Clothing Optional

Clothing Optional, part 1

Sarah and Mike are taking their first trip to a nudist camp, and they’ve picked the perfect time for it. Adults only weekends at Shepherd’s Look get wild. Which suits this horny young couple, because they’re looking for people to fulfil some fantasies with.

Also in this issue- a bonus short story from the opposite end of the year, as Sarah vows to wear her Xmas Hat all day, no matter what they get up to.

Part 1 of Clothing Optional is now available as a PDF to buy from DriveThruComics and DrawMeIn. It features the first chapter of the story from the webcomic, with some tweaks to the artwork, and the bonus story Xmas Hat, a Christmas tale from a couple of years ago.

Part 2 starts soon at theduckwebcomics.

Clothing Optional – 22

End of part 1.

There’s going to be a break of a few weeks whilst I do preparation for part two. I’m going to be doing the penciling on smaller pages- so there’ll be fewer panels per page- but will be colouring them, rather than doing greys and tones as I have been so far.

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