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The Mary Tales Shots each contain two short stories, or one longer story of roughly novelette length. As part of the Summer revamp, they’re getting new covers and titles. Shots 1 to 3 have been re-covered so far, and the illustration for number 3 was particularly fun to do. This is the “no dice” version, the cover that was uploaded to Amazon etc. had strategically placed dice. Not only did they cover the warrior’s nipples, they added to the RPG theme of the image. The figure was created in Poser, and rendered out in cartoony colours, then given a black outline and detailing. The hex grid, map and lettering were created in a vector drawing program called Inkscape and the finished image was given a final polish in Photoshop Elements. This cover was a lot of fun to put together, and hopefully it will stand out amongst all the others […]

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