Jiggles and the Black Shaft – 24

Ginge still had the copy of The Prawn that he had been reading the night before to finish. But he went to scan the books in the games room again, in case there were any more issues, or similar publications, still to be found. It didn’t take him long to discover they were everywhere.

There was no real order to the saucy tales. Whilst it appeared that every other book had been placed upon the shelves to fit a system, the naughtier stuff was slipped in at random. Ginge worked his way along the shelves, pulling out the books that had suggestive titles, and giving them a quick look, before putting them back so that they stood out for easy rediscovery.

He was halfway through the room, and had found half a dozen books, when there was a knock on the door. It was half open, and Lucy stood in the opening. She gave a partial curtsy, and stepped into the room. “I was hoping I would find you, sir. When I had cleared away after Supper, I thought I would look for you.” she said.

“Really? How can I help you?” Ginge waved her into the room and started sauntering across toward her.

“Well, Lord Carstairs was very understanding about the Shaft game, but he said we ought to find somewhere else to play it. Somewhere the rest of the house can’t hear us. I’m awful horny tonight. I don’t know why, I’m sure I shouldn’t be, after poor Maude…. But I am, and I was wondering if you would like to join Clive and me?” Lucy’s cheeks were pink, but, as she spoke, Ginge was sure the heat changed from nervousness to excitement.

“That would be lovely. Would you like to use my big bed?”

“Oh. I hadn’t thought of that. I was going to take you back to my room. Clive should already be there.”

“Shall we go and collect him?” Ginge stood in front of Lucy now. He took hold of her right hand, and raised it up, so that he could bend forwards and kiss the back of it. She sniggered at the action.

“Let’s go and get him. I am getting wet already.” Lucy said, tugging Ginge after her.

They went a short way along the corridor, then Lucy pushed open a discreet door. There was a staircase down to the level below. Wider and better lit than the Black Shaft, it couldn’t have been anywhere near as much fun to make love on.

The stairs deposited them beside the kitchen. Maude turned away from that, and took Ginge toward the staff bedrooms. She stopped by a dark blue door, and opened it.

It was a small room, neatly organised. Clive was laid on the narrow bed, his trousers down to his knees, and prodigious shaft already stiff. He looked up at them, and smiled. “About time. I was going to start without you.” he joked.

“Mister Ginge has offered us use of his bed. It’s much bigger, and will have the room for what I really want to do.” Lucy said. She was staring greedily at Clive’s hard on, and sounded reluctant when she ordered, “Put that away, and we will head up there.”

Clive didn’t seem disappointed. The chance to do it in a guest bedroom more than made up for not getting it on immediately. He arched his back, to pull the trousers all the way up his legs, then twisted around and stood up in an easy movement. He was buttoned up and ready to go in a moment.

They headed up to Ginge’s room by yet another stairway, opening yet another subtly hidden door. The hall was a maze of secret routes, Ginge realised, mostly there so that the staff could get around without being seen. The effect, as they appeared just as they were needed, must have seemed almost magical, when the house was operating properly.

Ginge unlocked his room, and ushered Lucy and Clive in. Seeing the double bed, Clive grinned. “Now that’s a proper sized bed for fucking in.” he pronounced.

“I know. We should get fucking.” Lucy declared. She reached out her arms, and urged the two men toward her, then looked down at the clothes she wore. The command was clear, help her out of them, as quickly as possible.

Clive started unbuttoning Lucy’s blouse, so that he could get his hands on her luscious breasts. Ginge moved around behind her, and found the buttons to release her long skirt. The first two garments were off in moments, then Clive unhooked her brassiere, and Ginge pushed her knickers down to her feet.

When Ginge had helped Lucy out of her shoes, she stood naked before her two men. Her skin was pale and smooth on her curvy body. She had full, heavy breasts, that swelled magnificently from her chest, inviting hands toward them. Her waist curved in, very pronounced, then her wide hips flared out, to give her the fullest of hourglass figures, emphasised even more by the moons of her buttocks.

Lust and excitement illuminated her pretty round face. Her red lips were split in a wide, saucy smile, and her eyes danced from one man to the other. “Doing it in the dark is fun, but I want to see the two of you naked. I’m sure that will be lovely too.” She dropped onto the bed, rolling to the middle of it and stretching out. Her fingers could just reach the edges from where she lay. “I haven’t been in such a big bed for a long time.” Her smile said that she had enjoyed herself a lot that time, and asked whether they would be able to match it.

Ginge and Clive needed no more encouragement, and were both stripping their clothes off immediately. When they were naked, they stood at the foot of the bed, staffs standing stiff in salute of Lucy’s voluptuousness. She lifted her head to stare down at them, and her mouth opened in a little O shape, full of anticipation. She spread her legs, and their attentions went to the pussy lips she was revealing.

Climbing onto the bed, Ginge and Clive took a leg each, and began kissing their way up from her ankles. Little sounds of anticipation became stronger, and more excited, the higher they got. When they were halfway up her thighs, they paused briefly. Clive gave a nod toward Lucy’s magnificent breasts, and set off up her body toward them. Ginge moved so that he was between her legs, kissing the insides of both thighs to raise her expectations.

The lips of Lucy’s sex glistened with her excitement. As Ginge closed on them, they opened, pouting at him. He ran the tip of his tongue along their length, tasting the tingle of her excitement, and raising a happy sigh from her. He could just see, at the top of his lick, that Clive was playing with one of her breasts, lifting it and teasing it, before his mouth closed on a nipple.

For minutes, the only sounds were the slurps and smacks of Ginge and Clive’s lips ant tongues playing with Lucy, and the sighs and groans they raised in her. As her pleasure rose in pitch yet again, she took a deep breath, and managed to say, “I want your cocks. I want them right now.”

They couldn’t possibly ignore an order such as that, so they both knelt up, ready to move their shafts to exactly where Lucy wanted them. The three of them looked at each other, as they considered how they should proceed. It was Lucy who decided how it should go.

“You sit up there.” she told Clive. He went straight to the head of the bed, pulling up a pillow to sit against. His fine, long erection stood proudly jutting out from his crotch, and Lucy grinned at it. She rolled over, then went up onto all fours to crawl toward it. Licking her lips and anticipating the taste, she added, “And Mister Ginge, if you will take me from behind.”

Lucy’s lips closed over the head of Clive’s erection. His eyes closed, and he had a wide smile at the sensations. Ginge shuffled toward her white thighs, holding his own cock at the right angle to enter her. Finding the lips of her sex, which he had made so wet and ready, he moved the fat glans up and down them. Lucy’s knees moved a little farther apart , and she opened some more to draw him in.

Ginge slid easily all the way into Lucy, and she made a grunt of satisfaction around Clive’s shaft. He pulled out of her, and she followed him, lifting her lips almost all the way off Clive. As Ginge built up his rhythm, she followed it, letting it control the speed with which she sucked Clive.

Her large breasts swayed under her like pendulums. Clive tried to reach down and grab them, but they kept slipping from his grasp. His eyes were wide open now, watching the way her lips moved on his shaft, and the thrusts Ginge made into her. “This is more fun than the dark.” he said.

Ginge was close to climax, and Lucy was matching him. As his thrusts became more erratic, she lifted her head to let out cries of joy. The orgasm shivered through her, and Ginge could feel her squeezing his length inside her. This was enough to send him over the edge, and he pumped semen into her with a victorious cry.

“You aren’t done yet?” Lucy said to Clive, her voice still warbling with the aftershocks of her pleasure.

“Not yet.” he admitted.

“You should come in me too.”

Ginge didn’t need to be told what to do. He pulled out of Lucy, and dropped to the bed beside her. She rolled over onto her back whilst Clive moved around to the foot of the bed again.
Lucy and Ginge both looked down at Clive’s lovely erection as he crawled up the bed toward her. She spread her legs, and he angled his hips to aim the shaft. Ginge reached down and took hold of it, helping keep it true to its target. The head slipped between the lips of her wet and full labia, and almost immediately, he slipped into her.

Watching Clive and Lucy make love, Ginge felt himself getting hard again. Little Ginge was still fat from the previous round, and started twitching and rising from where it rested between his thighs. Clive’s thrusts were strong and enthusiastic. Lucy’s cries as he moved in her hinted at imminent orgasm. They were a lovely sight to see. He couldn’t help but reach down and massage himself, helping the stiffness grow.

Lucy’ cries were lusty and loud. If they had been in the Black Shaft again, the whole house would have known what fun she was having. She shouted out a hurrah for the orgasm coursing through her frame, then another, as she felt Clive’s spend flooding into her and mingling with Ginge’s.

Clive held himself in place past the point where he had filled Lucy. He had a pleased expression as he savoured the squeeze and tease of her insides around his cock. Slowly, he eased himself out of her, and lay on her other side.

“Two men at once. I haven’t done that for so long.” Lucy said. She ran her hands over the bodies of her two lovers, and her eyes went wide when she reached Ginge’s crotch. “Goodness. Are you ready to go again?”

“I am if you are.” Ginge assured her.

“Well, then. Let me have another few minutes to recover, and then I would like to ride a Saint George on you. Would you like that?”

Ginge thought of the sight of Lucy’s big breasts swaying back and forth as she moved up and down his shaft. He smiled lustily, and nodded. “That sounds marvellous, my dear.”

“Oh, look, Clive is getting hard again as well. We can’t leave him out. Maybe you would like to suck on him as kneels beside us. He’s long enough that he won’t get in my way.” Lucy suggested, warming to the erotic possibilities of having a pair of men to satisfy her.

“That sounds fantastic. I can’t wait.”