Yearly archives: 2018

Please do not adjust your sets. Mary Tales is drawing a sex scene that lasts for several pages, and trying to get it all done together. Normal service shall be resumed as soon as possible. Meanwhile, here is a naughty sketch. Get to see these pages first, and at higher resolution, by supporting me on Patreon.

You may have noticed that single panels from the webcomic are showing, instead of full pages. I’ve found that the blog isn’t a great place to navigate the story, and had already mirrored pages over at Duck webcomics. Now, I think it will be a better experience for readers if they view the comic there. The teaser images may also be shrunk as well, so that they don’t overwhelm the blog so much.

Click on the image to be taken to the full page. I’ve started exporting the finished pages with greys instead of halftones, and got rid of some of the annoying moire effects that were going on. This is a learning process, and now I know a bit more about Manga Studio’s export settings. Toward the woods! Get to see these pages first, and at higher resolution, by supporting me on Patreon.

Jiggles and the Black Shaft is the 4th book in the Jiggles series. The ebook can be ordered from Amazon and Smashwords. The paperback can also be ordered from certain Amazon stores. Patreon supporters at the $2.50 level will be getting a copy of the ebook later this month, as well as the usual book from the archives. The blurb- Murder, mystery, saucy fun, and maybe even a ghost. The Jiggleswick Air crew are enjoying a weekend at a country house. They’ve been invited along by a family friend, to help Lord Carstairs solve the mystery of his father’s death. Along the way, they can’t help but get involved in the love lives of the guests and staff. Ally helps young Eileen and Lord Carstairs take their relationship to the next level. Jiggles meets the gorgeous American Erin, and they both want to bed her old crush Godfrey Hardwicke. And […]