi’s glans was fatter than the rest of his penis. He wasn’t exactly skinny, though, and had a good length. He was circumcised, she noticed. She had never experienced a cut penis before. James still had his foreskin, as did both of their regular male lovers, and all the men she had been with previously. Would it be significantly different, she wondered.

Ducking toward the hard on, Gina flicked the fat head with the tip of her tongue. It twitched, and he made a little sigh. Opening her lips, she gave the head a little kiss, then pulled it toward her to slide them over it. She closed her lips over the warm, fat knob, and ran her tongue over it. He shifted under her attentions, weight moving from one foot to the other as he tried to hold still.

With an exaggerated slurp, Gina let Ravi’s cock out of her mouth. She gave him a smile, before turning to see who was next in line for her help undressing. Ravi sat on the end of the opposite couch to remove his trousers and boxers, whilst Darren sat down to remove his shoes and socks.

Sample scene- Cars & Girls   Recently updated !

Cars And Girls is available from Amazon and Smashwords.

Sally bounced up and down and clapped, leading the applause. Wanda grinned, went red, embarrassed, proud and excited in equal measures. Sally offered a hand and helped Wanda up. “Congratulations. Shall we begin?” She gestured toward the mat.

Wanda tugged at the zip on the front of her one-piece, holding it out and offering it to Sally. “Let’s begin here.” she said.

Sally took the zip, and drew it slowly down. Wanda stood with hands behind her back, the arch of her back thrusting her breasts forwards and drawing the sides of the suit apart. It was soon obvious that she wore nothing under the one-piece.

The zip went down to just above Wanda’s crotch. When she had pushed it as far as it would go, Sally ran a finger up either side, pushing them further apart.

Wanda’s breasts were full and firm, and they popped out from the material just before Sally reached them. She whisked her fingers all the way up to Wanda’s shoulders, pushing the material back off them and down her arms. With a little shrug, Wanda made the suit drop all the way to her feet.

Sally stepped back to take in Wanda’s trim body. She was toned from cycling and swimming, muscles defined, but not so ripped that they broke up the smooth curves. Her breasts had a little sag to them, the nipples pointing upwards and a little away from each other as they separated. Her stomach tapered down, narrowing and pointing to her sex. She had shaved her pubic hair, and was sexily bare above the lips of her pussy.

Zoe clapped enthusiastically. “Damn, you’re even sexier than last time girl.”

Wanda grinned at the interruption, reminded of her introduction to The Gang. “I’ve been working out.” she said. “You like?” she asked Sally.

“Oh yes. You’re gorgeous.” They were all gorgeous. Sally knew she was going to feel this thrill every time she saw one of them naked for the first time. She stepped up to Wanda, eager hands cupping the other woman’s breasts, squeezing them and playing with them. Her thumbs flicked across Wanda’s nipples. They kissed, then Sally ducked her head to lick and nibble at the now taut little buds.

Cupping one of Wanda’s breasts in her left hand, Sally ran her right down the other woman’s body. Her fingers paused on the smooth skin of the shaved mons, dancing and sliding across it. Then they moved down toward the warm, inviting pussy lips below.

Sally loved playing with other women. As two of her fingers slid over Wanda’s lips, and slipped into the warmth and wetness, her own sex tingled with sympathetic pleasure. If her mouth hadn’t been full, she would have echoed Wanda’s sigh of pleasure.

Moving her fingers inside Wanda, and enjoying the hip movements they stimulated, Sally let the breast go, and sank slowly to her knees. She ended up with Wanda’s sex at just the right height to kiss and lick. Wanda rested a hand on the top of Sally’s head and gently drew her in, encouraging exploration and stimulation.

Sally’s tongue flickered over the hood covering Wanda’s clitoris, and the elusive little bud soon pushed out for more intimate attention. Wanda squeaked and pressed Sally in even closer as the pink button was stimulated. Both her hands were on Sally’s head now, not just to guide, but also for balance.

Wanda’s breath was coming in ecstatic squeaky gulps, and she had started to grind her crotch against Sally’s face. Sally turned her hand as she thrust her fingers in and out, and got instant feedback on how good that felt. Wanda had a lovely sharp taste to her sex, which, as she became more and more excited, mellowed as she produced ever more lubrication. Sally was just as wet. She wanted to reach down and play with herself. It took all her will to resist. She would soon have someone do it for her.

John had come around to stand behind Wanda and hold her up as the excitement played havoc with her sense of balance and she wanted to topple backwards in joy. He took the opportunity to play with her breasts, and she twisted her head so she could pull him in for a kiss. Sally looked up as Wanda’s cries of pleasure were silenced. She hadn’t noticed her lover’s move, or that the girls had all moved their chairs in closer for a better view. She had been so engrossed in licking and finger fucking Wanda, that the rest of the world had faded away.

Now she had the extra support, Wanda worked her right leg out of her clothes, and hooked it over Sally’s shoulder, opening herself up more to the probing fingers and tongue. She ground against Sally, drawing more and more pleasure from her.

Wanda’s hips started jerking, keeping time with the shouts of joy she made. As she came, John helped her down to the floor, and Sally followed, lapping at her pussy lips and clit as she did. Wanda writhed around under the attention, until she peaked with a loud cry of pleasure.

Sally kissed her way down Wanda’s trembling thighs and stood, unsteady with sexual excitement herself. Her lips, chin, nose and cheeks glistened with her own saliva and Wanda’s juices. She wiped some of the wetness away with her sleeve, and asked, “Who’s next?” Before anyone answered, she held up a finger for a pause, and sat next to Wanda. She kissed the grinning woman’s forehead, nose and lips. “As our winner, would you like some fun with John as well?”

Sample scene- In The Forest   Recently updated !

In The Forest is available from Amazon and Smashwords.

For a last photo, Helena called the boys in for a group shot. Renée had shivers of anticipation as they crowded around her, close enough to feel the warmth of their bodies. She sheathed her sword so that both hands were free to reach down and squeeze the buttocks of Henry and David. They pressed against her in response. Another squeeze, and their hands were on her thighs in response, working their way up and under the hem of her dress.

Renée tried to keep her focus on the camera, and her smile open. But it was tricky, as fingers were slipping over the curves of her butt cheeks and sneaking under the elastic of her underwear. Briefly, as they found her pussy lips from either side, she bit her bottom lip, holding in the sigh of pleasure. Her smile came back, wider, a little more manic.

With Arthur and TC on their knees before her, Renée was sure the photographer wouldn’t see the movement at he crotch. Derek, making magical look shapes with his arms, off to their right, caught a glimpse of the action, and was grinning himself. Renée caught the expression as she glanced to the side, and they exchanged knowing nods.

She wished she could plant her feet further apart, spreading her legs some more so those naughty fingers could work their way inside her. David and Henry were obviously thinking about the problem as well. One of the hands moved away- Henry’s, she decided as it squeezed her butt cheek on his side- as the other pushed the panel of her knickers aside so it could stroke up and down her wet labia.

A finger found its way between the lips and inside Renée. She couldn’t be sure whether she made any noise, but her mouth dropped open in happy surprise. The photographer had gone out of focus, but the way her head popped out from behind the camera suggested she had seen something.

Renée pressed her lips together, and forced her vision to clear up again. The photographer had a quizzical arch to her eyebrows, and a little smile. She could tell something naughty was going on. It was almost with disappointment that she announced, a few photos later, “Well, I’ve filled up that memory card. I think we’ve definitely got enough shots for today.”

TC and Arthur stood up, but stayed in front of Renée, screening her from the photographer and assistant as David’s finger worked a little further inside her. Derek walked around behind the group, getting a look, then joined them in front of Renée. Henry stepped aside, and she could move her feet further apart.

Renée reached out to brace herself on Henry’s and David’s shoulders. Then she had to take TC’s offered hand as David crouched down.

She could see over the men in front of her, and get a look at the photographer and assistant. They had almost everything in their car, and Helena was distracting them from the scrum that had developed as soon as the photo session had ended. That was good, Renée thought, because there was no way she could keep the excitement and lust from her expression now.

The doors of the photographer’s car slammed shut, and the engine started. That was good timing, because David was on his knees behind Renée now, tugging her knickers down. She moved her feet closer together again, so the underwear moved smoothly down her legs and he could work it past her shin guards easily.

Helena was still in the clearing. When they could no longer hear the crunch of the car’s tyres on the forest road, she walked over to the gate and closed and latched it. Renée lost track of her for a moment, because David was urging her to lift her foot so he could get it out of the knickers. She planted her feet wide apart again when the restriction was removed, and shivered as his fingers started the journey up the inside of her thighs.

Henry helpfully lifted the back of Renée’s dress, so that David could get a good look at her naked buttocks. They swayed for him, reacting unconsciously to the finger that had found its way back into her pussy. His other hand grasped a butt cheek, squeezing it and pulling it a little aside. Then he ducked in close, and flicked the tip of his tongue over the wrinkled hole of her arse.

“Oh my God!” Renée exclaimed. Then, in case he had got the wrong message from her cry, she added, “Do that again!” She pushed back against the eager tongue as it rimmed her, and tried to rotate her hips at the same time, to get the best from the two fingers inside her.

When Renée opened her eyes after a short burst of joyful expletives, she spotted Helena, just the other side of the Derek TC and Arthur. Her director had a huge grin. She had done something similar at the wrap party for their last film, after all, and knew just how much fun Renée was in for.

“Now, we do have more copies of Renée’s costume.” Helena said, “But I’d rather keep this one in good condition. So, if you boys could help her out of it, carefully, I’ll take it back to the studio. And then I’ll come back for you in a few hours.”

“Okay.” Renée managed to say, though it came out as almost a whisper. She nodded eagerly, in case she hadn’t been heard.

In The Forest   Recently updated !

Available from Amazon and Smashwords.

She’s their warrior queen, and they’ve promised their bodies to her.

Renée’s dressed as a warrior princess, getting photos taken for her next film. But she didn’t expect the five extras dressed up as her travelling band of adventurers to be from The Gang.

They’re ready and willing to do whatever she wants, in as many ways and positions as possible. She has the looks and body of a goddess, and they will worship it.

Sample scene- Masked   Recently updated !

Masked is available from Amazon and Smashwords.

Serge was at Helena’s elbow. He whispered in her ear, “Are you ready to have fun?”

“Oh yes, absolutely. Take my hand, and walk me down the stairs. I have men to meet.”

Helena held out her right hand, and Serge took it daintily then led her down the stairs. At the foot of the staircase, Helena looked around. Down here, the restriction of her vision from the mask was much more obvious. People milled around her, appearing as if from nowhere and disappearing just as quickly. Her peripheral vision was completely blocked. She resisted the temptation to pull the mask up and look around.

There were a lot of big hats and feathery headdresses in the room, Helena noticed as she strained to get her bearings. Renee made a good landmark, when the crowd cleared enough to spot her. She squeezed Serge’s hand in both of hers, gave a little bow and then headed for the statuesque woman.

However, Renee started moving away as Helena headed for her, going toward the large drawing room that opened onto the lawn and had a view down to the river. Helena looked around for another point of reference. Xena and the mysterious Henry were nowhere to be seen. She had been planning to reach Renee and then angle off to where she had last seen them. That plan was out of the window now. Maybe she should go with the flow, into the drawing room or library.

Helena jumped when she turned to see a mask just like hers right beside her. The man wearing it wasn’t Henry. He was scantily clad, wearing tight red trunks, with a lifesaver’s buoy and rope over his shoulder. Helena found herself concentrating on the front of those trunks, filled out impressively. She could almost see the veins on the fat, long cock pressing against the restraining material.

The lifeguard held out a hand, and Helena took it. Looking around, she realised she wasn’t the only one checking out his package, which made her grin.

Now that she had found one of her partners for the night, they needed somewhere to go to have their fun. He nodded to the far end of the hallway, where the crowd was thinner, and there were doorways through to kitchen and what had been the servants’ quarters. Helena thought about it for a fraction of a second, then nodded.

They did a little dance as they worked their way around the other guests. Finding themselves against the wall, they edged sideways until they found a door that looked like a panel in the wall. Helena found the handle, reaching blindly because she was distracted by the bulge in the lifeguard’s trunks again, and opened the door. They slipped inside.

“Oh.” Helena looked around. This wasn’t what she had expected. It was dark, and confined. There were shelves along both walls, and, not so far from the door, another wall with jackets and coats hanging from hooks. She had found the way into a cupboard. A large cupboard, admittedly, but not the room or hallway she had been expecting.

As she was about to find the door handle again and make an exit, she felt the warm, firm body of the lifeguard up against her. Without conscious urging, her hips angled toward him, pressing against the fat, hardening shaft in his trunks. Their masks butted together in the dark. Then he found the light switch, and a single, bare bulb illuminated them.

Now, Helena didn’t want to leave the cupboard. Not until she’d done what she came in here to do, anyway. She didn’t have to tell her lifeguard, either, he could tell from the way she was grinding against him. To make her intent even more obvious, she reached down. Searching through the beaded tassels, she found the hem of her dress and raised it up, revealing her naked sex.

The lifeguard’s left hand grasped Helena behind the right knee, lifting it and supporting her, whilst his right went for her pussy. His fingers slipped easily into her, telling her just how excited she was about this.

Helena gasped, and ground against the fingers. Her own hands were busy, pulling at the waistband of the trunks. The lifeguard’s erection sprang out of the gap, eager for attention. Helena was more than happy to give it. One hand grasped the warm, hard shaft, whilst the other carried on tugging the trunks down to free it completely.

It was a lovely cock. Long and hard, with a big, fat head and a fine curve to it. Helena ran her fingers up and down it, tweaking the glans, then working down to cup the balls. She needed it inside her, right away.

The lifeguard read Helena’s desires perfectly. The fingers came out of her pussy and moved around to grasp her left leg. He lifted her so that both feet were off the ground, and she grasped him around the neck to hold herself up. His hands moved up to clasp her buttocks and pulled her toward him.

She didn’t need to help his erection find her pussy. It slipped into her easily, filling her up. He took all her weight and turned, so that she rested against the softness of the coats rather than the hard edges of the shelves. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and levered them to rock against him.

They hit a rhythm quickly, the lifeguard pumping long and hard into Helena, and her grinding against him at the end of each thrust. She did her best to keep the grunts and cries of pleasure quiet, not sure if anyone could hear them outside. But then she felt the first shivers of orgasm, and gasped out loud.

The sound seemed even louder inside the confined space. Perhaps they could be heard outside, but now she didn’t care. The lifeguard joined in the happy sounds as his thrusts sped up. They both cried out their joy as they came together.

Legs trembling, the lifeguard held Helena up as he pumped semen deep inside her. She could feel herself filling up, then overflowing. He’d been carrying around quite a load, just for her. Slowly, he let her feet down to the floor again, and dipped his body to pull out of her.

As his still stiff cock left her body, Helena could feel a big drop of semen follow it. She imagined she heard it splash on the floor, and couldn’t help but giggle. She was still holding on to his neck to keep herself steady, but relaxed her grip to see if she could stand by herself.

Helena was grinning behind the mask. That had been good. Better than good, it had been great. Neither of them had said anything yet, and she wasn’t about to spoil the moment with words. Leaning toward the lifeguard, she pressed the forehead of her mask against his, mimicking a kiss. Then she squeezed past him and took the couple of steps to the door.

She couldn’t see the expression behind the mask, but the lifeguard’s body language suggested a smug grin. His trunks were still halfway down his legs, but he reached for the waistband and started pulling them up.

Helena opened the door a little and looked through the crack. She couldn’t see very much, though, so opened it further and stuck her head out. There were people milling around, but none of them seemed to be looking in her direction. She slipped sideways through the door, closing it behind her.

Masked   Recently updated !

Available from Amazon and Smashwords.

Five lovers for Helena. But who are they?

It’s the wrap party for Helena’s latest movie, and her producer has arranged a special treat for her. In amongst the crowd at the masked ball are five men, ready and eager to help Helena have as much hard and unprotected pleasure as she wants. They’re wearing the same mask as she is, all she has to do is find them.

Cars And Girls   Recently updated !

Available from Amazon and Smashwords.

Sexy times with fast girls

The Gang exists to fulfil the fantasies of its members. Usually, that means one woman and many men, But Sally wants something different. She’s going to have a hot time with five other women and her lover, John.

They’ve got a racetrack all to themselves, and they’re going to have a race to see which of the girls gets to go with Sally first.

Love The Weekend   Recently updated !

Available from Amazon and Smashwords.

Samantha and Greg have a very dirty weekend planned, with some very special loving they promised each other months ago.

But it’s not all non-stop naughtiness- whether in the bedroom, living room, club or alley- they also have time to catch up on Yvette and see how her love life is going, and try not to let any juicy details slip over a Sunday dinner with friends.

Revisiting the characters of Love By The Book, this book is an affectionate and intimate look at Greg and Samantha’s love life now. They’re still in the honeymoon period, but now trust each other enough to push the boundaries even further.

Don’t ask them for pictures, though. The British Government wants to make that sort of thing illegal. Love The Weekend takes a swipe at planned UK censorship laws in the only way that’s appropriate- by depicting, and talking about, some of the perfectly legal acts that the Government doesn’t want you to be able to see.

40% of royalties from this book go to organisations fighting censorship and protecting digital rights.

Gina’s Canal Adventure   Recently updated !

Gina’s Canal Adventure is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Gina always wanted to make love on a boat.

She just hadn’t expected it to be a canal boat.

Her husband, James, as arranged for four guys from The Gang to join them for fun on the narrow boat. It’s going to be incredible, but the limited space is going to call for some careful planning.

Messing about on boats has never been so naughty.