Jiggles and the Black Shaft – 25

It was beginning to get light outside when Lucy and Clive insisted they should leave Ginge’s bedroom. They had made love, then rested, on and off all night. Despite the lack of time actually asleep, Ginge was feeling reinvigorated after his high passion night.

“I would like to try something special tonight.” Lucy said as she dressed. “Something that will require the both of you again, working together even more than you did last night. Will you help?”

“Tell us what it is first.” Clive insisted, half serious.

“Well. You know how you have told me how much you enjoy taking Mister Lynes up your bum? Yes?” Clive nodded at Lucy’s question. “Well, I would like it if you would do that to me. But I want it to be really special. And I would like you,” she pointed at Ginge, “to be in my fanny at the same time. To really, really have two lovers at once.”

“I’m happy to help with that.” Clive admitted. His penis, which he had insisted was worn out moments before, twitched and started to rise at the images in his head. He tucked it inside his trousers and closed them quickly.

“Well, it’s decided then. The same time tomorrow…. I mean tonight. I am so glad that Annette is on breakfast duty today. I may be asleep when it is being served.”

Lucy stood by the door, waiting for Clive to finish dressing. Ginge came over to her to unlock the door, then had a thought. “You know what. I am rather peckish right now. All that…. activity has given me an appetite. Would you mind if I come with you as far as the kitchen and pantry, and grab a quick something to keep me going?”

“Of course not. But do put some clothes on. There’s probably nobody else about, but Little Ginge bouncing around as you walk might distract me.”

Ginge pulled on light trousers, and a shirt he didn’t bother to button, and they left the room. “We’ll take the Black Shaft, shall we?” Lucy suggested.

“But keep our hands to ourselves. Mustn’t get distracted, like you said.” Ginge answered.

“What’s that?” Clive asked. When they turned to see what he meant, he was pointing along the corridor, to the table on the landing, opposite the top of the stairs.

At first, Ginge couldn’t see what it was that Clive thought was out of place. But then his gaze dropped, and he noticed the square shape on the floor under the table. Something about the pattern printed upon it seemed familiar.

They all drifted toward the table. Clive bent down, and pinched the piece of card carefully between his thumb and forefinger. “It’s a playing card. Well, half a card. Is this the other half of the one we found by where Maude was…?”

Half of a Queen of Hearts stared back at them. “You know, I believe it is. I mean, what else could it be?”

“How did it get under the table?” Lucy asked. “I suppose this part of the house wasn’t tidied yesterday, what with all that happened. So it just sat there…. Is this a clue?”

“If ever I saw one, this is a clue.” Ginge concluded.

“What do we do with it?” Clive asked.

“I think we take it to Godfrey and Toby, and everyone else, and see what they make of it. Come on. Let’s wake them.”

* * *

Toby was sat at the desk in his bedroom, turning the half playing card so it got the most light, and studying it with a magnifying glass. Eileen and Ally stood behind him, staring over his shoulders. None of them had any clothes on.

Toby had answered the door naked when Ginge had knocked and said that he had found an important clue. Lucy had caught sight of her employer’s penis- soft, but still fat after a night of prodigious use- and barely been able to take her eyes off it as he ushered them into the room. Then she had stared at the beauties of Ally and Eileen as they sprang from the bed to study the card. She had found it impossible to look any of the threesome in the eye since then. Her gaze always drifted downwards to chest or crotch.

“I think I should…. Maybe I should…. Go to my room, and get ready for me duties.” Lucy managed to say, after staring at the rounded loveliness of Eileen and Ally’s buttocks for a while, and starting to go pink with the thoughts they inspired.

Eileen turned to look at Lucy, spotting the colour in her cheeks. “Oh. Oh dear I’m sorry, we haven’t put on any clothes. That’s really rude of us. You don’t have to go just because we’re nude.”

Lucy broke out into a wide grin, and then laughed at herself. If Toby had said the same thing, she likely would have curtsied and then hurried out of the room. But she knew Eileen better, and had the confidence to say. “The three of you are so lovely together, that I’m feeling all turned on. Even after the night I’ve had. I was thinking of a quick little bit of hand play, if truth be told, just thinking about you.”

“That is such a lovely thing to say.” Eileen bounced across the gap to Lucy and hugged her. Lucy took the opportunity to reach down and cup her butt cheeks. “Oooh. Cheeky.”

“Well, I think you’re going to be lady of the manor soon. I don’t think I’ll be allowed to do that then.” Lucy gave another squeeze, then let go of Eileen.

“If Toby is serious about his new rules around here, that sort of thing might be encouraged.” Ally joked.

Toby, hearing his name looked up from the half card. “I will do what?”

“Let Lucy squeeze my bum.” Eileen told him with a laugh.

Toby considered the tight little moons in question, giving them as much attention as he had the card. “Only if she wants to, and asks nicely. And, of course, if you want her to. That seems like a good rule to me.”

“That sounds like the Carstairs Hall I was reading about in The Prawn.” Ginge said.

“Yes, perhaps something like that. And some of Grandpapa’s reminiscences that didn’t make it into The Prawn. I will have to read them all again, and see which ones are most suited to the way things should be.” Toby nodded as he thought about this.

“Like the book I found in my room’s hidden cupboard?” Eileen asked.

“Oh, definitely that.” Toby beamed, and flushed, as he thought about this.

“You can squeeze my bum any time you want, as well.” Lucy told everyone in the room.

“But we have rather got away from the main subject. As fun as all this sounds.” Ally said.

“Well, we are just waiting for Godfrey to join us, before we decide how to proceed.” Toby admitted.

Perfectly on cue, the bedroom door opened. Clive came in first, followed by Jiggles, Godfrey and Erin. Godfrey had dressed, but Erin and Jiggles were simply wearing one of his shirts each. The long tails came so far down their thighs that nobody could be sure whether they were wearing anything underneath.

“I believe we have a development.” Godfrey said, before looking around the room. “I say, if I had known that so few of you would be dressed, I wouldn’t have put so many clothes on myself.”

“You can undress after you have had a look at this, God. If you want.” Toby held up the card fragment.

“Oh my. Is that what I think it is?”

“We would have to match it up to the one we found yesterday to be sure. But I cannot see it being anything else.”

“Where did you find it?”

Toby gestured at Lucy, Clive and Ginge, prompting their explanation. Ginge and Clive deferred to Lucy, and she eagerly explained how they had happened upon it. Even impatient as he was for details, Godfrey didn’t stop her as she wandered off the subject, and gave details of the fun she had enjoyed with Ginge and Clive.

“Hmmm.” Godfrey pondered when Lucy had finished. “Most interesting. I think this makes it obvious that Maude’s mystery visitor is in the house, or has been within the last day or so. I think we need to try something a little drastic. And if that achieves nothing, then I still have some tricks I can have played with it.”

Everyone was looking at Godfrey now, so he explained his plan quickly. It was straightforward enough, and, soon, they all knew what was expected of them. “And now, sadly, we must all get dressed and get down to breakfast.” he declared, finally.