Jiggles and the Black Shaft – 28

The weather had turned darker and colder, but the gazebo was full of naked bodies, and they warmed it enough to be comfortable. There was a gentle patter of rain on the roof as everyone waited eagerly for the ceremony to commence.

The only person in the small building who still had any clothes on was Eileen, standing at the foot of the padded bench in the middle of the room, wearing a long, loose gown that tied down the front with several bows. Her hair was freshly done, and her make-up was pristine. She had a happy little smile and serene countenance as she looked around at all the guests for the ceremony.

A week had passed since the short but dramatic aerial chase around the local countryside. Melissa and Donald were locked up, and the cases against them put together. The mysterious X, otherwise known as Marty- the gigolo Donald had paid to seduce Maude- had told all rather than face conspiracy charges.

Several of Donald’s bank accounts and safety deposit boxes had been tracked down, and there was a line of defrauded businesses and individuals were lining up to claim compensation. Eileen’s father was one of them, but he was particularly lucky, as the paperwork Lynes had found made the payments easy to track down. He might be back in business before the year was out.

Even more importantly, Toby and Eileen were officially engaged. The official ceremony had been set for just before Christmas, but they were already living as man and wife. Or Lord and Lady, even. So they were going to enact the ceremony that had marked the marriage of Toby’s grandparents, which had been described in the diary that Eileen had found in her room’s secret compartment.

There had been a couple of changes and additions, and Ally had the outline of proceedings on a sheet of paper, as she was to act as mistress of ceremonies. Standing beside Eileen, she was reading the list with a smile. “Shall we begin?” she asked.

Ally and Eileen turned around to face Toby, and the packed room went silent. He was clearly ready, his erection full, hard, and magnificent. Eileen looked down at it, then back up to his face, grinning widely. “I am ready.” she affirmed.

Reaching out, Toby and Eileen took each other’s hands. Ally nodded to each of them, then checked her list. “We are gathered here today for the physical union of Toby and Eileen, to bless their marriage, and to vow our support for them in the coming years. Are we all agreed?”

“We are agreed.” the whole of the assembled crowd replied.

“Toby, undress your bride.” Ally commanded.

Eileen let go of Toby’s hands, and held her arms loosely down at her sides as he reached for the cords that held her gown together. He untied the top bow, and pulled the cord from the eyes, dropping it to the side. Eileen made little fists as he took his time working on the next bow, teasing her.

One by one, the bows were released, and the cords discarded, until the front of the gown hung open. Eileen’s naked body could be seen through the gap. She did a slow turn, and everyone could see the rise of her breasts, but not the nipples, which were long and tight, and pushed out the silk that covered them. Further down, there was the hint of the top of her legs, and her crotch, but that was obscured somewhat in shadow.

Nobody had to wait long, however, to see all of Eileen’s glories. When the turn was completed, Toby’s hands came back, and pushed the gown from her shoulders. It fell to the floor, and she stood naked before the crowd.

Many of those present had seen Eileen’s lovely body in the buff before. But she was far too gorgeous for them not to applaud, so they did. Eileen blushed with pride and excitement, and gave a little bow. She sat on the bench, then moved to stretch out along its length.

Now the spectators were treated to a sight that none of them, but for Ally and Toby, had seen before. Eileen had shaved the tight hair from her mons, and was now bare above the lips of her sex. There was another round of applause as she made herself comfortable, and rested her feet on the rests to either side of the bench.

The mirrored panels in the ceiling of the gazebo had all been polished. The broken ones had been replaced. Eileen looked up at herself, studying the multiple views of her naked body, and made a happy little sigh, shivering at the excitement.

Toby was at the end of the bench, ready, and more than willing, to climb onto the leather and make love with his bride. But first, they had to do a little more of the ceremony. Ally scanned through the words she was to use, getting the message and tone clear before she uttered them.

“Eileen and Toby, do you swear to treat each other with love and joy, to be equals and supports, and to treat others as you would yourselves?”

“We do.” Toby and Eileen said together.

“Will you vow to live for each other’s pleasure, and to share that pleasure with any you both consider worthy of it?”

“We will.”

“And will you now show those here assembled how strongly you feel for each other, and how serious you are in your vows.”

“We will.”

“Then you should make love.”

Toby was about to step up onto the bench, but stopped. He reached out to Ally, drawing her closer, and kissing her. There was applause from the room, including Eileen on the bench, and Ally blushed as the kiss broke and she stepped back. “You were the first we shared our pleasure with, and will always have a place in our bed, if you want it.” Toby said.

“I will gladly take that place.” Ally said, when she had recovered enough to reply to the off script offer. “Now, make love with your bride.”

Toby climbed onto the bench. He placed his hands either side of Eileen’s shoulders, and she reached up to hold him. As they kissed, he lowered his body toward hers. Ally reached between them to guide him between Eileen’s labia.

There was a long, happy sigh from the lovers as Toby sank his length into Eileen. Then they rested, skin against skin, enjoying the contact.

It seemed that everyone in the gazebo was holding their breath, waiting for Toby to start moving in Eileen. They breathed in in unison, in one long, slow moan, as he pulled out of her. then exhaled in a lusty grunt as he thrust hard and fast back in.

The lovers’ movements quickly hit an erotic rhythm. Eileen had already been on the edge of orgasm, and cried out climax after climax as Toby made love with her. Watching and listening, the room was full of wet pussies and hard cocks. Some of the ladies reached out to one of the men beside them, and gently stroked them. But they all held themselves back, the men had an important part in the ceremony that was to happen soon.

Toby’s thrusts became less regular. He pushed hard into Eileen and held himself there. Then he risked pulling out, and thrusting again. This time, he stayed in place, letting out a happy groan as he pumped his semen deep inside her. The feel of it inside her pushed her up to another peak, and her voice of pleasure joined his.

There was more applause as the lovers kissed and stroked each other, coming down from their highs. After a while, Toby lifted himself up, and pulled out of Eileen, to stand at the foot of the bench once more. She made a sad sound at feeling him go, but it transformed to a happy coo as she remembered the next part of the ceremony.

Ally almost forgot that the next line was hers. The room went silent, and she checked her sheet. Nodding, she moved to stand beside Toby.

“The bride and groom have demonstrated their love for one another. Now it is our turn, the assembled well wishers, to offer them our support and blessing.” Ally gave a little wave, and all the men stood. “Men of the parish, and beyond, will you anoint the bride, wishing prosperity, fertility, and joy for her?”

“We will.” said the men circled around the wood and leather altar. Not for the first time, Ally was reminded of a ceremony she, Jiggles, and Ginge had seen performed in Africa. There, the beautiful archaeologist Fiona had been on the altar, ‘sacrificing’ her virginity with great pleasure, to mark the rediscovery of an ancient complex of tombs and temples.

“Let the bride feel how willing you are, then take your places.”

A queue formed at the head of the bench. As each man drew close, Eileen reached up, and gave his erection a gentle, loving stroke, then pulled it down to her mouth, and kissed the head. Lynes, Godfrey, Ginge, Clive, Sergeant and then Constable Miller, Doctor Todd, and the other gardener, and both footmen, each got this treatment. When it was done, Eileen looked dazed but joyous at having handled so many manhoods so close together. She looked down the length of the bench, and saw them all arrayed above her body, standing to attention, and ready to make their offerings.

“Oh my.” said Eileen, the words coming out as an excited sigh.

“Eileen, are you ready to receive the offering?” Ally asked.

“I am. Oh yes, I am.”

“Excellent. Gentlemen, present your offering. I command you all- Come on Eileen!”

Every man’s hand went to his shaft, and started stroking it eagerly. Eileen looked down her body at them, fascinated by all the movement. They were all soon moving in rhythm, and she had to keep blinking to avoid being hypnotised.

Lynes, near Eileen’s right shoulder, was the first to break the beat. Eileen shifted her attention to the deep red, fat head of his cock. She let her head fall back, closing her eyes and opening her mouth as she saw the first white blob shooting out.

Lynes’ semen hit Eileen’s cheek, a little spot reaching as far as her lips. Her tongue flicked out, and she licked the offering, tasting it. Another spurt from Lynes hit her shoulder, whilst somebody else grunted, and wet warmth landed on her left breast.

Now that two of the men had let go, the rest weren’t far behind. Sticky semen pattered down on Eileen’s body, almost in time to the rain hitting the roof. She tried not to move, but couldn’t keep from shivering and moaning as another orgasm rolled through her.

The downpour of spend came to an end as Eileen’s climax subsided. She took a few deep breaths, and opened her eyes carefully. “That was quite an offering.” she said, grin especially wide.
“Wasn’t it?” Ally waved. “Gentlemen, thank you. Now, if you will take your seats, it is time for the ladies.”

There was a shuffling, and a little dance, as everyone swapped places. The ladies presented themselves to Toby on their way to line up along the sides of the bench. He bent to lick at a nipple and run a finger over the lips of their labia as they passed him. Eileen watched the procession, sighing with sympathetic pleasure every time Toby touched another woman.

Jiggles and Erin took Eileen’s right side, Lucy stood at the head of the bench, and Annette and Cook were on her left. Ally placed herself at the foot. “Ladies, we, too, shall share and enhance the pleasures of Toby and Eileen. Are you ready to show them your dedication to their joy?”

“We are.” came the chorus.

“Very well, let us clean up this mess the men have made.”

There was a collective giggle, and then the women all bent to Eileen. They kissed her, then licked at the nearest dribbles of semen. Lucy kissed Eileen on the lips, whilst Ally worked up the insides of her thighs.

Inch by square inch, they cleaned Eileen’s body. She tried to hold still for them, but that soon became impossible. She writhed and rolled and screamed out in joy at their attention. Her cries echoed around the inside of the small building, spurring them on to ever more eager movements.

Ally licked the tip of her tongue along the slit of Eileen’s sex, tasting mingled semen and pleasure. Eileen’s voice rose to an even higher pitch. It was too much for the gaggle of ladies around her, and they were soon moaning with their own sympathetic orgasms.

When they were all done, Eileen’s body glistened. She lay in place, panting with pleasure, as the women all stepped back into the waiting arms of the men. “I don’t think I can move. I have experienced so much pleasure and love that I think I am paralysed with ecstasy. You should all feel the joy I have felt. Toby, darling, show Ally our love.”

“With great pleasure. Ally?” Toby took Ally’s hand, and kissed her knuckles. “Where would you like it?”

“If I lean forwards, like this….” Ally demonstrated, resting her forearms on the leather of the bench, so that her lips were over Eileen’s sex once more. “Then you can take me from behind.”
Eileen could just manage to lift her head enough to look down her body as her husband to be slipped his renewed erection into Ally. “Beautiful.” she said.

Around the room, the guests watched this first enactment of how Eileen and Toby intended to share their love, as promised. It roused them all again, and they were ready for further rounds of loving again.

All manner of combinations formed around the circular room, men, women, and mixed groups enjoying each other in the best ways possible. Cries of pleasure shook the walls, and echoed around the darkening woods outside.