Undistanced [Patron Version] 1

“I brought wine.” Kevin announced. He held up the bottle as a salute to the man who had opened the door.

“Oooh, the good stuff.” Martin took the gift. “Come on in. I’ll go and open this so it can breathe. Nadiya’s in the front room. She can’t wait to see you.” He pointed at the nearest door as he headed through to the rear of the house.

It seemed odd that Nadiya hadn’t come out to the hallway to meet him, but Kevin shrugged that off. He opened the door, to be greeted by quite the sight.

The large flat-screen TV was in front of a blocked up fireplace. The whole of it was taken up by an oversized erection, being stroked by an eager hand. He recognised it almost immediately. That was his hand and cock. He had shot this footage the week before.

“Well, hello.” said Nadiya, from his left.

He had been staring at himself, completely forgetting his hostess. “Hello there, I…. ah.”

Nadiya was lounging on the couch, completely naked. Her arms were stretched out across the cushions, her long legs crossed. She smiled up at him, amused at his surprise, then gratified by the clear horniness in the way he checked out her full firm breasts. As she uncrossed her legs, Kevin’s gaze moved downward. An exclamation mark of neatly trimmed pubic hair pointed to dark, and already excited, labia.

They had seen each other on screen many times over lock down, but this was the first time Kevin had been able to appreciate Nadiya in the flesh. He got to appreciate her even more as she sprang up from the couch, and was in front of him in a step. “I’ve been getting so horny waiting for you.” Her right hand went to the front of his jeans. “And you’ve been thinking about me too. It’s so nice to be appreciated.”

Kevin rested his hands on Nadiya’s waist, and they moved in close, until her chest pressed against his, and their lips met. As their tongues played against each other, he moved his grip around to the smooth hemispheres of her buttocks.

There was movement beside them. Martin had returned from the kitchen. “She’s been getting so horny waiting for you.”

“I told him that already.” Nadiya announced, with a toss of her head and a sexy laugh.

“What about you?” Kevin asked. He released a butt cheek, and reached across to feel Martin’s crotch. There was a satisfyingly hard and warm shaft inside Martin’s trousers, waiting to be let loose. “That’s what I wanted to find.”

“We should take this to the bedroom.” Nadiya said as Kevin kissed her husband.

“Oh, I’ve seeded every room with condoms. We can start right here.” Martin told her.

“I should start by paying my respects to the hostess.” Kevin said. Taking Nadiya’s forearms, he gently guided her back to the couch. She understood his plan, dropping down to perch on the front edge. He was on his knees before her in a moment, and she opened her thighs wide.

Kevin started by kissing Nadiya’s knees, then worked his way up the dark skin of her thighs. Even before he had reached her vulva, her breathing was faster. She panted in anticipation. The engorged, dark labia lips parted for him before he had even reached them, and the pink bud of her clitoris peeked out for attention. Kevin’s tongue flickered over it. He only brushed the tip over it, ever so lightly, and she squealed with delight.

Backing away from the over sensitive spot for a while, Kevin ran his tongue up and down Nadiya’s labia. He teased the crinkled lips, tasting her excitement as he moved up and down them. As she opened further, his tongue dipped deeper into her each time. Meanwhile, the fingers of his right hand teased the skin on the inside of her left thigh as the worked their way up to the prize.

Nadiya spread her legs as wide as she could, and moved forwards until she was barely on the couch at all. Her hips moved back and forth, as she tried to urge Kevin’s fingers inside her. She won the fight soon enough, as two digits slipped inside her, sliding inside easily. She grasped Kevin’s head as her body began jerking with her orgasm. “Oh fuck, yes!” she exclaimed.

Kevin lifted his head and looked around. He wanted to give Nadiya a moment to savour, and come down from, her climax. But he had also become aware of something close by that he wanted to look at.

Martin had stripped, and now stood beside the man who had just gone down on his wife. The erection that Kevin had felt through material earlier now stood out, full and proud and demanding attention. “May I join in?” Martin asked.

“Oh baby, his tongue is so good.” Nadiya told her husband. “I want to see him suck you.”

Kevin was more than happy to oblige. His lips closed over the head of Martin’s cock, and he ran his tongue over it. As he took more of the length into his mouth, his fingers started moving inside Nadiya again. He was pleasuring both his host and hostess at once, and it turned him on more than he could have expected.

“I’m gonna come again!” Nadiya announced. “I want Kevin’s cock in me when I do.”

“Whatever you want, babe.” Martin told her, voice tight. Even though he knew it would end the blow job he was getting, it was what he wanted as well.

They moved apart. Kevin stood, and started removing his clothes. Meanwhile, Nadiya and Martin moved around to new positions. Martin sat on the couch, and Nadiya got down on all fours before him. She started licking up and down his shaft as he held out a condom for Kevin.

Their guest had tossed his shirt and T-shirt aside, but was too impatient to fight with his shoes. He pushed his jeans and boxers down to his ankles, and dropped to the floor behind Nadiya. The condom was on in a moment, and he guided his sheathed shaft between her labia.

The lips parted for him easily, and she was so wet and excited that he slid smoothly into her. Grasping her waist, he sank all the way into her in a long, slow thrust. “Oh fuck, yes. His cock is great too.” Nadiya told her husband.

Martin was entranced by the movements of another man inside his wife, but his lips pursed in pleasure as she took his cock in her mouth. Kevin’s movements rocked Nadiya back and forth, guiding the tempo with which she sucked Martin.

The room filled with the grunts of the two men, punctuated by muffled moans from Nadiya. Kevin made a flurry of sharp thrusts, then slowed to hold himself back, before starting again. He managed to draw their pleasure out, until he looked up and saw how close Martin was to climax. Their eyes met, and there was a nod of understanding.

Tuned to her husband’s pleasure, Nadiya could tell how close he was. As Kevin paused his thrusts, she sucked up and down Martin’s shaft. Feeling the pulses in his shaft, she paused, holding just the glans between her lips. As the first of the warm, sticky liquid hit her tongue, another climax shivered through her.

Kevin couldn’t hold still for long. As Nadiya sucked up the last of Martin’s spend, he began thrusting again. Her moans no longer gagged, she made her appreciation more obvious again. She looked up at her husband, who clearly understood just what she wanted. “Fuck her hard.” he told Kevin.

Nadiya braced herself against Martin’s thighs, as Kevin started doing just what he’d been told. He pulled out, then thrust in hard. His movements became shorter, but harder and faster, and Nadiya’s cries of pleasure increased with them.

She came again before Kevin could hold back no more. He pushed deep inside her one last time, and held her tight as semen pumped up his shaft and filled the condom.

They came back down slowly. “All that time in lock down…. This was better than all the fantasies.” Nadiya said.

“And this is just the beginning. We have a whole weekend.” Martin told her. “Let’s have a quick rest first. We have snacks for energy, and that wine should have breathed enough by now.”

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