Cassie Gets It On

Available from Amazon. Halfway around the world, and into their bed. For months, Cassie and Noel have been carrying on a long distance relationship with Megumi. Their video chats have become ever more intimate and revealing, and they are lovers in every way but one. Cassie has met Megumi in person, but Noel has never even been on the same continent as her. Now, Megumi is arriving from Japan, for a two month work transfer in the UK. Cassie and Noel are waiting for her at the airport, and they have promised they’ll use their tried and tested jet lag cure on her. They’re going to keep her awake, and active, for as long as possible, to reset her body clock. The best place to do this is the bedroom, of course. As the three young lovers spend time together, how are they going to adjust to finally fulfilling their […]

Today’s scene is from Cassie on Video, which is available from Amazon or Smashwords. Back in her flat, Cassie unpacked the new camera and read the quick start instructions. She started charging the battery and went for a shower. The light on the charger was green by the time she returned. The living room wasn’t the right place. Her flatmate was out, Thursday was one of the nights she regularly stayed over at her boyfriend’s, so she wasn’t going to interrupt, but her laundry was drying on racks by the window and in front of the radiators. The room was too messy. Cassie took the camera to her bedroom. There was only a single bed in Cassie’s room. It gave her more space for a desk and storage, and she hadn’t been expecting to need a double. It would be very cosy sharing the bed, but she hadn’t had Noel […]

Available from Amazon and Smashwords. Join Cassie and Noel in the Cassie Gets It On series as their relationship blossoms and they explore their fantasies together. Cassie On Video Determined to give her new lover, Noel, something to keep him hot whilst she’s away, Cassie shoots a little video. Surprised at how much it turns her on, she jumps at the chance to do it again when Noel suggests making a film together. Cassie Online Settling in to her work placement in Tokyo, Cassie can’t help but miss Noel. But they have a plan for a very naughty video call, and with her co-worker Megumi’s help, Cassie is going to have just the right toys and costume to make it incredibly memorable. Cassie On Top Cassie is back in Britain after four weeks in Japan. She needs to make up for lost time with her boyfriend, and she knows the […]

Cassie On Show When their lips parted, Cassie stared at Noel. Her cheeks had reddened, not all from the passion. “Is it okay? That I’m turned on by looking at another woman doing that. It doesn’t freak you out?” Now it was Noel’s turn to guide Cassie into a kiss, a reassuring peck. “Did it feel like I was freaked out?” Cassie smiled and blushed. Her hands ran up and down Noel’s thighs and squeezed the muscle. “But what if…. What if I told you that it’s got me thinking about making love with her?” “With Megumi?” Noel glanced up at the screen. Cassie followed his gaze, and the conversation was derailed for a long moment as they both took in the image of a beautiful woman on the other side of the world freeze-framed in the throes of passion. Cassie nodded. “It’s just a fantasy. I mean…. I’m sure […]

Cassie On Top (Cassie Gets It On Book 3) Noel had parked in a corner of the car park, with the passenger side of the van facing the concrete wall. When they walked round to the sliding side door, they were almost completely hidden from view. Noel dragged the door open and lifted the suitcase into the van. Cassie stepped forward and put her backpack beside the case, then studied the interior. The load space of the van was even more battered than the exterior, but, taking up a fair amount of the floor space, was a camping air bed, inflated and ready to use. Which was just what Cassie had requested. She felt Noel close behind her, and sensed the warmth of his body and his excitement, which matched hers. “The shag wagon is ready, isn’t it.” she said. Noel’s left arm wrapped around Cassie’s chest, pulling her close […]

Cassie On Video and Cassie Online are parts one and two of the Cassie Gets It On series. Cassie On Video Cassie had a beautiful face, heart shaped, with big blue eyes, small, perfect nose and lips made for smiling and kissing, all framed by a bob of deep black hair. But the lovely face was, if not upset, certainly disappointed. “I don’t know if I want to go to Japan now.” she announced. “He must be good.” Maria said, smiling at her cousin. Cassie smirked, and went a little red. “Next week, I’m going to Japan for four weeks. That’ll be longer than I’ve been with Noel. It’s just such shitty timing.” She sighed and stirred her tea. “Single for two years, and then I go and meet the perfect man three weeks before work sends me on the trip I’ve wanted to do since I was fifteen.” “I’m […]