Corridor (Patron exclusive)

After not writing for most of this year, I’m getting back into the swing of it with these shorts. There may be a few more Covid Quickies in the next few weeks, and I’m putting the finishing touches to a novella that was started in January as well- look out for that soon.

We meet in the corridor outside the bathroom. I’m off for my phone from the bedroom, and she’s fresh out of the shower. She’s got her bathrobe tied loosely, and a little smile I know well.

It’s been a crappy week. Social distancing, lockdown, tiers, whatever it is we’re in- it’s hard to keep track- it grinds us down sometimes. We’ve both been grumpy and snippy, and we’ve not had any ways to get out and find some space.

We could talk about it. But there’s something better. She reaches out her right hand. I take it in my left, so my thumb can stroke the inside of her wrist. She likes that. We move closer. My right hand finds the belt of the bathrobe, and pulls it loose.

She shrugs out of the robe. I turn her, and lean her against the wall, hands stroking the skin of her waist and thighs. Her hands find the front of my jeans, and they’re unzipped and opened in a moment. Fingers wrap around my length, and she tugs it toward her.

I’ve got her pressed against the wall. Her right leg hooks up and around the back of my thighs. My hands on her butt cheeks lift her, she guides me, and I’m inside her.

“Yeah.” she whispers. “It’s good.”

I push up, lifting her until her toes don’t touch the carpet any more. I hold her there, nuzzling her neck and breathing in the floral scent of her wet hair. We’ve done this here before. It’s hot, but neither of us can ever come from it. “Bedroom?”

She nods. But we don’t part just yet. A couple of nibbling kisses of my neck, and a sigh, then she’s pushing me away. “Look.” she says, both hands theatrically pointing at her crotch.

“Hey, you shaved.” We’d been too close before for me to spot.

“Come on.” She leads me into the bedroom.

As she stretches out on the bed, I pull off my T-shirt and jeans. I kneel at the foot of the bed, and lift her right leg.

I kiss the back of her ankle, and my fingers tease behind her knee. Both areas that are as sensitive as her wrist. All the while, I’m staring down the length of her leg at the newly naked skin where she’s just shaved her pubes.

I’m teasing her. She’s grasping the sheets, trying not to rise to it. The only answer is to tease me back. She spreads her left leg, giving me a better view of the pink lips below the shaved mound. She wins.

My right hand works its way down her thigh. The fingertips slide over her mons, down her left leg, and back again. I need to kiss her there, so my lips start working their way up her calf and the inside of her thigh.

Her hands come up, and guide me down to her sex. I lick and kiss her mons, then my lips close at the top of her labia. My tongue teases at them, and she grinds up at me. “That’s it.”

She’s already wet. I slid straight in earlier. But I’m getting her wetter. She holds my head there, pushing back at me. Then I slide a finger in her, and her hips buck harder and faster. She’s close. Very close.

“In me.” she tells me, tugging me up. I manage to kiss a few spots on the way. Belly, navel, breasts, throat, chin, then, finally, her lips.

She reaches down, finds me, and helps me in. She sighs against my mouth as I slide into her. She lifts her legs, hooks them over my waist, so I can get even deeper.

I rock in and out of her, kissing her at the end of each thrust. She kisses back, ever more passionate. She’s close, telegraphing the approaching orgasm.

“Yes! Oh yes!” I can feel the climax shake through her as she calls out.

She holds me tight, hips bucking still with the aftershocks of pleasure.

“You haven’t come yet.” she says, after a while.


“Roll me over. Fuck me hard.”

I can’t pass on an offer like that. After a couple of quick moves, she’s on her knees, butt up in the air, head on her arms on the bed. The red lips of her pussy are so damn inviting, but she makes it even better, reaching back to part the labia with her fingers.

One hand on the small of her back, another holding my cock, I guide myself into her. “Like that.” she tells me, voice muffled. Her fingers move to play around her clit.

Grasping her thighs, I pull all the way out, then ram back in hard. That’s good.

Another stoke out and back in. Then faster.

Faster again.


Then I’m pumping hard and faster. The slap of skin on skin, and her grunts of pleasure, mark the rhythm of my thrusts.

I’m getting close, though. My rhythm breaks. She feels it, and pushes back. “Come on!” she calls out, hitting another high.

Just a few more. Just a few.

There. I push in deep, feeling the pump from the base of my cock. Warmth and tingling pleasure spread through me from my crotch outward. The tight warmth of her vagina squeezes me as I fill it with semen.

We sink down to the bed again, and don’t move for a while. Just gentle strokes and touches raising the occasional shiver. “We needed that.” she says.

I kiss her neck. “Yup.”

“What time is it?” She stretches, reaches over the side of the bed, and finds a phone. “Ah, crap. I’ve got a Zoom meeting in ten minutes. I should get dressed.”

“That sucks. I don’t have any work nonsense today, and I got most of the work done last night.”

“Smug git. You just stay here, then, and I’ll be back as soon as possible. We need more of that, to make up for what we’ve missed out on this last week.”