Jiggles and the Black Shaft – 22

“I like the view up the runway, now that all the airplanes are out on it.”

Erin and Jiggles were on the gravel in front of the house, taking in the view of the grounds. After they had tried to guess the direction to the mirror-ceilinged gazebo, their gaze had, inevitably travelled in the other direction, to the runway. It the moonlight, the three planes were dark shapes, given definition by occasional pale highlights.

The Hooligan sat behind, and slightly above, the SE5 and Fokker, like a mother bird, guarding her chicks. The two war planes didn’t look so threatening when they were shown to be rather small next to even a light modern commercial aircraft.

“Are you going to take one of them up tomorrow? The red fucker, perhaps?” Erin had started mispronouncing the Fokker’s name because it amused her, and now couldn’t stop.

“Perhaps. I haven’t flown a single seater in a while. It should be fun.”

“I didn’t really understand the attraction until I saw them fired up. To be sitting in something with that much power. I imagine it’s like the feeling I get when I’ve taken a horse on a real wild gallop, and he and I have been perfectly in tune. I saw Eileen was well flushed when she got out after the first run. I think she may have come in the cockpit.”

“I imagine that wasn’t all down to the throb of the engine.” Jiggles pointed out, with a smile.

“No, of course not. How long until she is the next Lady Carstairs, do you think?”

“Not long at all.” The conversation had steered Jiggles’ mind toward thoughts of sex. Her arm was hooked around Erin’s, so it was easy to turn her, and steer back toward the house. “Let’s go and check on Godfrey. He has been locked in that office ever since Clive got back with that package.”

Godfrey wasn’t actually locked in the office. The door opened with just a turn of the handle, and they could walk right in. He was sat at the long table, studying a mess of paper that had escaped, page by page, from a battered manilla folder. He looked up at them, and had to blink a few times before his focus adjusted to look further away than the table surface.

“Ladies. Welcome back to the office. I have made it a sight more untidy.” Godfrey smiled at them as if they were his first visitors in days. “I became a little bit lost in all of this. It is quite fascinating.”

“This is the package that Clive brought back with him? Is it all about Donald?” Erin asked.


“Only perhaps?” Jiggles pulled one of the sheets to herself, and was giving it a quick once over. Several columns of newsprint had been glued to a page of paper. It was a report about the suspicious sudden change in the form of a well known racehorse, and how one of the co-owners had taken the trainer to court, claiming foul play.

“I run a department full of obsessives and wild thinkers. The young chap who was tasked with finding out more about Donald sensed a theme developing as he went on. He ended up sending me snippets about every con, scam, and bamboozlement of the last ten years that has not been fully resolved, on the grounds that Donald may have been involved in some of them.” Godfrey spread his hands wide, to encompass all the hustles he had been reading about.

“So Donald is a confidence trickster? How come he is not in jail?” Erin asked, moving around behind Godfrey to squeeze and ease his tense shoulder muscles with her strong fingers.

“Like I said, wild thinkers. This,” Godfrey pulled two stapled sheets from the pile and held them up, “is all we really know about Donald. And most of it is vague. But my boy noticed that he had known a disproportionate number of people who had been taken, in some way or another, to the cleaners. Doped horses, rigged games, blackmail, long lost relatives who disappear as quickly as they appear…. Even one or two long cons of the sort that happened to Eileen’s father.”

“Is that in there?” Jiggles asked.

“I haven’t found it yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised. My researcher took the initial list of victims, and extended his search to people they knew, and people they didn’t who had suffered similar losses.”

“But you haven’t found any firm connection between Donald and any of these?” Jiggles picked up another sheet, this time a typewritten report about marked cards used in an unlicensed drinking and gambling den.

“Not a one. He’s either very, very good, or he just happens to know a lot of very unfortunate people.”

“You feel like you need a break.” Erin said, still massaging the taut muscles.

“I’ll say. This is all fascinating but frustrating. I couldn’t even stop reading as I ate the supper that you had sent up.”

“Oh, that was Toby, actually. We forgot all about you.” Erin teased. “Why don’t you come back to my room, and we can rub some of this tension out of you?”

Jiggles let out a short snort of laughter at Erin’s innuendo. Then another, as Godfrey’s expression suggested he hadn’t even noticed it. He looked from Jiggles to Erin. “What’s so funny?”
“Oh dear, darlin’. If you don’t know, then you really are too tired to carry on with this. Come with us, and we will soon perk you up.” Erin told him.

“Oh. Of course. Now I understand. I absolutely need to be perked up. Let me put all of this into the safe, and then I will be more than happy to join you.”

Godfrey had the spare key for the office’s safe, which he had on a length of string around his neck. When he had assembled the papers, diaries and letters into a neat pile, he unlocked the big metal box, and found a space for them. “There we go. Ladies, I am all yours. Do with me what you will.”

Oh, you shouldn’t say things like that. You may be surprised what sorts of things we will do.” Erin warned him.

They didn’t need to, but they moved slowly and quietly as they made their way to Erin’s room. There were quiet voices elsewhere in the building, but no-one else around on their short journey.
“Has anything been seen of Donald all day?” Godfrey asked as they entered Erin’s room.

“Oh, he and Melissa graced us with their presence at supper. They both gave Eileen evil glares, but didn’t say very much.” Erin said, as she steered him over to stand by the bed.
”I can imagine Melissa’s snobbery would mean that she resented the presence of a mere chambermaid at the high table. That is not what I think of Eileen, I hasten to add, merely what I suspect Melissa’s opinion would be. I think the young lady is wonderful, and will make a perfect Lady Carstairs. If that is how it goes.” Godfrey said, as Erin and Jiggles moved in on either side, and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“I suppose that Donald would resent her presence if he was plotting to fleece the Carstairs family. Imagine plotting with one of the staff to get to the old Lord, only to have another come along and steal the heart of the new Lord.” Jiggles said. She and Erin slid Godfrey’s shirt down one arm each. When it was off, they considered what to do with it for a moment, then just threw it aside.

“If he is the trickster my boy at the Ministry believes him to be, then he will be plotting something new, no doubt. He didn’t show any signs that he suspected he was a suspect, did he?” Godfrey raised his hands as Erin and Jiggles pulled his under shirt up and over his head.

“Neither of them seemed too happy when the conversation moved toward Maude. But that could simply have been Melissa’s usual coldness, and Donald’s queasiness.” Erin guided Godfrey back to sit on the edge of the bed. She and Jiggles knelt down to untie his shoes.

“Do you plan to confront him tomorrow?” Jiggles asked.

“I would prefer to have some solid evidence to go on before I do that. For all the suspicion we have about him, we do not yet have any proof that he was in any way connected to Maude’s actions with old Lord Carstairs, let alone her death. I think we can be sure he’s not the mysterious X. Maybe he could put on the mannerisms of a natural charmer, if he is a good con artist, but he is not the fine physical specimen that Maude described. Not to mention that I’m sure she would have mentioned it in her diary if X had appeared at Carstairs Hall as a guest.” Godfrey watched the trajectories of his shoes and socks as they were tossed aside. Then, he stood again at Jiggles’ urging. Erin stayed on her knees, and her fingers were soon at the belt and buttons of his trousers.

“Well, we will have to look and see if there is any evidence. But later. Now, we should really see what we can do about sorting out your stiffness.” The last word was given extra emphasis, as Erin pulled Godfrey’s trousers and briefs down, to reveal a rather nice erection. She licked her lips at the sight, and both her mouth and one of her hands started moving toward it. Resisting the temptation, she returned to helping him out of his clothes. When he was undressed, she gestured for him to lay face down on the bed.

Jiggles and Erin studied Godfrey’s body. For a man who worked behind a desk, he still had firm muscles and a frame that carried little extra fat. They both appreciated the tautness of his butt cheeks and the fullness of his thighs. They looked like they could drive a good, hard thrust. With a simple waved gesture, that somehow made sense in context, Erin suggested that Jiggles should strip, whilst she began Godfrey’s massage.

Erin placed herself so that she blocked Godfrey’s view of Jiggles, adding to the tease. Bending over him, she pressed her palms against the tight muscles of his shoulders. Testing their tautness, she kneaded them gently at first. Pressing her thumbs into the knots she found, she chased the tension out of Godfrey’s back. He made sounds of pleasure, surprise, and, occasionally, pain as she worked on him.

Jiggles was naked now. She climbed onto the bed behind Erin, and kissed her neck. Erin twisted around, so that their lips could meet. Godfrey didn’t even complain as his massage paused, knowing what would come next.

“You take over.” Erin said, when her and Jiggles’ lips parted.

“I don’t really know how to massage.” Jiggles confessed.

“You’re naked, darlin’, I don’t think it will matter.” Erin whispered, loud enough for Godfrey to hear.

As Erin slipped off the bed, Jiggles straddled Godfrey’s legs. She squeezed his buttocks, then stretched out along his body. Her stiff nipples rubbed up his back, then her breasts squashed between their bodies.

“You know, this may just be working.” Godfrey said, letting out a low, happy hum.

If it was working, then she would carry on, Jiggles decided. She grasped Godfrey’s shoulders, and pressed her body more tightly against his. She ground her crotch against his backside, and made her own happy sound at the stimulation she got from that.

Godfrey had the sense not to try to roll over yet. He would be told when he could do that. For now, though, his hips were making little unconscious thrusting movements, pushing his erection against the soft sheets. Jiggles timed her movements to match his, and get the most from them.

Erin was naked now, and she came back onto the bed. She pressed her body up against Jiggles’, and they kissed. Jiggles moved so that her breasts now pushed against Erin’s. They squirmed against each other. Her hands slid down Erin’s flat stomach, to play in the tight curls of her pubic hair then reach lower. They were making love, writhing against Godfrey’s body as they did. He was enjoying all the skin contact, and turned on by the sighs and moans above him.

Before they became too carried away, Jiggles and Erin dropped back to the bed, either side of Godfrey. “Roll over, darlin’.” Erin commanded, gently pushing at his shoulder.

With a couple of quick twists, Godfrey was on his back. He looked from left to right, studying his bed companions with a big smile, whilst they looked down his body. If anything, his lovely erection was even finer now. It may even have grown a touch more. It was fat, and solid, and its head was an almost angry dark red. They both reached down to run fingers lightly along its length, from tip to base. Godfrey made a happy little moan.

Erin dipped her head, and kissed Godfrey on the lips. He kissed back with passion. As their tongues played against each other, and his hands came up to grasp her waist, then move toward her breasts, Jiggles played with his nipples.

When the kiss broke apart, both participants gasping for air, Erin said, “We’ve both wanted this for a while, haven’t we?”

“Yes, it’s true.”

“Well, we can’t leave dear old Jiggles out of it, though, can we?” Erin nodded to Jiggles, and Godfrey turned his head to kiss her. They had made love some years before, and, for a moment as they kissed, it was like they were back there again.

“We want you to make love with both of us.” Erin announced when Jiggles’ and Godfrey’s lips parted.

“But you should go first.” Jiggles told her, graciously.

“Well, I have thought of a way for all three of us to make love at the same time. If Godfrey is willing to try it out.” Erin said, beaming widely.

Jiggles was sure she understood Erin’s plan already. Godfrey’s expression was more contemplative. He would try anything, it suggested, so long as it involved both these gorgeous women. “How do you plan to make that work?” he asked.

“Well, first, let me tell you that Jiggles introduced me to the rather glorious fun of having my ass made love to last night. I’d like to try it again, with you. You certainly look hard enough to do it. Meanwhile….” She moved far enough to be able to open the drawer of the bedside cabinet and draw out the strap on dildo. “I thought that Jiggles could make love to your butt in similar style, with this.”

“Goodness. You know, I have never tried bum love with a lady. And it has been a while since I received. I would like to try this out, certainly.” Godfrey’s eyes ran up Erin’s body, taking in the long, strong legs, the curve of her waist, her full breasts, and her lovely, smiling face. Then his gaze shifted to the wooden phallus in her hand, and he licked his lips.

It didn’t surprise Jiggles to hear that Godfrey had experience with other men. Part of her wanted to ask him all about his experiences, but anecdotes could wait for another time. She reached across and Erin handed her the strap on.

Erin had the bottle of oil Jiggles had left in the room, and held it out to him. Then, she pulled the pillows down from the head of the bed, and put them under her belly, to lift her butt up to a better position.

Godfrey didn’t know where to look now, as Erin got into position, and Jiggles knelt up to put on the fake shaft. His decisiveness only left him for a moment, and he was soon between Erin’s legs. With his free hand, he squeezed her buttocks, then reached down, to slide fingers into her wet pussy. She rotated her hips, rolling herself around the invading digits. Reluctantly, he pulled his fingers back again. She held herself still, and he dribbled the oil into the crack between her butt cheeks.

Jiggles came up beside the lovers, and accidentally interrupted their foreplay, as her wooden cock nudged against Erin’s thigh. The other woman looked around, and laughed lustily at the silly sight. The sound changed to a happy, “Oh!”, as one of Godfrey’s fingers slid into her behind.

Godfrey worked a second finger into Erin, and she buried her face in the sheets as she made ecstatic noises. He gave Jiggles the bottle of oil, and she let some drip onto his fine erection. Wrapping her fingers around the shaft, she slid them up and down its now slippery surface a few times.

“Put it in me.” Erin demanded, as if she could sense that Godfrey’s shaft was ready to enter her. “Take my butt now.”

Godfrey’s fingers were out of Erin’s fundament in a flash, and the fat head of his hard on replaced them at the entrance. He pressed the glans at the ring, slowly and gently raising the pressure.

Jiggles held her breath as she watched Erin open up to Godfrey’s loving insistence. She had taken the virginity of Erin’s back passage the night before, but that had been with a fake cock. This was the first time a flesh and blood penis would venture up there, and it was incredibly exciting to watch.

Erin let herself relax, opening around Godfrey, taking him in, until, with a cry of joy from both of them, the head of his shaft passed the ring of muscle, and was inside her. They paused there for a moment. “Jiggles, darling, your turn.” Erin announced, her voice muffled as her face was still pressed against the sheets.

Jiggles had almost forgotten that she got to play a part in this delicious tableau. She dragged her eyes away from the conjunction of Godfrey’s cock and Erin’s behind, and moved into position. She dribbled oil onto two of her fingers, and around Godfrey’s hole.

As Jiggles pressed her fingers against the tight hole of Godfrey’s behind, he froze in place. But, as they entered him, he moved away from them, ever so slightly. Not far enough to escape, though, he didn’t want that. In turn, his movement pressed him deeper into Erin, who let out a sigh to accompany the low hum of pleasure forming in his throat. Jiggles marvelled that her fingers were delivering pleasure to both of her lovers.

She pressed on into him, and he leant further into Erin. When her two digits were as far inside him as they could go, she paused for a moment. Then she twisted them around, and he gave a little gasp. The twitch of his hips raised a squeak of pleasure from Erin.

As the fingers came back out of Godfrey, he moved to follow them. Erin made a disappointed sound. Jiggles smiled at the control she seemed to have over the two of them. She pushed the fingers back in, and Godfrey moved forwards again. Erin thanked her with more sighs.

Jiggles poured some of the oil along the wooden shaft of her strap on. Then she moved her hips, and shuffled her knees, to bring the fake shaft close to Godfrey’s fundament. At the end of a movement to pull her fingers from him, she guided the dildo toward the hole.

Godfrey took a deep breath as he felt the fingers leave him, and the toy replace them. He was open, but not yet enough to accommodate the wooden phallus. Jiggles pressed against his ring, and he relaxed, letting himself open up to her. In a moment, the head was inside him.

She pressed on, driving Godfrey before her, so that he slid deeper and deeper into Erin. The room was filled with sounds of pleasure, as the man and woman under Jiggles were filled together. When she was as far into Godfrey as she could go, and he was just as fully in Erin, they paused.

“This is incredible.” Erin announced from the bottom of the pile. “It’s like both of you are inside me at once. God, how are you enjoying being caught between the two of us?”

“There is no place I would rather be. But I don’t know how long I can last. I may not be able to deliver the pleasure I want to.”

“You’re delivering plenty of pleasure, darling. Just follow the lead of Jiggles, and we’ll see where it takes us.” Erin pushed up from the bed, as much as she could, to emphasise the pleasure of having Godfrey- and, by proxy, Jiggles- inside her.

Jiggles took this as her cue to pull out of Godfrey. He followed her, both judging their positions until they were barely inside the behinds before them. Then Jiggles moved forwards again. Godfrey took a little of her length, then started pressing into Erin.

It took a few more cycles through the routine before they were happy with the depth of their thrusts. Erin lay under the two of them, moaning with ecstasy all the time, and trying not to writhe too much, lest she upset their motions. When Jiggles and Godfrey were happy with their range of movement, Jiggles sped up her thrusts.

Godfrey grunted with pleasure and effort as he transferred Jiggles’ movements to Erin’s butt. The ultimate target of all this action, Erin gasped and sighed and moaned with joy. She squealed out a little orgasm, and grasped the sheet tightly, as if she might fly away otherwise.

Far too soon, the ecstatic motions they had established began to break down. Godfrey was close to his own orgasm, and couldn’t always follow Jiggles’ rhythm. He pressed hard into Erin, trying to hold back his climax. She carried on pumping in and out of him, driven on by the pleasure of the dildo pressing against her mound and stimulating her clitoris. The transmitted motion meant that Godfrey still ground against Erin, and he had reached under her to tease with his fingers and keep her joy on a high.

Erin called out another climax, stronger and deeper than the one before. Her insides squeezed the whole length of Godfrey’s cock, and he let out a victorious roar as he felt the semen pumping up his shaft into her behind. They both shivered with pleasure, and the vibrations were transmitted up the strap on shaft to Jiggles, who felt a sympathetic warmth flush through her body.

They all froze in position, savouring the moment. As Erin and Godfrey started to come down from their highs, Jiggles felt herself reaching a new peak. Her unconscious movements as the orgasm twitched through her raised surprised sighs from her lovers.

Jiggles slowly pulled out of Godfrey’s behind, the movement raising shivers throughout her body. With a happy sigh, she dropped to the side and lay on her back. Looking down her body, she spotted the dildo, and giggled at the way it jutted out from her groin.

Beside her, Erin and Godfrey were rousing from their ecstasy induced lethargy. He pushed himself up and slowly, carefully, pulled out of Erin. They both groaned as he finally popped out of her. Erin moved sideways from under Godfrey, so that he could lay down between her and Jiggles.

“My word, that was intense.” Godfrey said, voice a little hoarse. “I have never been buggered whilst buggering someone else.”

“I’ve wanted to do that since last night, when Jiggles introduced me to the joys of ass sex. And I’ve wanted to do you….” Erin squeezed Godfrey’s forearm, “for far too long.”

“I am so glad you gave in to temptation. And that Jiggles was here to help in her own, inimitable way.” Godfrey reached down to poke the strap on, raising another giggle from Jiggles.

“Will you stay the night, darling? Both of you?” Erin asked.

“Absolutely. Jiggles, old girl?” Godfrey managed to sneak his arms around both their shoulders, hugging them close.

“Oh yes, of course. But let me take this off first.” Jiggles unfastened the harness holding the dildo on, and put the toy back where it had come from.

“And when we have recovered some, and had a quick wash, I think we should have some more, ah, traditional lovemaking. Unless Jiggles wants some of what I just had?” Erin said.

“We shall see how it goes.” Jiggles replied. She was feeling in the mood for some good old fashioned lovemaking, she had to admit. “But let’s have that rest first.”