Sample story- Jiggles and the Test Pilot

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Jiggles was bored. “Is there absolutely nothing on?” she asked Ginge, who was lazing in the other deckchair outside the large building that was their hangar, offices and mess combined.
The chief, and only, mechanic of Jiggleswick Air shook his head slowly. “There’s another dance in the village this weekend.” he offered, shielding his eyes with an oily hand and staring down the grass runway. Beyond, and to the left of, the closely mown strip, a low rise hid Fenwick on the Marsh. Just the square spire of the church, with its crenellations and whimsical battlements, poked over the little hill. The flag atop its pole waved desultorily in the nearly absent wind.

Jiggles- Veronica Anne Jiggleswick, Ronny to relatives out to cousins, and Jiggles to the chaps she ran Jiggleswick Air with- pondered the delights of a dance at the village hall, a flimsy wooden building which might as well not be there on a cold or windy night. It held little allure. She, Ginge and Ally- the third partner in the business- had already worked their way through the boys, and some of the girls, of the area. She sighed and shook her head, “That’s three days away. I want something to do now.”

The sad truth was that few people wanted to use an air courier service run by two women and a chap with an eye for the gents. Ralph Jiggleswick had started the company partly so he could turn the meadow farthest from Jiggleswick hall into his own private aerodrome, and then made a decent fist of running it as a going concern. Until he had disappeared somewhere abroad, heading out over the Med on a flight no-one could find the plan for.

Jiggleswick major had instilled a love of flight in his younger sister, and found she was a natural when he taught her to fly. Distraught at the loss of her brother she had stopped her parents tearing down the hangar, retained Jiggleswick Air’s mechanical genius Ginge and talked her friend Ally, another adventurous soul, into joining the venture. And now they were waiting for business. It was proving a long wait. So they spent an awful lot of time hanging around- in deckchairs on such lovely Summer days as this, or around the hangar’s little stove when Winter came.
There was a raspy puttering from beyond the verges at the near end of the field, followed by a scream of tortured rubber on tarmacadam and a clank of a bouncing wheel. The sound of the engine eased off as the battered wheels crunched onto the short gravel driveway from the road to the hangar. “Ally’s back.” Ginge noted lazily.

A black and gold motorcycle and side-car combination jerked to a halt before Jiggles and Ginge. Ally swung her long legs off the cycle and pulled her goggles and helmet off. Her jet black hair was cut short and slightly asymmetrical, somehow just like a flapper from ten years earlier and completely different at the same time. She tossed the helmet and goggles into the side-car before pulling a large brown paper bag from it. Jiggles and Ginge both appreciatively watched her bend over, firm buttocks and shapely legs stretching the leather of her riding trousers. Ally’s family were in the rag trade and she always knew the best people to get a flattering cut to her outfits. Her parents had sent Ally to the same fine school as Jiggles had attended and the pair had become fast friends. After school Ally had spent a year in Paris, from where she had returned with some jolly strange ideas about loving ladies, which Jiggles had been unsure of until given a practical demonstration.

Ally gave Ginge the brown paper bag and went back to the side-car for another. Ginge started pulling stout card boxes from the bag, checking typewritten notes on the ends. “Oh good, the fuel pump and all those other bits for Bertie have arrived. Time for a servicing.”

Ally put the second bag down before Jiggles and shrugged out of her soft leather jacket. Her breasts were small, firm and high within her perfectly cut blouse and her nipples pushed excitedly against the material. She always became excited when she’d been astride the throbbing seat of her motorcycle. “I think you should service us first.” she suggested.

Ginge’s responsibilities weren’t set out in detail- he maintained the company’s planes, Ally’s motorbike and Jiggles’ roadster and took an equal share of any profits, but he also stepped in when the girls were seeking phallic satisfaction and there were no other chaps on the horizon. He preferred the physical pleasures of other boys, but could also appreciate female beauty and enjoyed the bodies of his comely business partners. He sighed theatrically, “I think I can schedule that.”

Jiggles had been nosily going through Ally’s second bag. It contained more fine clothes, some of which Jiggles knew were for her, each wrapped in soft paper. “Under things.” confided Ally, “We should really try them on.”

“That sounds like a jolly good idea.” Jiggles agreed.

“Let’s all head inside.” Ally suggested, “You too Ginge, there are things in there for you.”

They went into the hangar, pulling the large main doors closed. Bertie, Jiggleswick Air’s Hawker “Hooligan” biplane, filled the main space. Sleek, with an enclosed cabin and passenger comforts unheard of just years before, Bertie looked graceful sitting there, motes of dust dancing around him in the light from the windows in the roof. In the air he was even more beautiful. Jiggles could afford to fly Bertie regularly, but didn’t feel right doing it without deliveries to make or passengers to carry. She ran a hand along the underside of the plane as they walked past it.

At the far end of the hangar there were two rooms partitioned off with large windows and no ceilings. One was the office, the other Ginge’s workshop. Between the partitions there was a door. This led through to an extension to the hangar which housed a simple kitchen, a table and four beds. Another door led outside and a short distance away was the latrine.

Jiggles put the bag on the table. Ally came up behind her and reached around to start unbuttoning her blouse. “We shall have to take ALL our clothes off first.” she announced. Her slim fingers were nimble and practised, sliding the buttons deftly through their eyes and pulling the cotton over Jiggles’ shoulders to reveal her brassiere.

Jiggles unbuttoned the light trousers she wore and they slid to the floor. Ally giggled to find that her friend had been wearing nothing under the trousers. When Jiggles was out of her clothes Ally studied her friend with admiration. She was tall and full figured, with a distinct waist and large firm breasts. These sagged slightly and turned their stiffening nipples up to the ceiling. Jiggles’ blonde hair tumbled down to her shoulders in thick waves. Now they had a kite with a sealed cabin she didn’t have to keep it short enough to stow under a flying helmet any more. Ally had always admired the womanly figure of her school chum and took great pleasure in it as often as she could. Not that she was ashamed of her own slim and boyish figure. She didn’t want Jiggles’ figure so long as she could keep on touching it.

Ally slid out of her own clothes as Jiggles revelled in the warm air upon her skin. Ginge stood by the door, only a touch uncomfortable. Whilst it was true he preferred gentlemen, and had been deeply in love with Ralph Jiggleswick, he could still appreciate a fine female form. He was particularly enamoured of the two very different body shapes of his business partners. More than once, he had been able to show this appreciation, sometimes with one of them, sometimes both. He was enjoying the view as the two beauties touched and studied each other’s bodies. Ally looked his way. “What are you doing with clothes on Ginge? There are pairs of those American Jockey short things in there for you to try on.” she told him. That was all the encouragement he needed, and his overalls started coming off immediately.

Ginge was naked in far less time than it had taken the ladies. Standing at attention across the room from them, little Ginge soon drew their stares. They were standing, hips almost touching, hands on each other’s waists as they looked at him. Jiggles reached out and beckoned him over. They nestled either side of him and pressed their bodies against his. After a few moments of this, with the girls giggling at little Ginge bobbing as it twitched along to Ginge’s heartbeat, Jiggles turned to the bag full of clothes.

Jiggles pulled the clothes out one by one and laid them on the table. Ally turned back the paper which covered them and they both ‘ooohed’ or ‘aaahed’ at each item revealed. They couldn’t decide what to try on first, so they kept taking out new flimsies.

Under the clothes there was a lacquered black box with a mother of pearl inlay of an orchid. Jiggles pulled the box out. “I say, what is this?”

“Why not take a look.” Ally suggested, moving round behind Jiggles’ chair. Ginge leant in as well to see what was revealed when Jiggles released the brass clasps of the box and lifted the lid.
Inside, the box was lined with red velvet in which nestled a strange object carved from ivory.

“Oh my.” Jiggles’ eyes went wide and her mouth formed a happy O. “May I?”

“Of course.”

Jiggles lifted the stylised elephant horn penis from its slot in the box. The sculpting was exquisite, and a touch surreal, with the veins which ran along and around the shaft transmuting to vines and leaves near the base. It wasn’t gigantic, but it was certainly ample, any girl would be more than happy to make its acquaintance. “Are you sure you even need me?” tutted Ginge whilst eyeing up the implement himself.

“We always need you old chap.” Jiggles reassured, reaching down and squeezing little Ginge gently. She leant in to kiss Ginge. When she let him go Ally grabbed his chin and pulled his head round so she could kiss him as well. Ginge reached a hand out to each of them, running a finger up the inside of two thighs.

Jiggles had brought the dildo close to her mouth. She teased the end with her tongue then kissed it, careful to make sure Ginge was watching as she did. His finger was very close to the hot wet lips of her labia. She was shivering waiting for his touch. Ally’s hand squeezed her arm, and she knew her friend felt the same anticipation.

Just a hair’s breadth short of touching the two girls where they so desperately wanted, Ginge’s fingers halted. He cocked his head and stared at a corner of the room. The girls were practically hopping from foot to foot, waiting for his next move. Then they heard what had distracted Ginge.

The high pitched whine of a powerful aero engine grew to a roar as it approached. The buzz of a fast spinning propeller became distinct as well, just before the plane it belonged to passed low overhead.

When they entered the hangar they could hear a voice from the office. “….one to Jiggleswick Air. Bravo one to Jiggleswick Air. Receiving? Over.”

Jiggles had been scanning the airwaves earlier and had left the radio on. Ginge went into the office to answer the voice, Jiggles and Ally ran to the hangar doors and out of the regular sized door built into them.

The aeroplane they had heard pass over had circled the village and was making another pass. They waved and it waggled its wings in response. This time as it flew over them there were a few missed beats in its roar.

It was a single seat fighter and a truly beautiful plane, with a slim, sculpted fuselage and elliptical wings. Even flying straight and level they could tell it must be an agile joy to fly.
Ginge appeared at the door. “He says he has a fuel pump problem and is asking permission to land. But there is a cow on the field.”

They looked down the landing strip to spy the bovine obstacle, a short legged, shaggy gingery brown creature with big horns and a massive fringe hiding its eyes. It was chewing away, entirely untroubled by the metal gnat which had just flown over it. “Morag.” sighed Jiggles and Ally in unison. Jiggle’s father, Lord Jiggleswick, had a number of highland cattle, and numerous other strange looking breeds. Morag was the black cow of the herd, wandering off and finding her way into fields and barns which were supposedly locked. Right now she stood halfway down the strip showing no sign of moving.

“Tell him to make his approach and we’ll have the bally cow moved before his wheels touch the ground.” Jiggles instructed. Ginge didn’t question her rash assertion. He knew that Jiggles almost always managed the tasks she set herself and wouldn’t be easily swayed when she had set her mind to it. He turned on his heel and headed back to the office.

Jiggles and Ally set off at a run down the landing strip. Morag looked at them, chewing placidly, for a moment then went back to grazing. Jiggles forgot the situation for a while as she enjoyed the sensation of running barefoot through the soft grass, naked, alongside her best friend. She felt a delightful tingle all over her skin as the air flowed over it. The nipples on her bouncing breasts were hard and tight and the sensations as they moved were exquisite.

As she neared Morag Jiggles’ mind returned to the task at hand. She and Ally came to a halt just short of the cow, who cocked her head to one side and looked at them. They weren’t sure, now they had reached her, how they would get her to move. She was a solid beast, and large. Not even the local rope pulling team, heavy and tough men all, could get her to move through strength alone.

Morag sniffed the air, then licked her nose with a big rough tongue. She moved toward the naked women, finally intrigued by their presence. “That’s it Morag. Follow us.” Jiggles told her, taking one horn in her hand. From either side she and Ally tugged gently at the horns. Morag didn’t budge.

“Now look old girl….” Jiggles addressed Morag, moving around to stand in front of her. The cow nudged Jiggles’ naked belly with her wet nose and took a step forward. Jiggles took a stride backwards and Morag followed her. Ally and Jiggles shared a look of understanding. Ally let go of Morag’s horn and Jiggles walked backwards. Morag followed her, albeit painfully slowly.

“He’s on final approach.” Ally announced in a stage whisper. Jiggles looked up and saw the thin profile of the aeroplane, wheels down, growing larger. It bobbed up and down slightly as the engine spluttered. Jiggles responded to the sight by stepping back more quickly. When she got a certain distance from the cow it stopped following her. When Jiggles stepped forward again Morag moved toward her once more. Obviously there was a sweet zone where Morag was intrigued enough by the naked woman to follow her. If Jiggles stepped out of it, Morag was too lazy to be bothered any more.

Ally wanted to help, to speed up Morag and get her off the landing strip. She pushed at one of the cow’s horns. Morag twisted her head, nudging Ally away from her, and stared. Her tongue flicked out and licked her nose again, an irritated little movement. Ally held up her hands in apology, and moved around to stand beside Jiggles. This interested Morag again, and she started following them.

“Come on Morag, come on.” Jiggles urged.

The plane was lined up and dropping to the ground. If it bounced badly as it touched down it could still swerve into Jiggles, Ally and Morag if they didn’t get the cow away quickly. Luckily, with two nude lovelies to follow, Morag began to move at something more than her earlier lazy stroll.

The grass on the strip was cut short, and succulent light green shoots rose optimistically after each pass of the mower. These were what Morag had sought, the shaggy darker blades either side of the runway would be sour by comparison. Luckily, the warm pink flesh before her stirred her bovine curiosity and she continued following it.

They still weren’t completely into the long grass when the engine noise abruptly stopped. Jiggles, Ally and Morag all turned to the silence in time to see the plane drop the last few feet to the turf. It bounced back up and, as it came down again, looked dangerously like it would heel over and dig its nose in. When the rear wheel thumped back down the plane slowed rapidly. It shimmied its way along the grass toward the girls. Jiggles and Ally instinctively clung to Morag, who had gone back to placid indifference. The plane swerved away from them at the last moment then performed a far from elegant pirouette into the long grass on the other side of the strip.

Morag emitted a low huff. Jiggles and Ally squealed with relief and did little jumps. They heard a “Yahoo!” and spotted Ginge belting down from the hangar. He was still rather excited, judging by the way little Ginge swung before him.

They let Morag go and she wandered off away from the commotion. The pilot of the aeroplane, who appeared untroubled by his close shave, had run through some post flight checks and was releasing his harness. Jiggles, Ally and Ginge walked over as he pushed back the canopy and climbed out on the far side of the aeroplane.

“I say, that was hairy.” the pilot’s voice preceded him around the front of the aeroplane, “I really must thank you chaps for….” The pilot stopped short as he looked up and found himself confronted by two naked beauties and a short, excited, ginger man. “Oh. I say. I’m not interrupting anything am I?”

The pilot wasn’t so tall- an inch or so higher than Ginge- but rather attractive. He looked awfully young, even with a thin moustache over thin lips. His slim face with well defined cheek bones. His outfit had the cut of a RAF uniform, without the rank insignia. His dark blonde hair was tousled and untidy where it had been messed up by his flying helmet.

The pilot looked from Jiggles to Ally to Ginge, eyeing them all up and down. He was trying not to be obvious, but failing. He clasped his hands together in front of himself, holding his flying helmet in front of his crotch to hide the bulge in his trousers and backed away a little. To distract him and make him less nervous Ally eagerly opined, “That was an awfully good landing, what with your engine troubles.”

“Oh I was just lucky it didn’t give up earlier. I shall have to call base to tell them I haven’t pranged her too badly. They can send the chaps out and I’ll be off your field in no time.” He spotted the hangar, seemingly for the first time. “Is this your field? Do you fly?”

“We are Jiggleswick Air.” Jiggles held out her hand. “I’m Veronica Jiggleswick. Jiggles to my friends.” She shook the young pilot’s hand so vigorously she became her nick-name made flesh.

“I erm, yes. Err Benjamin Sutherland the third. ‘Bendy’ to my chums.”

“Bendy?” enquired Ginge.

The flustered young pilot looked Ginge up and down again, his gaze lingering on the long, plump erection everyone knew as little Ginge. “Well, one did have a reputation at school.”

“For boys?” Ginge asked with a grin as the girls pouted.

“For being….” Bendy’s gaze moved to the girls. “flexible.” he announced, to smiles all around.

Ally and Ginge introduced themselves and the three gathered around Bendy, pressing naked skin up against the rough wool of his uniform. He had let his helmet drop to the grass, obviously no longer embarrassed by the bulge in his trousers, especially not when Jiggles and Ginge reached out to stroke it together.

Ally had been distracted by the sleek lines of the aeroplane. “I say, isn’t this one of those new Supermarine Spitfires?” she enquired, “I’ve been reading about these.”

Bendy was proud to show off his plane, hardly upset that it meant the naked people weren’t fawning over him any more. Jiggles, Ally and Ginge were obviously impressed by the power of the machine. The long, slim fuselage obviously had a phallic symbolism whilst the graceful curve of the wings was a feminine touch. In its own beautiful and deadly way it was the best of male and female, something the girls, Ginge and Bendy could all appreciate given their proclivities.

Bendy walked them around the plane, pointing out its many features. “It would have been a shame to lose this kite for some bally problem with the fuel lines.”

“I could sort that out in a jiffy.” Ginge offered, staring at the engine cowling with such lust that little Ginge reared up and twitched again.

“Sorry old chap, only the company’s mechanics are allowed under the hood right now. I should get on the blower to them and have them come down and fix her up.”

“I shall get the tractor and drag her up to the hangar.” Ginge offered with a sigh.

“And we shall take you to the telephone.” Jiggles announced. She and Ally hooked an arm each under Bendy’s elbows and led him off up the field.

Ginge looked up at the Spitfire and stroked one of the propeller blades. Little Ginge twitched and big Ginge sighed again. He followed Jiggles, Bendy and Ally up the strip, veering off as they neared the hangar.

In the office Jiggles lifted the telephone hand set and put it to her ear. She nodded. “Some times father’s pigeons roost on the wires and damage them. But not today it seems.”

Bendy sat at the desk and dialled. After a few rings there was an answer at the other end. Jiggles and Ally could only hear Bendy’s end of the conversation. “Hello there, Sutherland here… Why yes, I have had to put the kite down… No, just a fuel pump problem. Could some chaps come out to fix her?” Jiggles and Ally had each sat on the desk and raised a foot to rest on the arm of Bendy’s chair. Both let their other thigh spread wide, revealing their lower lips, pouting out of their pubic curls, plump and red.

Bendy looked from one pussy to the other, then up at breasts- Jiggles’ larger and curving up, Ally’s smaller and rounder, all with nipples poking out in anticipation. Then he looked at two lovely faces, each with a cheeky grin. He had stopped paying attention to the voice on the telephone, only remembering it when he heard a question from it. “Sorry sir?.. Oh. Oh no sir, actually there’s no need to send the lads out today. It’s so near the end of their shift, and I wouldn’t want to put them out.”

Jiggles and Ally shared a glance and a nod and simultaneously started tracing a finger down the other’s belly. The fingers played in pubic hair then teased at the warm lips of their labia. Bendy was turning a lovely shade of red as he tried to concentrate on the conversation on the telephone despite the distractions. “I doubt I’ll need a car either sir. The er…. erm…. the…..” Ally’s finger eased between Jiggles’ labia lips and slid inside her friend easily. Jiggles gave a happy, dirty giggle and returned the favour.
Theladiesherehavekindlyofferedtoletmestaythenight.” Bendy managed, adding, “I think.” when he looked up at Jiggles and Ally. They nodded assent. “Where? Oh, well, I landed at Jiggleswick Air’s strip and…” There was laughter down the telephone line, so loud even the girls could hear it. “Yes sir. Yes. I shall do my best. Thank you sir.” Bendy hung up. “The Old Man told me I should enjoy your generous hospitality. He said something about it being legendary?”

“Oh my.” Giggled Jiggles, “We’re getting a reputation.”

“Well, we should endeavour to live up to it. Bendy, would you be so good as to remove all your clothes then join us outside so you can roger Jiggles?”

“Why do I get to go first? Not that I’m complaining, of course.”

“You’re the boss, that’s just the way it is.”

Jiggles and Ally hopped off the desk and, leaving Bendy to his task, walked into the hangar. Ginge was opening the large doors, revealing the beautiful Spit as he did. There was just enough room in the hangar for both aeroplanes, so Ginge started bringing the prototype fighter in.

When the Spitfire was carefully, and very precisely, parked, nestled intimately up against the “Hooligan”, Ginge sped the little tractor out and took it around the side of the hangar. Jiggles and Ally started closing the doors. Ginge joined Ally pushing her door when he returned. Jiggles carried on pushing alone.

“May I help?” said someone to Jiggles’ left as something warm and smooth brushed against her naked thigh. She looked down at Bendy’s erection, proud and curving slightly as it rose from trimmed pubic hair. It was a little longer than little Ginge, which she flicked a comparative gaze at, but not as stout.


The doors moved closer then clanged together as they met. The four naked people mingled inside the closed hangar, excited but unsure of their next move. Jiggles reached down and stroked Bendy’s penis, appreciating its shape and size. He ran a hand over her breasts, tweaking their nipples and cupping them. Ally and Ginge stood back to watch. They weren’t inactive, however, Ally’s hand went to little Ginge and Ginge reached down to her warm lower lips.

Leading him by the penis, Jiggles walked with Bendy toward the Spitfire. The paint on the top of the wing had rubbed away where the pilots stepped on it to walk up to the cockpit. Jiggles sat on the trailing edge of the wing here and braced herself by grasping the entry to the cockpit. Bendy was, if anything, more excited at the prospect of making love to this beautiful woman atop the machine he loved. Jiggles beckoned Bendy forward with her free hand, taking hold of his erection and guiding it into her.

Bendy placed his hands either side of Jiggles’ head as he held the head of his penis just inside her. She grasped a taut firm buttock and urged him to push into her. He complied teasingly slowly, filling her and pleasing her. “Fly me Bendy! Fly me!” she called out.

Bendy finally sank all the way into Jiggles, loving the warm clasp of her vagina walls. They were slick with the excitement of the last half hour of action and Bendy moved back and forth with ease as he set up a rhythm. Jiggles sighed and cried with joy as Bendy’s magnificent erection moved inside her. She clasped him, and the Spitfire, tightly as she rapidly approached orgasm.

Ally and Ginge had moved around to the front of the wing. Leaning in the leading edge Ally looked down the slope of the wing at her friend’s ecstasy. Ally’s feet were planted shoulder width apart, though she was on tip toe. This was because Ginge was kneeling between her legs working two fingers in and out of her pussy. Her moans were just slightly out of time with those of Jiggles, so Ginge tried to move his fingers in time to Bendy’s thrusts. He could not quite get it right and, soon, the girls’ cries were alternating back and forth from the front of the wing to the rear.

Jiggles climaxed first, crying out, “Yes! Yes! YES!!!!” so loud it shook dust from the rafters. She wrapped her arms tight around Bendy. He lost his footing and they both slid down the wing and landed in a pile on the floor. Jiggles flung her head back and alternated giggles and happy sighs. Bendy had popped out of Jiggles and now lay on the floor, his rock hard erection glistening with Jiggles’s juices. Ally, on the verge of her own orgasm, was fascinated by Bendy’s slick organ. Staring at it, she grasped Ginge’s hair and urged him on. Ginge was enthralled by Bendy’s hard on as well. Little Ginge strained for attention as he pumped two fingers in and out of Ally’s tightening warm slick pussy.

Ally had hooked her arms over the top of the wing’s leading edge and now they held her up as her legs went weak and shivered with her building climax. Her breath was coming in pants as she drew closer to orgasm. When she came Ally’s thighs clasped Ginge’s hand tight. Her legs couldn’t hold her weight at all any more and as she let go of the wing Ginge caught her with his free hand.

The girls lay in sated heaps on the floor. After a while Ally dragged her way to the landing gear and hugged the wheel. Ginge and Bendy looked at each other, then at each others’ erections, and smiled. “Oooh, do you boys want to get to know each other better?” Jiggles asked with a smile.

“I say so.” Bendy announced, “It has been a while since I got to play with a stick.”

“Well, if you will just help me up we have camp beds in the back.”

Bendy stood and offered his hand to Jiggles. Ginge helped Ally up and the four of them walked to the door at the back of the hangar.

The quarters at the rear of the hangar weren’t intended for four people, unless they planned to become very intimate. So it was a bonus that this was the very intention Jiggles, Ally, Ginge and Bendy had. When they had closed the door behind them Ginge and the girls crowded around Bendy. Ginge looked down at Bendy’s still hard cock, coated in Jiggles’ juices. “That must be awfully sensitive.” he opined, “Surely you’re close to coming.”

“Very close.” Bendy admitted with a sharp intake of breath as Ginge squeezed his erection.

Ginge smiled and sank to his knees before Bendy. With cheeky giggles Jiggles and Ally knelt down on either side of Ginge.

Ginge ran his tongue up the underside of Bendy’s hard on, eliciting a happy murmur of “Oh my.” from the airman. Jiggles and Ally each took one of Bendy’s balls gently between their lips, making him shiver. Ginge closed his lips over the head of Bendy’s cock and swirled his tongue around it. This was all that was needed. “I’m going to come!” ejaculated Bendy, as he ejaculated.

Ginge swallowed a lot of the semen which issued forth from Bendy, but sportingly allowed a small amount to escape his lips and dribble down Bendy’s hard on for Jiggles and Ally to lick up. They guided Bendy back to the nearest camp bed and let him sit down. They sat in a semi circle on the floor before him, legs spread, watching him as he recovered. “Would you like me to bugger you?” Ginge asked matter of factly.

“I very much would.” admitted Bendy, “But let me recover a little first.”

Bendy’s erection had hardly subsided. Indeed, it started to rise again as Ally put forward her ideas for the plan of action. She would lie on the camp bed and welcome Bendy into her then, when he was well placed, Ginge could enter Bendy’s fundament. Jiggles wandered over to the table and picked up the ivory dildo, taking it to sit in one of the deckchairs which was considered spare seating. “And I shall watch.” she announced.

As Ally and Bendy kissed, and Ally stroked Bendy’s hard on and started guiding it into her, Ginge went to the medicine cabinet and pulled out a jar of cream he kept for just such occasions. It would lubricate and ease his way into Bendy.

Ally lay back on the camp bed, her knees hooked over the edges of its frame and her feet on the floor. She had Bendy’s magnificent erection in one hand and was guiding it toward the pussy lips she kept open with the other. He sank into her and they both made low ‘Ooooh’ noises. As Ginge drew closer they both looked at him eagerly.

Ginge could just get onto the camp bed behind Bendy. He stroked each of the airman’s firm buttocks as they moved back toward him. As Bendy thrust back into Ally, Ginge dipped a finger into the cream. Liberally coated, Ginge’s forefinger hovered over Bendy’s arse as the pilot held himself deep inside Ally. He pushed it in and Bendy hissed, more at the chill of the cream than the invading finger.

Ginge worked his finger in and out of Bendy’s tight sphincter, and the young airman began moving in response. Ally groaned her appreciation of the grinding of Bendy’s pubic bone against her mons and the gentle movements of his big penis deep inside her. Ginge removed his finger long enough to load it with yet more cream and pushed two fingers into Bendy. The pilot responded by making his thrusts into Ally longer, though they were still slow and measured.

Watching from her deck chair, Jiggles had her legs spread wide. Her left hand was running up and down the lips of her labia, slicking her natural lubrication along them. Her right hand held the ivory dildo just away from them, teasing herself with the smooth white shaft. She watched as Ginge pulled his fingers from Bendy and presented his cream covered penis to the puckered hole. Bendy held himself perfectly still, Ally clasping his buttocks and pulling them apart. As little Ginge nudged inquisitively at Bendy’s sphincter then pushed more forcefully in Jiggles slid the dildo into herself.

Ginge pressed into Bendy, parting the relaxed but still tight sphincter. Bendy’s moan grew in intensity the more of his back passage Ginge filled, until he let out a “Ha!” as little Ginge’s head passed the ring of muscle. Bendy sank into Ally, and she let out her own sigh, then Ginge pushed as deep into him as he could get. Jiggles held the ivory dildo deep inside herself.

They all stayed frozen in their positions for a while, getting used to the intensity of the feelings. Then, slowly, Ginge began pulling out of Bendy. Bendy tried to follow Ginge, keeping little Ginge inside him for as long as possible, but could only go so far as he wanted to stay in Ally, who was making a sad little sound at losing him. When Bendy stopped moving Ginge carried on until the head of his penis was just inside the ring of Bendy’s sphincter, then he started pushing back in. Bendy started moving as well and both Ally and he made happy sounds as they were filled again.

Jiggles couldn’t match the self control of the lovers she was watching and began pumping the dildo in and out with a steady rhythm.

Bendy let Ginge’s thrusts control his rhythm within Ally. She grabbed the young airman’s hair and pulled him down for a kiss. Ginge’s thrusts were speeding up. Bendy stopped moving, except as Ginge’s groin pushed him, and held on tight to the camp bed frame.

Jiggles was the first to come. She bit on the fingers of her left hand, trying to keep from making a noise which might distract her friends. Ally sensed her bosom buddy’s orgasm as much as heard it, and it tipped her over the edge. Feeling Ally climaxing under him Bendy tensed and pumped semen into her with a cry. Ginge thrust a few more times before he too loosed his load.

After a while they untangled themselves and sat around enjoying the warmth of the late afternoon. Every so often one of them would reach out to stroke the nearest piece of naked skin. “I say,” announced Bendy, “that was the most incredible ride. I must thank you for your hospitality.”

“It is our pleasure.” announced Jiggles. “We like to show our appreciation for you brave chaps who are helping build these new and exciting aircraft.”

“We would really like to fly them ourselves of course.” Ally opined.

“Maybe one day, chaps. If you’re as skilled and enthusiastic in your flying as you are in your lovemaking it would be a waste to keep you out of these machines.” Bendy had a wistful look. Perhaps he was imagining himself in charge of a flight of luscious buxom pilots backed up by well hung ground crew.

“We should put our clothes back on and retire to the hall.” Jiggles announced. “We can bathe and freshen up and get ourselves something to eat.”

“And then the guest room is large and in the opposite wing to where Jiggles’s parents reside.” Ally added.

* * *

The next day a team of mechanics arrived in a well used Morris lorry. As they pulled the Spitfire from the hangar and checked its fuel lines, Ginge hovered around trying to get a glimpse at the aeroplane’s monster engine and itching to ask questions about all the components.

Jiggles, Ally and Bendy watched the work from their seats in front of the hangar, sipping on iced tea. When the work was finished and the aeroplane was ready for take off, Bendy demurely kissed Jiggles and Ally on the cheek. As the mechanics were sat on their lorry watching he opted to give Ginge a firm handshake.

Jiggles, Ally and Ginge watched Bendy go through pre-flight checks and fire up the engine. The Spitfire taxied to the end of the runway, powered down the short cut grass and made a clean take off. As soon as the aeroplane’s wheels were off the ground the mechanics were in the Morris and driving away.

The beautiful plane banked gracefully over the village and lined up for a pass along the runway. As he approached the hangar Bendy performed a perfect aileron roll then waggled his wings at the crowd below who had been his lovers the night before. Then he pulled back on the stick and climbed sharply before banking again and heading off toward his base airfield.

Jiggles sighed as the plane receded, not just remembering the lovemaking of the night before but vowing that one day she too would fly one of those glorious aeroplanes.

“Well that broke up the monotony.” Ginge dead panned with a grin. “What shall we do now?”

“You have to get to work on Bertie. Ally and I have some underclothes to try on.”

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