Jiggles and the Black Shaft – 11

Jiggles gave herself plenty of time before leaving her room. She changed out of her supper outfit and into men’s pyjamas that Ally had taken in to more closely fit her figure. She enjoyed sleeping in the nude most often, but needed some clothes on if she was going to sneak around the house. Slung over her shoulder was a small bag which contained some toys and treats that she thought Erin might enjoy.

After a wait that seemed far longer than it surely was, the house was quiet, but for the tick of the clock in her room, and a larger, deeper echo of it from the hallway. The last creaks of floorboards under feet had been a few minutes ago. She decided it was time to go. With a twist of the switch, she turned off the light beside her bed.

It was pitch black, but for a thin line of pale light filtering through the gap in the closed curtains, and Jiggles worried that she couldn’t see far enough to find her way out of the room. She turned it back on again, and aligned herself with the door before extinguishing it again. Standing, she did her best to head in a straight line. It was like navigating in bad light, with only the briefest glimpses of landmarks or stars to guide her. Hands held out before her, she took slow, careful strides until she touched the wall.

Running fingertips across the wood panelling, Jiggles found the door frame. Further casting around located the handle. Twisting it, she opened the door slowly and quietly, and looked out.
The hallway and landing were darker than the inside of her room. No windows offered a hint of moonlight to show the way. She slipped into the darkness, and closed the door behind herself. A couple of careful strides took her to the opposite wall, then she trailed her fingertips along it as she walked in the direction of the stairs. When there was no pressure back, she knew she had found her spot, and swept her hand around until she found the corner of the wall. From there, she could grope about for the bannister, and then walk slowly downward, each foot checking for the edge of the step before she put it down.

Jiggles thought that her eyes might be adjusting to the darkness. But, halfway down the stairs, she realised the truth was that there was a light on the next landing. It illuminated the steps, so she could descend faster and with more confidence.

On the next landing, Jiggles’ eyes automatically went to the source of the light, a door cracked just open toward the end of the corridor. She knew from earlier that this was Erin’s room, and she practically skipped toward it. Halting herself just before it, she reached for the handle, and slowly pushed the door open.

A slim but strong arm reached from inside the door, and took hold of Jiggles’ hand. It tugged her into the room and spun her around into a deep kiss. Erin kicked the door closed, and it slammed with a sound like a cannon shot that must have woken everyone in the house. Jiggles didn’t care. Erin turned them so that she could reach the key in the door and turn it. With a click, they were locked in.

Erin was naked. Jiggles held her close and ran her hands over warm, smooth skin. After the wood and plaster of the walls, it was pleasantly sensuous, and soft to the touch. She traced Erin’s spine all the way down, to cup her firm, round buttocks, and squeeze them.

“What a sexy little outfit.” Erin pronounced. “Now, let me get you out of it.” Despite the way that Jiggles held her close, she managed to sneak her hands between their bodies and start unbuttoning the pyjama top.

As if they were slow dancing together, they turned around and around, and proceeded by short steps toward the bed. Erin released all the buttons on Jiggles’ top, and was about to sweep it from her shoulders when she found the bag hanging from her shoulder. She hooked fingers through the strap and held it up. “Oooh, what is this?”

“Just a few of the things I take with me when I travel.” Jiggles had put the small collection of essentials together after their last job, where she had spent several days listening to Ginge having lots of fun in the next room whilst she had slept alone. The contents would spice up time with a lover, but could just as easily be used for solo fun.

“Well, I will have to have a look inside. But later, I want to unpack you first.”

They parted enough to move to the edge of the bed, so Erin could put the bag down. Then she returned to undressing Jiggles, sweeping the top from her shoulders. She stepped back, and found the bow in the cord that held the pants up. With a teasing pull, this came loose.

Ally had cut the pyjama pants so that they just caught on Jiggles’ hips, falling a short way, and revealing enticing lines of her body as her belly turned in toward her crotch. Light pressure from Erin’s fingers eased the waistband far enough for the pants to fall. Jiggles stepped out of the pooled material, and stood as naked as her hostess.

Erin made a long, low, happy sigh at seeing Jiggles in all her glory. She turned her to face the lamp on the bedside table, and stepped back so that she was fully illuminated. It was only a single bulb, but in the near total darkness of the night, it seemed fantastically bright.

Jiggles had a fine, hourglass figure, with slim waist and gently flaring hips. Her breasts were full and firm. They sagged just a little out of the constraint of a bra, tilting her nipples up so that they pointed at the ceiling. Her belly was flat, but for the light curve in at the bottom, which pointed the way to her hairless mons and the vulva below. The lips of her sex were darkening red with excitement, growing fatter and beginning to show the glisten of her juices. She spread her feet a little way apart, held her hands out to her sides, and smiled broadly at Erin.

The American woman was temporarily at a loss for words. Her hands started to move forwards, then dropped back, repeatedly, as she constantly changed her mind about which part of Jiggles’ body she wanted to touch first. Finally making up her mind, she stepped up, and took a breast in each hand. She lifted the firm globes, squeezing them, pressing them together, and rubbing thumbs across the tightening nipples.

They were practically the same height. So Erin moved a little closer, and guided Jiggles breasts so that they rubbed against her own. Nipples brushed against each other, catching and then springing back as they teased. “Beautiful.” Erin murmured, as she leant in for a kiss.

Lips bumped and pressed against each other, and tongues played around and fought. Erin squeezed against Jiggles so that their breasts were tight together. With her hands freed, she reached down, fingers tracing Jiggles’ waist, then turning in toward her crotch.

Still fascinated by Jiggles’ shaved mons, Erin traced fingertips over the recently shaven skin. Jiggles had given it a quick once over with a razor, then rubbed in soothing, smoothing balm. Erin broke the kiss. “I want to see this up close.” she announced.

Jiggles moved as Erin guided her, until the backs of her legs were against the edge of the bed. Erin leant her back with a long, deep kiss, until she could no longer stand upright, and fell backwards. She stretched out on the bed, and spread her legs wide. Her toes could still touch the carpet, until Erin knelt beside the bed, and lifted them up.

Erin hooked Jiggles’ thighs over her shoulders, and moved her so that her buttocks were now right on the edge of the bed. Jiggles felt warm breath over her mons, as Erin moved closer for a better look. Lips planted a kiss on the hairless mound, then moved lower. They teased at her hooded clitoris, asking the shy nub to come out into the open, then moved lower still.

A skilled tongue swirled between the lips of Jiggles’ labia, parting them further, and tasting the juices of her excitement. Erin knew what she was doing, and the tip of her tongue soon teased its way down Jiggles’ labia, warming and wetting them as it went. Then it swept back up them, to repeat the move.

After a few more times up and down Jiggles’ slit, Erin had her pumped up and excited. The pink pearl of her clitoris was peeking out from under its cover. Cautious about over stimulating it, Erin traced her tongue all around it, avoiding direct contact but for a couple of light brushes. Jiggles pushed her crotch up and at the source of her pleasure, and made a warbling moan of joy.

Erin shifted her grip, and Jiggles found two fingers sliding into her. They moved easily on the lubrication provided by her excitement and Erin’s tonguing. They began pumping in and out of Jiggles, whilst Erin’s tongue tip concentrated its attentions around her clitoris and the top of her labia.

Jiggles’ clit was out in the open now, poking up like a tiny penis. Erin risked planting a light kiss on it. Jiggles responded with a squeak of surprise and pleasure. Erin dared a firmer kiss, sucking the bud between her lips. Jiggles couldn’t manage to form words in response, but her pleasure was clear. So Erin sucked harder, and flicked her tongue over the very end of it.

Jiggles was writhing under the attentions of Erin’s tongue and fingers. She had grasped the sheets early on, happy to hold back from trying to guide the other woman. It had been worth it. Letting another person explore her intimately, and try new ways of stimulating her, almost always paid off in the best way possible. Her grip on the sheets was so tight she might have worried about tearing them. If far more important, and ecstatic, things had not been going on between her legs.

There were three fingers in Jiggles now, pumping in and out as far as they could go, and occasionally pausing to wiggle around and feel at the walls of her vagina. She was sure they were soaked in her juices, and imagined her excitement flowing from her to lubricate their movements. For a while, she felt that she was above the two lovers on the bed, looking down as the slim, energetic American pleasured her.

From that feeling, a star burst flowed. Pleasure tingled up and down Jiggles’ limbs, as her vagina glowed with the orgasm flowing from it. She cried out her pleasure, pushing her crotch up against Erin’s mouth and fingers one last time before succumbing to pure joy.

“That was wonderful.” Jiggles sighed, as Erin kissed a line up her body.

“That was just the beginning. Well, actually, that was me getting carried away and wanting to play with your hairless pussy. What I really meant to do, was get you warmed up, then break out one of my toys.” Erin lay atop Jiggles’ body now, skin touching skin all the way from thighs to shoulders. They kissed.

When their lips parted, Jiggles asked, “What toys do you have?”

“Let me show you.” Grinning, Erin rolled off Jiggles, then bounced up from the bed. Jiggles sat up, enjoying the view as Erin bent over to open a drawer in the bedside cabinet.

When she straightened and turned around, Erin was holding a dildo reverently in both hands. It was dark, almost black, and had a glossy surface that caught and reflected the light from the lamp. Based upon what she had seen recently, Jiggles estimated that it was nearer in size to Lynes than Clive. Not gigantic, but certainly the right dimensions for lots of pleasure.

The toy had been fashioned after a real penis, with veins down the side and a fat, rounded head. It was a fine looking object, and intriguingly different from any that Jiggles had ever seen before. Firstly, there was a strange harness that it was threaded through. A triangle of leather with a hole in it was near the base, held in place by a bulge in the fake cock. Leather straps radiated out from this piece of material, joining up with buckles. The final detail was a short, curved section, behind the leather triangle. Jiggles’ first thought was that it must be a handle, but then she realised it was far too small to easily hold in the hand.

Still happily dazed from her orgasm, Jiggles couldn’t immediately work out what the strapping and the little knob were for. But, when Erin lowered the dildo to below her knees, and put one foot, then the other, through the loops, it became obvious.

“A hands free godemiché!” she exclaimed, dragging up an old name for dildos that she and Ally had once found in a naughty book. “In all my years, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.” Fascinated, she watched the wooden cock bob and bounce as Erin pulled it up her legs, until she had to ask, “What is the knob at the bottom for?”

Erin let the dildo fall forwards, until the head pointed at the floor, and the section Jiggles had enquired about was more clearly visible. “Oh this. This fits inside me, and moves as I do, so I can feel some of your pleasure.”

“What an excellent idea. Where ever did you get it?”

“Would you believe, I found it in this house. One time, a few years ago, I happened upon one of Uncle’s hidden closets. Many of the rooms have them, and there seems to be at least one behind every bookshelf. This was in there, and some other toys. I wanted to take it out and play with it right there and then, but I resisted. Last time I was here, though, I looked again. Some of the other toys were still there, but this was what I wanted. I sneaked it out and hid it in the secret closet in this room.”

“Goodness. Toby’s family seems ruder than I first expected. With the sun house, and now you say there are cupboards full of toys.”

“I don’t think the cupboards have been opened in years, and you saw how run down the sun house has become. I don’t think Melissa approves of the sort of games played with a toy like this. Uncle never had the same twinkle in his eye after he married her that he had possessed whilst Aunt was alive.” Erin stepped closer. The wooden cock danced around at just the right height, and Jiggles just had to grasp it. “That’s the idea. Would you help me get the base in?”

Jiggles held the head of the wooden phallus with one hand, and ran the fingers of the other down its length to the base. She sneaked them around the triangle of leather, and closed them over the knob that would go into Erin. As Erin drew the straps up to the tops of her thighs, Jiggles guided the little handle to its target. Wet labia opened to it, slowly at first, then drawing it in.

“Just there.” Erin said, with the hint of a sigh. “Hold it for me, whilst I….” She tightened the buckles, working each one a little tighter, then moving to its match on the other side of her body. After a couple of goes over each one, she was happy with how the contraption sat.

Jiggles couldn’t resist, and moved her hand up and down Erin’s wooden length. She lifted it, and pulled it down. Erin purred. “Yes, that is definitely in place.” she said. Jiggles kissed the head, and took a short length between her lips.

“I have wanted to use this with another woman ever since I found it. How would you like me to take you, darling?” Erin stood with hands on hips, thrusting them forwards, so that her new appendage was even more prominent.

There were so many ways that Jiggles wanted to enjoy this wonderful device, and the gorgeous woman wearing it. But there was one in particular that really appealed. “Would you put it up my bum?”

“Your…?” Erin was confused. But she searched her memories of the vernacular, from all the times she had visited Britain, and understanding dawned. “Your behind? Goodness. I’ve heard of doing that, but never had the chance. I will only do that, if you will do the same to me.” Jiggles nodded eagerly. That was a deal she could live with. “But how do I get it in there? Won’t I need a lot of lubrication?”

“You’re in luck there.” Jiggles reached for her bag, and pulled out a bottle of oil. “This is a little mixture we discovered when we were in Africa. Well, the near perfect copy that Ginge was able to concoct based upon the recipe. It’s made for what we want to do.”

Erin took the offered bottle, and twisted the stopper out. She sniffed at it, trying to detect what it was made from. There were no strong herbs or spices, just a mix of oils, so it was subtle, but pleasant. Pouring a little out, she tested it between thumb and forefinger. As they slipped easily over each other, she had a wide grin. “This is incredible.” She played with the lubricant some more, fascinated by how effective it was. “You remember how Toby said I was looking for ideas to steal? Well, I wouldn’t dare to steal this, but I may ask to be let in on its secrets. I imagine the market for it would be huge.”

Looking guilty for talking business in the midst of pleasure, Erin dropped her hand to her wooden shaft, and ran her fingers up and down it, carefully twisting them to transfer as much of the oil as possible. “But let’s talk about that some other time. I also came to England to try exciting new things. And this certainly qualifies as one of those. How do you propose we do this?”

It was a matter of moments to arrange matters. Jiggles took the cover from the bedding box, and laid it over the sheets, in case there was any dripping oil. She stuffed a couple of pillows under it, to create a little hump she lay across, which lifted the fine globes of her buttocks into the air for Erin to admire.

“This is a little something I learnt from the wonderful Doctor Smith, actually. I don’t know if he would mention it in his reports, though.” Jiggles said, settling on her front, draped over the pillows, and wiggling her butt invitingly.

“I’m sure I would remember if he had written about anything like this.” Erin said. Her voice was low and husky with her excitement. “What do I do?” She had climbed onto the bed, and was now knelt between Jiggles’ open legs.

“What do you want to do?”

“I want to make love to your…. bum. But first, I think I want to kiss it.” Erin’s hands landed gently on Jiggles’ warm cheeks. Her thumbs moved down the slope of the valley between them, and pulled them apart.

Jiggles made a happy and approving sound. “That is exactly the sort of thing you should do. You’re a natural, darling. Just go with what you want to do. So long as you’re liberal with the oil, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.”

With this affirmation, and permission, from Jiggles, Erin let herself act upon all the naughty thoughts she was having. Holding Jiggles’ buttocks apart, she revealed the tight little hole that was to be the subject of her affections. Entranced by it, she leant ever closer, until she was able to stretch her tongue out, and flick the pointed tip across it. Jiggles made happy and encouraging sounds at the sensations it raised in her.

Erin licked and teased at Jiggles’ rear entrance, until the subject of her attentions squirmed with pleasure. Face buried in the cleft of Jiggles twin moons, she could let her right hand sneak down, then back up a little, to slip between the warm, wet lips of her pussy. With this attention front and back, Jiggles couldn’t hold in little gasping “Oh!” sounds.

The wooden cock hung heavy between Erin’s thighs. Every time she or Jiggles shifted on the mattress, it would move. The knob inside her ground against the front wall of her vagina, and the fat base pressed against her mons and clitoris. It was a pleasant sensation, but nagging, reminding her of the ultimate aim of her actions. Jiggles could tell the thoughts that were going through Erin’s mind, simply from the way the intensity of her tonguing would change, and her breathing speed up.

Erin sat up, taking a long, deep breath as she steadied herself. “I’m going to concentrate on your ass now, darling. Do you want to put your fingers in your pussy to replace mine?”

Jiggles nodded, and sneaked her right hand down the bed, under her body, until she could hook two finger around and squeeze them into her eager, wet sex, next to Erin’s. Their digits played against each other for a while, then Erin pulled hers out.

Suddenly, Jiggles was left to play with herself. It wasn’t too much of a chore, as she was already very turned on, and knew it was merely a break in proceedings. She heard the pop of the stopper coming out of the bottle of oil, and, in the silence as she held her breath, the low glugging as Erin poured lubricant onto her fake cock.

A moment later, she felt the drizzle of oil at the top of her buttocks. It was a little cooler than her skin, but not so much as to be unpleasant. The little stream of lubricant found its way into the valley between the globes, and flowed down toward her hole.

It was halted by a finger, which swirled through the slippery liquid, then transferred the first of it to the entrance to her back passage. She had been right to give Erin free rein, such a sensually inclined woman knew exactly what to do.

Erin’s finger pressed at the ring of Jiggles’ behind. It relaxed, eased by deep breaths, and the digit slid in on the oil. “Oh my.” Erin sighed, as she explored deeper and deeper inside Jiggles.

“Oh yes. Oh my, indeed. You know just what to do.” Jiggles encouraged.

Erin pumped her finger in and out of Jiggles, feeding more of the lubricant into her, and getting her used to the intrusion. Then, she slowed. Jiggles could sense this was a prelude to a step up in the foreplay, and smiled to herself when she felt a second finger pressing at her behind. Her own fingers played in wider and faster circles inside her sex.

“This is incredible. I would never have thought it could be so lovely. Is it as good for you?” Erin talked quickly as she pumped her two fingers in and out of Jiggles.

“Oh yes. It certainly is.” Jiggles assured her.

“Are you ready to move up again? Are you ready to take my hard wooden cock?” Erin asked, excited enough not to laugh at the ludicrous phrase.

“Oh yes. Yes please.” Jiggles was on the verge of orgasm, but her body was telling her to hold it in, at least long enough to feel Erin’s dildo enter her.

“Okay then.” Erin’s fingers pulled out of Jiggles, and she bit back a sad sound at the loss. This was made easier by the almost immediate feel of the rounded head of the wooden phallus pressing against her ring. Erin’s hands came up to her waist, to hold her steady.

Shaft and hole were coated in the lubricating oil, and Jiggles had grown accustomed to being stretched. She was excited, and the muscle was relaxed, enough that the carved glans almost immediately gained purchase in her back passage. It pushed at her, pressing her wider open than she had been before, but she was ready to accept it.

Erin applied gentle pressure, entering Jiggles as she herself would want to be taken. The end of the dildo ground back against her in an exciting way, but she had to resist the messages it was sending her to thrust in, hard and fast.

They both imagined that they hear a low pop as the head of the dildo passed the ring of muscle at Jiggles’ entrance. Jiggles lifted her head, and let out a deep, satisfied moan, as the orgasm washed through her. Erin felt her lover moving in the rolls and shimmies of climax, and held on tight.

Jiggles’ movements slowed, and she let her head drop back to the mattress, but her head was full of excited ideas, and she was soon voicing them. If Erin had worried that the ride had ended with Jiggles’ climax, she was soon reassured to hear the instructions from her lover, “Fuck my bum, darling! Make love to my ass! This is so, so good!”

Erin pressed her hips forwards, pushing the dildo deep inside Jiggles, and rubbing the base and handle against her own most sensitive spots. She pulled back out, and found new spots being stimulated by her end of the fake cock. She could not keep up these movements for long before she, too, climaxed most spectacularly.

Her movements became less regular, the closer she came to orgasm. Even riding the breakers of near constant climax, Jiggles could sense that Erin was finding it ever harder to concentrate. No doubt, she was pressing her thighs tight together, to try to hold back the final burst. But doing that, of course, would squeeze the little knob inside her, making its effects that bit more powerful.

With a cry, Erin gave one last thrust into Jiggles. She vibrated with the joy coursing through her body, and Jiggles could get a sense of it from the way the wooden shaft resonated inside her. They performed a perfect duet of pleasure, fading away slowly, until they lay still, Erin draped over Jiggles.

A little while later, they had floated down from their shared high. Erin gently pulled from Jiggles, and rolled over to stretch out on her back. Her breasts jutted up wonderfully in that position, and Jiggles reached over to stroke and tease her tight and still sensitive nipples.

“You must do that to me. It was so incredible to give, that it must be awesome to receive.” Erin said, after a while.

“Oh, it is. Give me a little while to recover my strength, and then it will be an honour to use your toy on you.” Jiggles squeezed the nearest nipple, but didn’t pinch it tightly.

“You have slept with Godfrey, haven’t you?” Erin asked, a little while later. The question seemed to come from nowhere. Even she looked surprised that she had dared to ask it.

“Once, a long time ago. I had a crush on him for several years. Then, one weekend, I decided I would seduce him. Of course, I let him think he had seduced me….” Jiggles felt no need to tell anything but the truth. Though Erin obviously felt she should probably not have asked the question, it had seemed to come from a place of interest, rather than jealousy.

“I rather like him too, though I make a pretence of not really caring. Do you…. would you mind if I were to make a play for his affections?”

Jiggles kissed Erin’s shoulder. “Of course not. He is a handsome chap, and you are a beautiful lady. I could keep myself warm just thinking of the two of you together.” She could already picture the coupling. “Would you be making a play for him for the weekend, or for good?”

“I haven’t thought about that, much.” The expression fought to hide suggested otherwise. “Maybe for good. So long as you will still make love with me as well. Am I greedy to want that?”

“Not at all. That seems like a healthy appetite to me. And I will make love with you for as long as you will let me.”

Erin rolled onto her side, and she and Jiggles kissed. Light and loving pecks for now, neither quite had the energy back to start the next round yet. “Do you think he would let me do that to him?” Erin gestured at the dildo, arcing out from her crotch and wobbling from side to side.

“If he doesn’t then he’s not enough of a man for a wild and wonderful woman like you.”

Erin blushed at Jiggles’ compliment, and dipped back in for a kiss. Harder this time, her tongue stroking across Jiggles’ lips, as if preparing to press between them.

They broke apart their lips at a strange sound that seemed to emanate from several corners of the room at once. Two tones, that could have been human voices, played around and over each other. After the initial surprise, they concentrated more on them, and recognised distinctly male and female notes. Analysed without the filter of fear, they became ever more clearly a duet of pleasure.

“That would be the ghost, I take it?” Jiggles asked, half jokingly.

“It is about the right time of night. Though this time, it sounds different to how it did yesterday. I’m sure it sounded more like two women last time.” Erin cocked her head to the side, as if that might help her hear more clearly.

“It’s turning me on, you know.” Jiggles said. “Let’s get that harness off you and on me, and I shall plumb your bum.”

Erin giggled at Jiggles’ phrase, rolling onto her back again, she reached down to start releasing the buckles. “Do you think we will find the source of the haunting?” she asked, absently.

“Oh, I’m sure of it. In fact, I expect Ginge is hot on the trail of those sounds as we speak.”