I Have Never…. is available from Amazon and Smashwords. Mark looked across at Paul. It was hard to tell under the street lights, but the boy appeared to be blushing again. He was blonde and twinky, quite pretty in the way that Mark had always known he’d go for. “Do you think about sex with another man.” Paul nodded, “Quite a lot. I’m a crap bisexual, I can’t get it on with a man.” They both lived on the same street, Paul at the opposite end to Mark. As they neared Mark’s house he decided to take a risk. “Do you want to? We could, y’know….” Now it was his turn to blush. “Okay.” As they climbed the stairs to Mark’s flat his heart started beating far harder than the exercise merited. He hadn’t so easily and casually got himself into a situation where sex was imminent ever before. Whatever […]

Contact Adventures 2 is available from Amazon and Smashwords. Hannah took Greg’s hand. He took Vanessa’s. She took Mike’s. Hannah led the crocodile down the corridor to the bedroom. It was a large room, with a very large bed in it. They formed a huddle at the foot of it, bare skin rubbing against bare skin. Hands sneaked everywhere, stroking and gently squeezing. They kissed each other’s shoulders and backs, necks and ears. Nip by nip, they moved, turning until Hannah stood before Greg, and Vanessa before Mike. The girls looked across at each other, then leant closer to kiss, deep and hard, tongues playing together. Still kissing, they dropped to the bed. Even as the men stepped closer to them, they continued, hands reaching out to play with each other’s breasts and tweak at nipples. “Ahem. I think we came through here for something else.” Mike said, moving his […]

Today’s scene is from Cassie on Video, which is available from Amazon or Smashwords. Back in her flat, Cassie unpacked the new camera and read the quick start instructions. She started charging the battery and went for a shower. The light on the charger was green by the time she returned. The living room wasn’t the right place. Her flatmate was out, Thursday was one of the nights she regularly stayed over at her boyfriend’s, so she wasn’t going to interrupt, but her laundry was drying on racks by the window and in front of the radiators. The room was too messy. Cassie took the camera to her bedroom. There was only a single bed in Cassie’s room. It gave her more space for a desk and storage, and she hadn’t been expecting to need a double. It would be very cosy sharing the bed, but she hadn’t had Noel […]

Here’s a scene from Jiggles and the Archaeologists, a little naughtiness that hints at the fun to come. You can get Jiggles and the Archaeologists from Amazon or Smashwords. All the way back from the dining tent Fiona walked alongside Ally, but over an arms length to the side. Occasionally she appeared about to say something, only to stop herself and draw slightly further away for a while. Only when they were in their tent could Fiona bring herself to pose her question, “Will Miss Jig…. Er, Jiggles, be returning this evening?” “Not if she’s lucky.” “Oh. Oh…. Do you think she and the Doctor may, er….” Fiona grasped the front of her baggy dress to keep from waving her hands around in any gestures which might reveal how little she understood of the conjugal act. Then she reached her right hand up to her left breast, unconsciously nipping her […]