May Slater

Death at the Swingers’ Party- chapter 3 (part 1) I’m teasing you a little by feeding out scenes, rather than full chapters. The closer I get to completing the story, the longer the excerpts will get, I promise. It’s the morning after, and Paul and Tessa are getting their teeth into the mystery. Carl’s getting into something else first, though….. Carl woke spooned into Parminder’s back. He was hard, poking against her, his erection squashed between their bodies Behind him, Tessa’s buttocks were squashed against his. It was a good way to wake up. A hand, with long, thin fingers, sneaked down and teased at Carl’s hard on. Parminder shifted, so that there was space between them, and she could get a hold of him. In response, his hand travelled down her front, and under the hem of the T-shirt. She turned some more, until she was on her back. […]

Club X: Intimate Investigations Available now from Amazon Intimate Investigations follow the erotic cases of private investigators Paul and Tessa, and their lover, Carl. But, before the investigations, there was the tale of how they met. Club X When he visited Club X, Carl knew he was in for something special. He didn’t expect to meet two couples who would change his life together. Paul and Tessa will go on to be his lovers, and Stephen and Sonia are going to provide the first Intimate Investigation opportunity. This story tells the tale of Carl’s first times with both couples. PT Investigations Carl spends his first weekend with Paul and Tessa, and the rules of their relationship are decided. Death at the Swingers’ Party preview The first chapter of the first mystery in the Intimate Investigations series. Paul, Tessa and Carl are at a very exclusive, very naughty party thrown by […]

Lessons In Trust (also available from Smashwords) The Independent Bodies are the planets and systems that do not wish to be part of the Empire, Alliance or Order. A loose coalition, they work together when they have to, united against larger threats. Handrik Lunarson was one of the best agents the Independent Bodies had, an expert in seduction and a specialised form of sexual espionage. Betrayed and left for dead by his partner, he retired from the service. But now he’s back, to mentor and partner with Mercury, whose unique lineage makes her irresistible to human and alien alike and able to give and receive pleasure in a myriad ways. Scarred by his past, can Handrik learn to trust Mercury, and be as intimate with her as is needed for their partnership to work? On their first mission, which should be a simple seduction aboard a luxury dirigible, they are […]

Magic is real, but it’s not quite what you think. As energy seeps through from other worlds, adepts can harness it and direct it, for good or bad. If you’re in tune with the energy then there’s no better way to build up your reserves than sex. Two stories from the world of The Witch in the Walls- Demons In Didsbury Adam was having a great weekend, until his girlfriend told him she was a witch and he met the ghost who shares her house. His world’s been turned upside down, and to make it worse, someone has conjured up a pack of demons that think he looks rather tasty. Lilly’s First Lesson Nervous trainee witch Lilly is having her first lesson in the use of magic, and her tutors have some odd ways of making her feel at ease. The first book in the Witch in the Walls series […]